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Why did you buy your bike??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. At coffee last night we were talking about why we bought the bike we have, and I thought it might be interesting to throw it open to everyone.

    Why do you have the bike you have now?
    Why did you choose it over all the others available?
    What bike does it replace and why?
    Do you regret your choice?
    Is it better than you'd hoped for?
    If it got written off (God forbid) would you buy one the same or would you take the opportunity to buy something different?
    If you did buy something different, what would it be?

  2. I bought mine because one of my best friends was selling it to upgrade. I liked it so much that I agreed to buy it. Then I went out and got my L's.

    I dont recommend doing the purchasing process in this order - even if it did work out for me.

    :D :D :D
  3. 2005 Yamaha R6 Black
    Coz it looked the business!
    1984 Yamaha SR250 :roll:
    Not really...
    I'd buy a Goldwing :LOL: Seriously, I'd might get something a bit more suited to touring, like a sprint or something. Apart from that, I love it!
  4. Why do you have the bike you have now?

    I like the colour scheme and the way the bike felt when I took it for a ride.

    Why did you choose it over all the others available?

    See above.

    What bike does it replace and why?

    Well, none really. I guess you could say it replaced the old Suzuki TC100K I had, but it was a farm bike, not a roadie.

    Do you regret your choice?

    Not in the slightest.

    Is it better than you'd hoped for?

    It's what I expected, because I rode it before purchase.

    If it got written off (God forbid) would you buy one the same or would you take the opportunity to buy something different?

    I'd probably buy a newer model, but I'd definately stick with the CBR.

    If you did buy something different, what would it be?

  5. I bought it coz I luv'd it.
    I wanted a fully faired big twin.
    It replaced an SV650s. Just coz I could!
    At times I miss the SV, but don't regret it.
    It's not better than I thought, but at times it surprises me!
    If it got written off I would buy something different. There's too much choice out there for a repeat!
    May-be a Daytona?
  6. I thought I'd leave my answer till a few other people had posted, for obvious reasons

  7. I was actually on my way to look at another bike - saw her and that was it really. Had heard lots of talk about the VTR, looks like the Ducati 'Monster' (which I'd been drowling over) - so easy choice. And I'm happy its Black 'cos the next one will be Red :D
  8. Settled on this bike because of the insurance premiums in the end. I was tossing up between an FZ6S and a Z750. I didn't want to go fully naked after freezing my a$$ off on the Virago in the middle of winter on the freeway. Gave them both a miss because I wasn't happy with the dealers. Checked out the VTR1000, wanted the bike until I found out it'll cost me $1600+ for full comp at rating 1. Then going into Peter Stevens one day they finally had a hornet on dispaly. Saw the red one and though that's the one. Insurance was only $613. So it was a done deal for me.

    Replaced the 250 Virago cause I got off my P's and wanted more power and something I wouldn't freeze on.

    No regrets.

    Much better than I hoped for. Not much wind resistance on the freeway. Heaps of power - though I can only compare it to a 250 so that's a no brainer. It didn't take long to be able to keep it under the speed limit.

    I'd get the same if I rode it off. With less than 1000k's on the speedo and crappy weather I haven't had a chance to do any serious riding yet.

    If i was to buy anything different, I'd probably go for a MV Augusta F4 Tamburini :)
  9. Have an older version of the same thing in the garage. thought that was a pretty tops bike and figured it could only get better with 8 years of technology

    tried out a 9 and decided that its an awesome bike, but would be impossible to have FUN on without losing my licence again :LOL:

    :roll: 85 gsxr 750.... i'm sure it was great in its day BUTTTTT it sucks now :LOL: its light but it feels heavy, its a bit short for me, efficiency is almost as bad as my kingswood was and its about as sexy as a tetris brick

    nope, best bike i've EVER owned. i cant beleive so many ppls pass over the 750s without even a glance

    yup, every day i ride it it becomes more and more the bike i wanted. takes a little getting used to it but once your style grows into it, its nothing short of awesome 8)

    i'd probably cry because with twins on the way, i'm not gunna be buying any new bikes for a while now :(

    ok, ok...... i dunno, maybe a new streetfightered gixxer750? i do like my 750s :D
  10. 2002 Yellow VTR250
    I felt that I would want a naked Vtwin after reading about the pros and cons here. Also I felt it was slightly more suited to my height (and I didn't want a cruiser.
    None! To be honest I only got it cos I have switched from being able to walk or tram to work to needing to commute. I couldn't bring myself to pay Aussie prices for a car, and had always wanted to get my bike license
    Nope. I should have tried out a spada though just in case it was big enough for me (but I doubt it)
    For the first 2 weeks it was, now I want more!
    I would buy the same, but only cos of restrictions. Other than that I am currently leaning toward a VFR or bigger VTR in a year but I will look at inline4s too.
  11. After I rode it just once it was all over red rover. So nice and the way the twin sounded and felt, well that says it all really.
    The colour, the sound, the look
    Yamaha XJ900 Diversion II and why, well the Yammy did not do anything wrong, it was just boring.
    no not at all ever
    Yes, especially with the pipes and the chip, I still get the same feeling I did when I first rode it every time I ride it.
    I would still buy a Ducati, but more than likely a ST4S just for the ripper motor and suspension.
    See answer previous
  12. 1983 BMW R65LS

    I was looking for something that could have red plate registration in a couple of years that was rideable now. It was advertised in the BMW Club magazine for a good price. It's the actual bike used to illustrate the LS in Ian Faloon's history of the BMW Twins.

    BMW K100RT - mangled on Sydney Road.


    Considerably -it handles and goes much better than I expected and is actually a very comfortable bike. I didn't know a lot about the LS before I bought it but it is a relatively rare model and one of the more collectable BMW twins.

    To replace this with another early model beemer I'd look for an R75/5 or R90/S if I could afford them. The prices have started to rise on these though.

    Perhaps even a K1 for all it's faults- preferably with the gaudy red and yellow colour scheme :LOL:
    Over the top though they were they're an interesting bike.

    For more serious riding I want another more recent K series.
    For a new bike it'd have to be a K1200S. For a not quite so new bike then probably a K1200RS.

    If I could have several, I'd have a K1200GT and/or an R1200GS for touring, something like an MV America just to look at and a Triumph Thruxton (because I like them...) as well as a collection of late 60's early 70's Japanese. :LOL: :LOL:

    While I do prefer BMW's - I'll ride anything with 2 wheels and a motor...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  13. This is my first bike. I have a 250 because of the restrictions. My primary reason for getting this bike: it looks good!

    I wanted a cruiser, I am restricted by the 250 thing. Not much to choose from. This bike has a few advantages over the others, it looks good, it sounds good, it's big, it has 6 gears (good for the freeway which is most of my riding), and it looks good. 8)

    First bike, so N/A.

    No, although I've only had it for about 2 weeks!


    I'd get this one again. It would suck though as it took a while to find this bike second hand for a decent price.

    After my restrictions are up, there are plenty of choices in a cruiser. I'm not sure what I'd get, but definitely something that sounds good. 8)


  14. Wanted to upgrade to a mid bore sports that could handle a pillion. Was on a budget, and found this bike that suited all my needs (surpassed many). I also like a bike that is not as common - there are VERY few yzf750r's around (I have seen one other on the road up at Marysville) - but they share many parts with the r1/r6 so that is still quite easy to deal with.
    Rare, within price, got a decent trade-in, and trust the dealer/mechanic I bought it from.
    '88 FZR250-2kr. After 3.5 years on a 250 it was time for something new. It was also getting up there in the k's and reliability issues weighed on my mind (though I never had any problems - I was just waiting for them)
    Not a chance!
    Most definitely. Didn't know much about the bike and history when I bought it, but now I have learned that it was a pure sportsbike, won many championships in superbikes in 'the day', and I have found it to be very reliable. Only downside is it likes fuel a bit too much.
    Yes I would. Not because I dislike this bike - but because I like to try out different things. It is fun to do this - new experiences etc..
    If I had $ I would like a bmw r-1100s or r-1200st, or a ducati st4s (st3 would be acceptable too :) ). Alternatively (and more budget minded) a fz1 or perhaps a bandit 1200... I do like the mt-01's, but I can't see myself owning one.[/quote]
  15. Why? A ot of reasons. It was cheap, it's a classic, I needed something reliable, I'm not a small guy these days, It's not too head-up-arse, but still sporty, heaps of parts around, lots of performance bits, etc, etc.

    It replaces a 1976 Leverda SF750. The old girl had appeal, but in the end was just too unrelable and was too far away in performance.

