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Why did you get a scooter and not a motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Admiral Thrawn, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. When you decided to make the move to two wheels, what influenced your decision to go with a scooter over a motorcycle?

  2. one word. Vespa!
  3. What about them? :facepalm:
  4. I'll jump in on this one...

    I'd wanted a Vespa since I was 16 and now that I'm nearly 40 I finally ran out of excuses.

    I guess it was a cultural thing - I was going to nightclubs that played Brittish music and the boys there all rode Vespas and Lammies rather than Suzukis and Hondas.

    Haven't owned a car for ten years. Lived in the middle of Sydney and walking, public transport and taxis made more sense than having a vehicle I didn't use much getting destroyed by environment/vandalism and living with the fear of it not being there next time I went to look for it (Potts Point).

    Moved back to Adelaide to become a lesbian llama farmer. Failed on both accounts.

    Bigger city (in terms of space I need to cover to get to things) , less to do. Need wheels. Discuss buying a scoot with the parentals over weekly dinner, accept bribe to buy car. Want an old SAAB, get told Barinas are a better idea. Decide pride matters, nix bribe.

    Finally took the plunge. Considered many options - all scooter. Got it down to a couple of options - both Italian. Decided on Vespa because:

    a) it's what I'd always wanted
    b) it is a beautiful object
    c) it's not a chinese or korean POS
    d) need to learn about being on the road on two wheels - let me deal with all that stuff first and I might decide to learn about gears later
    e) it goes as fast as I need it to

    (not necessarily in that order)

    Then I had to decide WHICH Vespa.

    Slight backtrack...when I had it down to two scooters, the cut off point for the other model is 125CC and I am tall and let's be polite and call it buxom. I figured that was not going to be enough to haul my ass around. It was also made of plastic with plastic 'chrome' (is that 'chromette'?) and people kept trying to sell it to me by telling me Jamie Oliver rides one. Bah bow!

    Back to the Vespa...

    I had fallen for the GTS250 but decided it was out of my price range. But the more I learnt about it, the more I wanted it.

    For a while I considered buying a second hand GT200 as there are more on the market with owners trading up to the GTS. Bugger all in Adelaide though, so it was going to be an interstate purchase, adding a degree of difficulty.

    A friend with a fcuking gigantic Ninja (I pillioned from Adelaide to Sydney on it last summer...I wish it had a fcuking gigantic saddle!!!) kept telling me more cubes, more cubes. Reasons given all sensible. He also tells me I will probably graduate to a 'real bike' and I have to admit to looking sideways at a few items of European provenance and wishing I'd tried harder with that Ducati dealer I dated briefly a few years ago :shock:

    Back to the story...Adelaide winters not conducive to huge social life anyway, so it all came together in the bank account.

    Purchase made, ridersafe completed, best friend took me under her wing for extra tutelage and off I went.

    And I am in love. I have only been riding for a month and am not embarrassing myself too much. Touch wood.

    She is fast and nimble yet also very solid. She makes me want to be a better rider to do her credit. She makes me want to buy more chrome.

    She has bought me to this very friendly virtual community as well as an international Vespa one.

    I work with a couple of blokes who have had 'real bikes' for years. And they keep pretending they're not interested but I arrive at work and get questions like, "Did you really have all that under the seat?" Oh, they're watching my every move. Watch those curtains twitch!

    When they found out about the transmission I had to let them read the manual.

    When I fired her up in the driveway, I made the concrete throb. They really loved that!!!

    This is only part of the story, but it's already longer than War and Peace. Hope it goes some way to answering your question.
  5. 1. Jumping into my first two wheel experience (not even a pushie rider) after caging for 38 years, I figured that no gears would = one less skill to master first up.

    2. No difference in Victoria between scoot and bike licence.

    3. $$$: I probably didn't research the bikes that much, but was on the road for $4700 brand new 125cc and riding gear.

    4. Easy commute handling laptop plus other luggage

    Just went through the re-evaluation stage when I wanted more cubes and decided to stick with auto twist and go (despite the pressure from my bike riding colleagues and my baby blade riding #1 daughter) - so now the ride is a 250cc X8 with heaps of storage and no top box.
  6. I didn't want to pay extra for the motorcycle license for my wife and myself, and we needed an extra mode of transport. The scooter was a cheap, economical option. Our travel routes hardly ever go into any zones that need anything faster than 60kph so we didn't ned anything bigger than a 50.
  7. Thanks for the replies, especially metalpetal - great story! :grin:
  8. I'd wanted to try two wheels for about 10 years. Mrs. Tone wouldn't let me under any circumstances, so after about 10 years of wearing her down, she finally let me buy a scoot.

    Of course, in order to legally ride a decent scoot that wouldn't get me into even more trouble *cough 50cc* I had to get a motorbike licence. I sold that idea to Mrs. Tone on the basis of (1) a more powerful scoot will give me enough power to get out of trouble but not quite enough power to get me back into it again and (2) the Rider Safe course would help me keep rubber side down.

    She relented, and let me go for my bike licence.

    Now, I'm riding a 250cc scoot and loving life. At the same time, I'm chipping a little further away at Mrs. Tone to see if my next bike could be a proper bike. Just a 250cc, mind you ... a little more powerful than the scoot but not overwhelming. After all, I've got the licence and experience on the road now, stepping up to a reasonable entry level 250cc (such as a ZZR250) seems like a logical step.

    Hopefully she'll let me have an R6 by the time I'm 40. :LOL:
  9. lol...

    10 years? :shock:

    The period it took me from deciding I definately wanted to ride a motorbike to getting my license, buying all the gear and getting a bike was ~ 1 month.

    Vague notions of "wouldn't it be cool to ride a motorbike" started circulating about a year ago, however I never thought much about it, mostly because I wrote them off as too dangerous.

    Even if I weren't single, I'm not the type to be told what passions or hobbies I can and cannot pursue.

    What is she gonna do? Leave you? :p
  10. why do I ride a scooter? well I don't anymore, she's in parts in my shed waiting for me to figure out how it all goes back together.
    but anyway... I ride a scooter for a number of reasons, biggest being lack of funds for a decent bike, and lack of license to ride it. easily overcome, but I'm in the middle of building a new engine for my car, and havin 2 curtain climbers to keep me insane.
    plus I really can't decide which bike to get, the gut wrenching 2-stroke which will see you being scraped off the road in event of a mishap, or the safe economical 4 stroke. then of course there's the model selections.....
    I'll get there eventually
  11. For me it was getting what suited the job - I wanted it as a commuter, & to get me around on weekends. I don't intend doing a lot of freeway riding. A scooter is all I need, & at 200cc my Aprilia Sportcity will do 110kph if I ask it to!
  12. well for me it was a case of starting out with a 50cc scoot, then wanting more and switching to a Sportcity then wanting more and ending up with the Hyo GT250.

    if i hadnt got that first 50cc Benelli 491rr i probably never would have gotten into bikes.

    The crazy thing is now i really want a scooter as well!
  13. I thought scooter riders bought them because they got less wind up their skirt that way.

    [Dan walks away quickly]
  14. Hahaha! :LOL:

    (You have to admit it was a good one. :wink: )
  15. I'm going to test ride a Vespa when I take my Ducati in for a service. I like the idea of storing my helmet within the bike and travelling inner city.
  16. Well originally I was a "cager" when in 1993 I had a nasty mishap which saw my left foot broken/fractured in several places.
    After a period of recovery, I found that there was no way I could drive my heavy clutch manual. Originally I thought to trade into an auto but I had a bit of an attachment to the car so I cottoned onto the idea of buying a 50cc scoot for a year or so to ride untill my foot was good enough to go back to changing gears.

    Eventually that happened but instead of flogging the 1994 honda dio 50cc scooter, it stuck around being ridden by myself and wife here and there on weekends for years. In 2004 I went back to riding it full time when my car (same car) was in the panel shop having a full back to bare metal/respray restoration, Engine work and interior spruce up.
    At the end of that the honda dio was suffering from high kays and was a bit shabby so we sold it to a neighbour and went and bought another one, a Bowell jolie 50cc which I have been riding for work duties while the car is at home under cover for weekend fun. The price of petrol also had a lot to do with it as my car drinks 14 litres per hundred on a good day and up to 20 litres in fun mode as well as a pair of yokies every 20,000kms. Dunno why. :?:

    Now I am seriously considering an upgrade. Going for the 250 licence and hoping to try riding a motorbike as I reckon my foot could handle the gear change action now. Though once I get the license, I might stick with the scooter, upgrading to a 125 - 250cc or something, or go with a bike. Hey, if I get the motorbike license, I can go either way so I'll get to that stage and decide then.
  17. Awesome mate. Good luck with the test. When is it? Have you got your L's?

    I suspect you are like me and love your scoots, so from my personal experience i suggest you get your bike license and consider a bike, but if at all possible keep the scoot as well. I still miss my little scoot.
  18. Mate! You need an Across!!! :LOL:
  19. hehehe.

    I also think the clutchless situation could be handy around the city. :grin: