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Why did you choose your Netrider username & avatar?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User4, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. For those of you who have pondered about the choice of Netrider usernames, here is a chance to find out. So Netriders, why did you choose your Netrider username how did you come about naming yourself that and what does it mean?

    Maybe Netriders can ask other individual Netrider's in this thread to explain it here.

    Oh...are you male or female?

    And why your at it you might as well tell us why you chose your avatar.
  2. You first :p

    Me tho, its a nick name thats stuck from primary school... :roll: wanna know the full story it'll have to be in person :LOL:
  3. Because nobody else would do it for me. :wink: :)
  4. <---------------- D'uh
  5. Got sick of people stealing my well thought out and usually witty usernames... So decided to come up with something so dumb that know one would want to go thieving.. ;P
  6. I chose Pinkxie as a temporary name until I thought of something half respectable. Still thinking! :-k

    I was put on the spot of what the hel1 to call myself, looking around, looked at my arm, and ... Pinkxie is a merging of the words that are my leather jacket... It's pink, and it's a Joe Rocket "Trixie".

    I thought it could be fun if people on here recognised me on the roads and then flip the bird/wave at me :LOL:
  7. A Jimi Hendrix song. Not from the movie with a similar-spelt name.
  8. It's the name I used when I was on 2HHH radio...

    Kinda stuck.
  9. earth - comes from one half of my knickname (earthperson)

    69 is the year I was born

    Last of the flower power kids as Roz would say
  10. Black Magic is actually the name of my bike and so it became my Netrider name.
    My buddy that took me on my first ride and is my mentor as far as riding is concerned names my bikes for me. My first bike (ZZR250) was named Black Beauty...because it just kept bucking me off... :LOL:
  11. Matti is my name, no not Mathew it's Matti. :mad: :mad:

    I am known as Matti by everyone who knows me so why should you guys be any different?

    Oh I added the -san because one of my dad's Jap mates calls me matti-san.
  12. It chose ME

    Old-school Metallica fan. James Hetfield practically taught me to sing :p

  13. Age or bike?? :p
  14. Lectre is my DJ name...

    I'm still playing once a month now, but gave up doing it professionally because waking up day after day after day with a bad-a$$ hangover is no fun for anyone (especially those like myself who are <62kg in weight!).

    But the name originally came from Hannibal Lecter (changed the last two letters to keep it original, but it is spoken the same). I thought way back when that if Dr. Lecter could make a guy in the next room swallow his own tongue without physical interferrence, then that was the name for me!
  15. Little bit disappointed. Thought it might have been Cthulu, the subterranean monster in the HP Lovecraft pulp stories...
    (well, with your avatar and all!)
  16. Because it sounds like my real name. And I suffer from a total lack of imagination and creativeness. I'm so boring that I never ever had a nickname. I'm so boring that I never tried joining any of NR rides for the fear of sitting in a corner during a coffee break, trying to avoid any conversation. I'm kind of scared of meeting new people asking me questions and getting my boring responses. Have I bored you enough? :oops:

    And yes, I'm looking here for someone saying 'oh no, not at all, what you say is really really interesting' :wink:
  17. no, not at all, what you say is really really interesting