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Why did you get that bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duke at Eee, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. I know it's an old thread, but with so many newish members, me included, I was curious as to why people bought their ride. Was it because it's LAM approved? cost? color? make? or just plain old fashioned 'gotta get me one of them?. I was the latter

  2. Sad sigh.....I’m short. I’ve become sensible. I read too many noob threads on NR. I listened to a very experienced sort of mentor up your way Duke at EeeDuke at Eee . It’s a LAMS bike. Bike number 2, hopefully very soon will be equally sensible (VTR250) for the same reasons.

    Ask me again in a few years. I have all my Duc’s in a row.....
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  3. Cheap, comfy to ride, kicks friggin ass, 03 gsxr1000 streetfighter
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  4. I started with ride type - naked
    Then looked up naked lams bikes
    I did a good week of youtubing bike reviews based on the ones I thought looked good.
    Narrowed my search down and then went to dealers to sit on some to see which one felt right..
    Narrowed my search down to 3 bikes.
    You tubed some more..

    Chose my bike based on kms, condition and color..

    Blue 2008 CB400

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  5. i went to just about every bike shop in sydney till one made me say "thats the one".
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  6. The best LAMS bike is the one with the most Lamb......

    Of course.....
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  7. Every man should own an expensive bit of Italian machinery once in his life. And I couldn't afford a Ferrari… :)
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  8. Fit for purpose.

    I think about what I want to do with the bike and I go from there.

    Light, fast, fun bike for local trips - MT-09
    - Naked because I was over washing and polishing

    Long distance touring, exploring, fire roads, camping - Super Tenere.
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  9. Yeah, that looks like mine.
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  10. I like working on things, picked it up for $500 (obviously needed work) and it's LAMs approved.
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  11. Cheap, sexy and comfy to ride while kicking friggin ass 97 EL Eliminator :watching:
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  12. Very cheap. It's a lams bike. Didn't want to spend too much on my first bike. 2006 hyosung gt250r. $650

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  13. CT110 - Because it's the only bike that;
    I can ride to my back door (very narrow and very steep bush track)
    Can carry 100KGs of wood, rubbish etc
    Has unlimited spares (everyone else on the Island uses them too and there's always a spare part in someone's shed when needed)

    K1300R - Massively powerful naked bike, that I can commute, tour with and enjoy the twisties.
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  14. KTM 390 Duke, because it looked like fun, I needed a LAMS bike, and I couldn't afford a 1290 Superduke R. So far it hasn't disappointed, I'm glad I had to get it first, but at the same time I can't wait to get the SD. In the meantime, as soon as I can afford it, I'm going to do some riding courses through California Superbike School and some track days here and there.
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  15. I bought my last bike '07 ZX10R because it was comfortable for me, powerful, I loved the shape and exhaust up under the seat, moulded indicators in the fairing, awsome colour, plasma blue and I love the brand, never let me down.


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  16. For sale across the road.
    More leg room than the CB400 I had at the time.
    Heavier, for less getting blown across the highway.
    Fairly cheep at $2800
    So I now ride a 1995 CB750F2s
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  17. I was getting to a point in my life where I wanted something impractical, European and with a focus on turning rather than speed. I wasn't so much fussed on the make or model; I was pretty much sold on a KTM 990 SMT until I test rode a Hyper 1100 and I fell in love.

    (I had considered buying a balls-to-the-wall sportsbike but I made a conscious decision that I have nothing to prove and to go with something more at home at the speed and revs that I do 99% of my riding in. It hasn't worked out that way, since this thing just begs to be ridden hard.)
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  18. '96 VMax. It's loud, heavy, obtrusive, impractical, black, everyone hates 'em, and Freddy Kruger rides one...how could u NOT want one!?
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  19. Had to be a LAMS, had to be naked (RH hip replacement due to accident meant no insane super bike for me). Went to the Sydney Motorbike Show, walked into the KTM stand and just new the Duke 390 was for me. 2 years later I still get excited when looking at her.

    Hope to get my 'ducs' in a row when upgrading next.
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  20. Cheap and nasty with plenty of grunt to last me for my 3 year restrictions.

    Cfmoto 650nk
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