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Why did I buy a Triumph Street Triple R 2012?

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Zeiss, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. ... Because it is outrageously good. I agonized over this and was looking at the Suzuki GSR750, the Kawasaki Z750, and the Ducati Monster 696. Never got any time on either the Suzuki or Kawasaki but decided against the inline 4 anyways, mainly cause this is my main transport into the city etc. The v twin on the monster was amazing, but in the end I prefered the striples extra features. So I've been riding today, did about 150k, of course I'm still wearing in and was limited to 5000rpm, but f%*k me that thing is like a rocket off the line, even with a really tight motor, gear box and suspension. I've got nothing but amazement right now. I know it sounds like I'm bragging, but I spent hours on forums and sites trying to work out which bike to get, so I hope this can help anyone else with the same choices.

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  2. pics or gtfo :D
  3. bring it down to sat morn prac
  4. Wow congrats on ur new toy n that is the bike I like to have as well hmm... Maybe one day... Maybe never lol have to pay off my LAms first still have 5yr loan on it..... Anyway pics plz XP
  5. Firstly - Congrats on the purchase! What color did you get? And yeah..Pics please!

    Secondly - You made my decision a little bit more difficult. I've been thinking (just thinking, planning etc for when I get off the restrictions) about the next bike and Monster 696 & Street Triple R are the ones I've narrowed my list down to. (Triumph Speedmaster is hanging in there lightly as well). BUT I've been leaning towards the Monster.

    What extra features have you noticed on the ST-R?
  6. I don't really see how the Monster compares to the ST3R. I bought my ST3R before I even test rode it and loved it. I ended up testing the Monster afterwards, but it was slow and sluggish and didn't even compare to the Street.
  7. Indeed, Carl, it's a good case in point of how words can only tell you so much, and how things can very suddenly change when you actually get to ride the things. The '08 I had came about in much the same way. I was at least 150 metres into the test ride before the little bugger had me hooked, and I'd owned bigger bikes.
  8. Yeah, everyone was commenting on the differences, but that Monster really had some torque.... and the sound was something else. In the end it was things like the seating position (a little more upright on the striple which suited me), the adjustable suspension, the extra HP, and more gadgets on the instruments, including the rev lights that I really like, (as well as being in a better position and easier to read). On paper it is no comparison, but the monster is a Ducati, so it had the flare and looked better (in my opinion). But the striple is just a rush... i keep telling my non bike friends that I can't believe a bike with this power and grunt can be legal!!), oh and when you open it up, the roar of that engine really is amazing. I have always had a thing for Ducati, but the 696 is just not in the same league as the Triumph. Now... if you can afford the 1100 evo or the Streetfighter then it might just be a fair comparison.

    BTW - Its Phantom Black (of course), no extras just yet. I'll get a pic up soon.
  9. Congrats on the new bike. :)

    I testrode a Street Triple R (and Tiger 800XC) about two months ago, while debating whether to keep and modify/upgrade my Tiger 1050 or go to something different.

    ST-R ought to be tremendous fun around town and in the twisties. :)
  10. Sounds like fun.
    Just can't take to those new odd-shaped headlights. But I guess its a minor quibble.
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  11. The problem is I've a thing for BOTH Ducati & Triumph. :D

    Phantom Black is an awsome color.
  12. no doubt in my mind that the Ducati has the edge on looks (but only just). I still don't think the 796 would be up to matching the Striple R, but the 1100 Evo would be amazing... I thought about it, but the extra $6K was pushing it for me.
  13. agreed with 2nd post.

    pics or gtfo!
  14. I don't mind the new head lights as long as there's a fly screen, I'll be buying a str3 r when I get off my resteictions
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  15. Saw a white one live for the first time in Sydney CBD on Tuesday and really loved the new styling.
    I considered getting a used one when I was on the market but the z750 for $10.5K was just too good to pass.
    But the ST3R is definitely on my list of naked's.
    Congrats! (and, as said before, pictures or STFU! :worthlesspics: )

    By the way, was reading the Suzi GSR750 review on this week's AMCN and was disappointed there was no mention of the Z750 when it was a clear inspiration for the GSR and a direct competitor.
  16. Pics of new bike - cool hey, gotta love the black... In my search I had it down to the Z750, GSR750, Monster 696 or Striple. I got the Striple R for $13,900. PS dealer in Melbourne wouldn't offer a ride on either the GSR or Z750 so it made my choice easier, that and I commute on my bike, so the twin or triple seemed easier...

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  17. Nice. very very nice.
    Congratulations, what a beauty!
  18. It looks very ... naked. And verry niiice!
  19. congrats on ya new bike mate