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Why did I wait so long to hop on a cruiser?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by YBOLT, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. I started riding a Yamaha DT175 about 40 years ago, then moved to XS400 and RD350. Left the bikes for about 20 years then bought a 94 YZF750R to commute (if you can call 130kmph in first commuting). One of a few bikes that has a low seat to suit my small stature. The bike bug bit again and I started finding RD/RZ 250/350s in various states of repair - long term projects. Then found an Aprilia RS250 which really brought back memories of youth. But I realised I would never be able to ride it like it was designed for. Well, finally decided to change riding position away from supersport leaning forward onto clipons and bought a Yamaha Bolt. What a fantastic bike. Suits me to a T. Low seat, comfortable riding position, plenty of torque and I am scraping pegs again. I love the simplicity it presents, no added frills - just black, white and aluminium.

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  2. welcome aboard :] very nice bike
  3. Thanks mate.
  4. Don't wait too long before u ride a Harley night rod ;-)
  5. The best thing anyone can do is find the bike for them and not give a F \ / ( |< about anyone's opinions. Enjoy the ride.
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  6. Welcome to NR Welcome
  7. Welcome aboard, and nice choice of bike.
  8. I rode it home from the dealer last week on a Saturday and it was wet so I washed it - best way to really examine a vehicle so I got to know everything on the bike. Monday it was also wet, so I washed it again and discovered the number plate was gone. I reported it to the police and Vicroads, also checked with the dealer who assured me they used nylocks. Problem is I had ordered a custom plate and was waiting for delivery, so it seems silly to trot on down to Vicroads to pay for a new/replacement standard plate. Luckily I have not needed to ride it and I can wait for the custom plate to turn up. It does make you wonder about some desperate people.
  9. You're right mate the Bolt rocks............. so how much do you want for the heap of crap RD's and RZ's ?? ...................... ;)
  10. Have to say your choice in bikes is impeccable.

    Knew I was getting mine less than 2 blocks away from the dealer on the test ride. Had a holding deposit on it before release date back in Septemebr 2014 subject to the test ride.

    I've got the rpsec, matte grey and still happy with the decision.
  11. They are like my LJ XU1 Torana - keep them long enough and look after them - gold.
  12. One place I went to did not want to give me a test ride until we had agreed on a sale, then they insulted me by only offering 3500 tradein on the RS250 and the 750 (not each - that was total), Did a bit more research and the second place could not have been more helpful, test ride, dropped the price, included a race muffler and effectively gave me a tradein of 4000 for just the 750. Needless to say I will be giving them my business in the future.
    I have added the small windshield and will look at the R-spec rear shocks next as the rear does not feel great - soft and harsh at the same time - bottoms out and rebounds too quickly.
  13. Good stuff, but I wouldn't call the Bolt a cruiser.

    Keep us up to date. I'm interested in these bikes

    And name the dealer that wouldn't give you a test ride. That's just stupid.
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    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
    I did my test ride at Yamaha City in Elizabeth Street. Their new service centre in Lorimer Street Port Melbourne is better than the shop in the lane way behind.

    Just a suggestion, but being only 46kgs I don't bottom out the suspension, but from others who have the standards the preference seems to be Hagon shocks. The maximum size I believe is 290mm.

    I have the memphis shades quick release windscreen on mine for long trips.

    I didn't get a great trade in either, but then traded in a 2000 250cc virago, so didn't expect a lot. Although ReesaReesa can attest to the fact that a pimply teenager thought my old bike looked cool.
  15. Torana? Tell me more...I've got an LJ 2 door.
  16. 7/73 GTR XU1 Juniper Green Metallic with 58X Doeskin/Chestnut interior, Ian Tate restored 202 six with triple strombergs, sprintmasters. Mostly stock and quite original.
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  17. Pimply teenager shat himself when you bit his ankle.
  18. STOP IT - I'm drooling on my tablet, had a LH torana, always regretted selling it but back then it was just a car. My nephew bought a XD Falcon to restore, to him its a classic, to me they were just a rust bucket
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  19. Don't think he'll ever just walk up to a bike and sit on it to pose for photos with his girlfriend again.
  20. Ever.