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Why did you buy YOUR bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by spruce, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Folks,

    A few days ago whilst talking with a friend, I mentioned a bike I was considering getting. It is completely superfluous to my needs. Hence my friend asked, "Why do you want one of those?" Not in a nasty tone, just a general question. And to tell you the truth, I couldn't come up with a decent, reasonable response.

    So, I thought it might be a good idea for people to tell everyone why you bought the bike you did. I'm not after an essay from everyone, perhaps one sentence which describes what tipped you over the edge and into the purchase of said motorcycle (the rush it gave you, the price tag, the fuel consumption etc).

    Please, also list what the bike is so everyone else can see why you came to that decision.

    Spruce :beer:
  2. Because I liked how it looked.
  3. scared the poop out of me when i rolled on the throttle... in a good way
  4. The add Said "cheap, naked and learner friendly"
    I didn't realize I was buying a bike!

    but seriously, it was a really good price and ticked all the learner boxes.
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  5. my last bike??

    'cos it pulls really cool mono's.
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    Dream bike
  7. because it was really fucking cheap :)

    Also I am really bad with looking at bikes, because everytime I look at a bike and take it for a test ride I end up buying it.

    Current bike is an 85 yamaha xj750
  8. I wanted Reliability,

    Excellent road holding,

    Big motor,

    Go fast,

    Comfortable on big Klm trips,

    My Blackbird does all these and more in relative ease,

    No, It wasnt cheap,

    I got every thing I wanted,

    Its a keeper,
  9. Dream bike.

    Also, totally impractical in almost every way. But totally awesome.
  10. Yamaha YZF-R15

    Because between that and the Ninja, the R15 didn't feel like it wanted to take me down when I leaned it a bit. Not nearly as top heavy and didn't feel quite as much of a stretch to reach the handlebars and stuff. And you don't see many of them.
  11. 1. it's a Honda
    2. it's black
  12. Shiny, loud, impractical and paid for the badge.

    I had to have it.

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  13. Kawasaki ER-6NL 2012

    It started with 2 guys at my old job riding to work and telling me I should to; then they told me about Netrider and I was hooked.

    Was going down the CB400 parth till I saw the ER-6 - loved how it looked and then I would have to say it is all the fault of the ER-6 tread Mr Bling and BitSar !! =D>

    Probaly not the most logical choice for a first bike but I could afford the payments (Less than my train ticket was) and did not want the hassle of having to change bikes it 6-12 months.

    I wanted a bike that had some size on the road as I am going to ride to work everyday.

    Plus did I mention she is dead sexy especially with that little flash of red on the spring..... :demon:

    Anyway sorry for going on.

    Cheers Jeremy
  14. Kawasaki ZX-14

    Because it just falls into corners and goes moderately quick.
  15. BMW F800ST
    Handling, pannier system, upright riding position and a little bit unusual.
  16. street triple r
    - Wanted a bike to commute and for the occasional weekend blat
    - It gets good reviews
    - Looks alright
    - cheaper insurance and less rear tyres then a speed triple
    - previously owned a full fairing bike, wanted something different

    overall pretty happy with it. the downsides
    - part of my brain says i should have gone with a 1 litre
    - triumph accessories are expensive
  17. Took my young blokes for a ride and came home with a dirty great smile.
  18. Ninja 250r

    Only because it was so cheap, $3000, 09 model. Original plan was to get a CBR 250RR.

    Turn out the bike is pretty good. I just hate the headlight and lawn mower exhaust sound.
  19. first one I saw, got lucky it's been a goodun
  20. Z1000 - Because I thought I was a better rider than I am
    M109R - Because I'm bald, fat and old