    No real regrets. I'm having fun with it.

    In some respects it's better, others not so. Overall, about what I expected.

    I'd probably replace it with a slightly more modern and slightly smaller capacity bike and spend a bit more money. e.g RF900 or VTR1000 or Triump ST or Daytona
  16. I wanted a new bike and the opportunity was available for me to buy a new bike.

    It was better than the CBR600, CBR900, VFR800 (felt like I was riding a bus :shock: ) which I testrode and as I was not able to testride a Suzuki or Yamaha (thanks Mick Hone....lost yourself a very good customer that day :? ). I testrode a 2001 900SS which was changed slightly for the '02 and I loved it! Everything I was looking for in a commuter/fun/big bike.....and just look at what comes standard!

    ....and the Duke factor can never be discounted!

    It replaced a very tired and battered CBR600 which served me well, but I wanted more.

    Not for a second (except for when I dropped it and my heart stopped momentarily when I received the quote :shock: )

    Its exactly what I wanted, so no

    I would get the 1000DS SS....I was always kinda spewing I didn't wait 6 months....

    Ducati have been very clever in recent years, I think, by capturing a less affluent market and supplying a broader range of bikes with better reliability. The marque has me hook, line and sinkerand, unless a bike that suits me better appears in another brand then I will stick with what I love.

    :D :D :D
  17. It'sa weekend plaything for me,so I could afford to go with something sporty, but it still had to do the touring thing a little bit as well.

    I had the look, the go and the SOUND!! :twisted:

    All at a great price. :)

    One smashed up CBR250RR. Biggest mistake I ever made. All learners should buy postie bikes!! :wink:

    Not for one second. Sometimes I wants something different, but I will real off afew days riding and never regret a thing.

    I was mind blowingly quick when I first bought it, some I guess it was better than I hoped. I need a little bit more top end power now, and I can bottom out the suspension at will (This can be fixed mind you)

    Yes I would. I would still keep to a twin though cause I love em'.

    Easy. KTM Superduke 990 or 990 Adventure S. Did I tell you I like orange?
  18. Why do you have the bike you have now?
    Always loved the look of it when they first came out and it got great reviews so when I saw one in PS and I had the cash.....it was a done deal :D

    What bike does it replace and why?
    A Peg 650 and because it wasn't what I was looking for.

    Do you regret your choice?
    Nope, it was a great bike for the cash and my best bike to date!

    Is it better than you'd hoped for?
    Not really, but then again I had very high expectations

    If it got written off (God forbid) would you buy one the same or would you take the opportunity to buy something different?
    Maybe a current model of the same bike, but I would also want to test ride a Z750, a Z1000 and a ZX10 (all of which I plan to be doing soon) 8)
  19. When I originally purchased it, I was commuting daily, thus needed a bike that was- A. Comfortable B. More upright positioning C. Had enough power to get me out of a jam.

    I was after a decent V-Twin (personal choice) that looked good and fitted the budget both outright and long term (ie, running costs), the SV fitted all these criteria above the Triumph speed triple and the Duc Monster

    It replaced the well over due XV250 which was costing more to keep on the road each month. Also it was a crap bike which was only purchased for its resale value. I'd been off restrictions for a long time but couldn't afford an upgrade at the time

    Not at all, though now I have a company car the riding position is a bit crappy for recreational rides through the twisties....but nothing a few cheap mods can't fix. :wink:

    Yes, the amount of customising and mods you can do to these bike is fantastic.

    Not sure, cross that road if it ever comes....probably go for a bigger bore bike

    Would have to do the reasearch at the time. Something naked, or something that I can streetfighter.
  20. rc36Honda wrote
    I do alot of kays and needed something comfy that still had grunt .

    rc36Honda wrote
    Again , comfort .

    rc36Honda wrote
    It replaced a Ninja ZX9R , i guess this is where Rhonda comes into it . Doing 700 to 800 kays on weekends her butt was always sore , so comfort for her as well .

    rc36Honda wrote
    Not at all . Infact , looking at upgrading to the 2006 model when it come out .

    rc36Honda wrote

    Yes . It has exceded all expectations.

    rc36Honda wrote
    The same .

    rc36Honda wrote
    Always look at the VTR SP2 when im at the bike shop so i guess that would be the one , only $24000 with noisy pipes .