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Why did l wait so long

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TruCallin, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    I'm Matt and after 14 years of procrastination l finally got around to getting my license and haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face since. Recently moved into Melbourne to be closer to work which has it advantages ( only 400m walk to work ) and it's disadvantages ( don't get to ride every day anymore ). Because of this l decided to join Netrider to meet similar minded individuals for coffee night's and hopefully some good weekend rides.

  2. Well played Matt, welcome to Netrider!
  3. Welcome, is it just me, or do we never have coffee nights in Newcastle?
  4. Welcome Matt...

    The smile your experiencing is a common side affect of your addiction to riding. There is no known cure, whilst you continue to ride - and nor should there be.

    Enjoy your stay and dont be shy when it comes to coffee nights and ride (Days, Weekends, Nights) - theres plenty going round.

    Maybe you can start with... "Hi, I'm Matt and I ride-a-holic". :grin:


  5. welcome aboard matt, enjoy the ride :)
  6. Welcome Matt and enjoy the circus.
  7. Welcome Matt, enjoy your stay.
  8. It's great to roll out the Welcome Matt :roll:

    Sorry, a sincere welcome to the friendly forum.... :)
  9. I tried, but seems coffee is "gay" and "uncool" in Newcastle. I also found out, a drink with a straw is "gay" and owning a Daimler is "wanky and gay".
    So, maybe you are gay too. :roll:

    Welcome Matt, I discovered motorcycles in my 30's too, and the stupid grin is still there most days( except when it's raining hard).
    I would have started riding in my teens, but I would have killed myself. A good man knows his limitations. :LOL:
    You will soon learn how to justify riding somewhere to do something to yourself, something you could have walked to get to, or used a more logical form of transport!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Double post. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  11. Welcome Mat......er I mean Matt. :)
  12. Hi Matt and welcome. (thought it sounded better :p)
  13. Welcome to the forums Matt. Why not join us for the mystery ride on Thursdays from the BP servo next to the St Kilda Marina. Always good fun and coffee afterwards.

    Hope to see you along.

    By the way I waited until I was 52 to get my learners and absolutely love it. I am learnign to do things that I wouldn't have dreamed of when I was younger.

    Enjoy the ride.
  14. You could always take the long way to work.:grin:
  15. Hey Mattie. welcome to the Insanity.
  16. Thanks for everyone making me feel welcome. Hope to catch up with some of you soon. :grin:
  17. Welcome, welcome, welcome :grin
  18. Hey Matt, welcome. You're in a similar boat to me. I'm also 32 and only got my licence this year after being put off by friends and relatives for 14 years. I also have the grin on my face, I love my bike and riding. Initially I thought it'd be a weekend thing, but after only a month I ride almost every day and get edgy if I don't! 8-[ Like an addiction I guess.... :p

    Anyway, happy riding and see you out there.
  19. Welcome to the gang, Matt :)
    I also resisted/in denial for years, but now I still can't believe it's THIS much fun! I hate being in my car now - it's just too frustrating.