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why did i do that? moments

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. what are some things you've done on the bike, when afterwards you think about it, and go "why the f*ck did i even consider doing that?"
    just curious about other people's ridiculous behaviours at times, and i guess reaffirming im not the only moron out there :LOL:

    i myself have:
    - attempted to pass a truck (one of the big ones, not a B-dub tho) in the boxes up at the spur. got halfway before vision became blind as it was already in the next corner. then a 4WD appeared coming the other way :shock: i was basically holding onto the truck i was that close, thankfully we all fitted... just.

    - shadowed a bike on the freeway. they passed me at a decent speed, splitting through in light to medium traffic. i tagged along, weaving in and out generally following or taking another suitable gap, albeit at $1.40+

    im sure there is other worthy actions i've made :LOL:
    i know theyre stupid, and then some, especially the truck lol.
    im not gonna bother trying to justify them, nor do i care for flaming, but go nuts it might be a good read :p

    i know im alot tamer on the road now, after getting over the initial thrill of a 2 wheeled licence, 2 crashes, a 9 month suspension, and generally thinking about my actions alot more.

    so, what can you recommend i dont try doing? :p
  2. let you tyres warm up before you try improve on yesterdays lean angles.... :eek: i have had 5 weeks to think about it now, and i am sure i still have a bit of time left for reflection ahead of me...
  3. i thought u were just turning down the road out of the house?
    sorry i didnt catch up with you at the BBQ, meant to have a good chat.
    heal fast mate :)
  4. What do you mean??? Did you come off recently?????
  5. yeah, commuting to work tip in to the corner and the front tyres just didn't grip :(

    there is a thread in general somewhere about it
  6. i spent half an hour looking for the reverse gear

  7. biggest my "I wont be doing that again" moment.

    At traffic lights filtering through traffic to the front then there were 3 trucks


    Truck 1-----truck 2--------
    Truck 3----- *


    I got to * point when I could fit any further because truck 1 and 3 were a bit close.

    then the lights change and truck 2 not seeing me in the middle started to go forwards :-O lucky before too long truck 1 moved forward before truck 3 and I shot through the gap... but thought when it happened "That was a really really stupid place to be" because truck 2 couldn't see me right in front of his truck on his far left.

    never done it again either

    *Edit, pic didn't work going to draw in paint
  8. Fell asleep at the handles at 3am and woke up to the whirring sound at the side of the road for a genuine brown trousers moment! :shock:
  9. popped a successful wheelie on a back road... got the front up HEAPS by about, i dunno.... 4-7 inches... shat myself, released throttle and thumped my nuts on the tank :shock:
  10. You always wanted to sing Soprano in a choir, right?
  11. no, although if you call a raunchy 1800 number, you'll get me on the other line...

    ***^^^ Another "why'd i do that" moment :LOL:
  12. me going straight at a set of lights, which was red. truck turning right into my path. he must have run a redlight, as he was turning, my light turned green. as i was in a rush, i didnt bother waiting for him to finish the turn, so i belted across the road, went up the left hand side of the turning truck, up the inside of the truck through a set of parking bays, not knowing if there were any cars parked on the other side of said truck. fingers crossed moment i wont repeat soon.

    monash freeway one afternoon. about to split past a car in front of me, small truck to the left siting right next to me. traffic was moving at a steady 60kph. i was following a mate who was steadily moving away from me, so i needed to get past. as i accelerated to getin front of the truck, he accelerated, and the car in front me me braked.. hard.. for no reason other than i was following too close. i made the split, but i swear my right foot missed the bumper of the car by less than an inch. big pucker moment. i was pretty lucky not to hit the car in front. i think alot more before spliting moving traffic too.
  13. Trying to overtake a Truck with boat + trailer attached up hill on the Clyde only to get half way along and have a XR8 fly past the other way leaving me literally in the middle of the road tucked into the boat trailer to avoid being hit by the on coming car :shock:

    That was a big eye opener :wink:
  14. overtaking up a hill on a 250 was keen to start with :p
  15. Don't marry a loony American. That's my recommendation anyway :grin:
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  17. There are quite a few, some of which I will not want to talk about here.

    This one can be a lesson for others.

    At the big roundabout at the end of elizabeth street in the city, filtered to the front, to move forward, saw and opening and went for it, seconds later I got hit, hard enough for me to almost drop the bike, I got hit by the car to the right of me. I though he tried to take me out on purpose, but in retrospect , he was prob looking right the whole time and didnt see or hear he. His reward was a BIG chunk of paint that my zorst too out.
  18. Ooh, that roundabout. I use to work right in front of that roundabout and there were constantly accidents there. Always amazed me why people thought they could always beat the trams or couldn't even do just the simple head checks. Anyway, gave me a bit of entertainment on those very boring afternoons!
  19. Accelerating through a creek crossing cos I reckoned it'd be fun....hahaaf*@#$@!haarrr! Lost steering, bike went this way and that way and tummy got all knots in it, but for some reason the bike stayed upright and I was showered in a nice big shower of cold creek water for my efforts. :LOL:
  20. after riding on the road for all of about 2 weeks, i went into a corner a bit too hot, which was, in proportion, bloody slow! and used the dirt bike habit of mashing the rear brake. needless to say, rear wheel was at a full 90 degress from the front wheel. i shat bricks. somehow recovered and pulled off the road thanking god i was still alive. :oops: