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Why did I test a Hypermotard......I want I want

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BitSar, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. So today a buddy and I strolled into Ducati City and test rode two bikes

    1- Hypermotard 796

    2- Hypermotard 1100 EVO

    All I can say is wow - AND - I wish I never had because now I want one badly.

    Both myself and my mate agreed that the 796 was a better bike to ride:
    • Clutch had better feel
    • Gearbox was much better with a shorter throw
    • Handling was little more nimble

    The 1100 EVO has a hydraulic clutch - almost a pop clutch - I guess you'd get used to this. The main drawback was the engine - it was very lumpy down low and nowhere near as smooth as the 796.

    What the 1100 EVO has in spades though is LOTS of torque and a lovely noise from the big twin and stainless full exhaust.

    For me though - the 796 @ ~ 15K onroad makes a lot more sense than the 20K price tag of the 1100 EVO...................

    As the title line states - I wish I had never ridden this thing.....it's all I'm going to think about until I own one.............](*,)
  2. Don't worry to much you will only be riding it for a week before all the points are gone. :bolt:
  3. This is very true - they encourage the inner hooligan to come out - that's for sure!
  4. You've eaten from the tree of knowledge and as a matter of consequence paradise (ignorant bliss) is a garden now closed to you. Good luck. (shakes head)
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  5. Yeah...

    First rule of test riding = never test ride a bike you can't afford to buy NOW.
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  6. Woe is me........:nopity:

    LOL....well said Mattb
  7. 15k on road?? where? Had a look in the dealerships and they are asking 17.5k on road.
  8. 15k onroad was the price quoted on the day. According to the salesman, this was a one off price and I would have had to sign then and there.

    As you state, the ticket price on the floor stock was 17.5k - it was a very tempting proposition......... I found it hard to walk away.
  9. I feel for you. Knowing how good a bike is and having to walk away is a form of torture that should be introduced by the CIA if its not already.

    Why did you walk away? Was it simply a question of $$$ or do you actually have some self control?
  10. I have a different rule - test ride every bike before you can afford any of them. This rules out sales pressure and by the time you are ready to buy, you'll know for sure which one to go for.

    HM was definitely on my list. But not my budget.
  11. i really like the look of the hypermotards, but i'd just rather something with a bit more of an engine.

    dorsoduro 1200 might be good to ride too!! and the ktm 990smr!!

  12. To be honest it was not the $$$ that made me walk. With the trade price offered on my bike it would have been very manageable.

    Realistically - this was the deciding factor
  13. Then do not go anywhere near a KTM twin.
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  14. love the hypermotards...
    scared for the time I'm on fulls I'll end up dry humping one so much I'll be forced to buy it :(
  15. Hahaha! I have lusted for a 990SMR also
  16. That looks like a great deal. Is it because of the time of year as I imagine sales are slower going into winter? And was this city Ducati? This is great inside intel ;)

    I'm looking at the 796 as my first bike off my restrictions. I've been riding a klr650. Seems like a good step up as an around town bike that occasionally I can take into the twisties and not crazy powerful. You guys have any thoughts on the 796 as a step up after restrictions go away?

  17. I didn't get a straight answer from the salesman as to why he offered this price on the day - however he was adamant that the price was a "one day only" deal.

    Indeed it was

    I think you'd be one lucky fella :D

    To put it in context my mate and I stepped of an '09 R1 and a '11 ER6n(factory full power) respectively.

    We both preferred the 796 hands down - when we mentioned this to the salesman he was not surprised and said most riders tell the same story.

    Regarding Power: As long as you are not too liberal with the right hand coming out of corners you'll be fine......
  18. ...or else you will fling yourself into the barrier/down the hillside and die. :D
  19. But you'll die with a smile on your face..
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  20. I was at City Ducati earlier this year and the salesman tried very hard to steer me away from the Monsters and towards a Hypermotard 796, so I guess they must have trouble selling them?? I imagine most people shopping for a Ducati want a Monster or 848/1198/etc.