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Why complain when you get booked?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. On my second trip to Melbourne I have had confirmed what I noticed on my first trip. The reason why so many people are getting booked for speeding is simple : EVERYBODY SPEEDS.

    Sitting on legal speed from Lake's Entrance to Southbank we only passed three cars, but were passed by thousands of cars, bikes, trucks and little old ladies in Corollas, doing anything between 15 to 30 kph and more over. I had to check and see if the Hornet was stuck in reverse!!!

    The police don't have to work very hard to find someone to book in this scenario, and the speed cameras are going to be worn out before the warranty expires, that is for sure. I'm sure many people, and not a few Netriders, might feel they are being picked on, but, really, with such a widespread disregard for speed limits, the Government's coffers are guaranteed to be full to oveflowing and it's all 100% preventable.
  2. Thats cos everythings so far apart... and we all imagine we're on the autobahn :LOL: :LOL:
  3. So if everybody speeds, then why are'nt we all dying the second we do 5 km/hr over the speed limit as the powers that be are trying to have us believe? This is why I get cranky when I loose my license or another round of points for stupid petty "crimes" 3 kays over the limit. Wow, a real criminal.
  4. bah humbug you can go faster in Uk
  5. and you get filmed and get on tv too
  6. I don't complain about getting done for speeding, I complain that there's a speedlimit i have to abide by in the first place :p
  7. ...and yet exceeding the posted speed limit is only a factor in less than 3% of all accidents that occur.

    People in general (broad sense) drive as is suitable for their car, the road conditions, and visibility. Road accidents rates have remained largely flat for the last 20 years, despite an ever increasing amount of speed detection devices being employed.

    Improvements in road surface, tyres, cars, suspension, and so on, have seen the rate of accidents fall. The spate of shock-style advertisments has also had some impact, but it is a very poor substitute for improved driver training.

    What would likely have the most possible impact for reducing the road rate would be to introduce compulsory practical driver training programs before people can transition from L plates to P plates, and then again from P-plates to a full driving license, to both act as a brush-up refresher course on road laws, and also to catch any issues early that may be developing into a dangerous driving habit.

    99.99% of the time, people can be perfectly trusted to set their own level of safety and speed for the conditions they're operating under. When it comes to speeding, the issue should not be about merely exceed the posted speed limit, but about inappropriate use of speed. High speeds will increase the risk if something goes wrong, but this is no different to failing to give way or running a stop sign, all of which carry no significant penalty. Speeding offenses should be reduced in severity, and supplemented with an officer's subjective assessment of the dangerous use of speed. This eliminates the ridiculous situations where people are booked for speeding for overtaking or accelerating out of the way of merging traffic on a freeway.

    Doing 75kph through a crowded 40kph zoned school area where little kids are running about is stupidly dangerous, but the law says that the driver should only get a 1 month suspension. Doing 135kph down a deserted stretch of the Hume Hwy is nowhere near as dangerous, the driver would still get a 1 month suspension.

    The speeds at which speed limit penalties apply should be proportional to the speed limit posted, rather than a fixed amount above the limit. The officer should then decide if a more serious incident has taken place.

    Just my views. Train the drivers better. Trust them to use their judgement, and then catch the truly stupid when they are endangering others.
  8. You raise a good point, Hornet. It is the reason no-one respects the speed-limits either. When 90% of people are exceeding them, they're not targetting the minority of speeders who can be a real danger to other road users, but instead just raising money from all road users.

    If speed limits were actually targetted at the top 5%, most people would have the same opinion they do on drink-driving = it's bad. At the moment, an overwhelming majority just thinking speeding is something you do, and you're unlucky if you're caught.

    And it is.
  9. Spot on. It is not 'speed' that kills, if it was there would be nobody left alive in Germany. It is excessive speed that kills. Excessive speed is when there is too great a speed differential between a vehicle and the main body of traffic. 'speeding' is simply a measurement against an arbitrary number dictated by bureaucrats. I firmly believe that the whole 'speed kills' oversimplistic mantra is actually costing lives by diverting attention from the real issues.
  10. like ive had pointed out to me many times... the more you worry about speed.. the less you concentrate ont he road.. which is where your focus should be, 100% of the time..

    they are lining up speed cameras on places like the west gate bridge, and now the geelong highway.. places with long travel times and too low maximum speed limits.. where are the cameras in school zones protecting kids from speeders? near populated areas?? they dont exsist, cause you dont make money there.

    education will stop the road toll getting any worse. and with fuel prices the way they are, although lowering again, more and more people are getting onto bikes and scooters.. that means the government wont be getting their taxes in from fuel, so watch out for an even greaer tightening of the reins on our roads.. ESP over xmas and new years.

    what they should be doing, is intead of focusing on the bulk of traffic going their 5 k's over the limit.. they should be focussing on the people speeding excessivly as stated, and the erckless drivers that cut other peopel off, dive over 3 lanes to make their exit, dont indicate, and generally make the roads a harder place to use for everyone.. they should be the ones getting fined not the people trying to get to work without spending 4 hours on the road travelling 5 ks over the limit on a freeway and only keeping up with traffic.

    IMO right now, the police dont have public respect for this reason.. they are using bullying tactics to get what they want, which is why we are using machines.. it takes the human aspect out of police work.. i cant talk a camera out of giving me a ticket, whereas a uniformed officer might have a bit of compassion.. MIGHT!
    but what can we do.. absolutly nothing. they are the law makers, and we are the ones that have to do as we are told. doesnt mean we have to respect them.
  11. Silly question Paul.
    Is your speedo accurate?
    Many speedos read high.
    My experiece on Victorian hwys is the opposite. I use my accurately calibrated speedo to maintain 0-5 k over the limit. I get passed by a relatively low number of vehicles. Maybe you are actually cruising at 95,
  12. You sound like one of those older drivers who is soon going to be up for contesting the right to stay licensed as more and more seniors are been targeted by Vic roads and their interstate counterparts.

    Good luck and make sure your wearing your incontinence undies so as you don’t p!ss all over your bike as you are being
    " passed by thousands of cars, bikes, trucks and little old ladies in Corollas, doing anything between 15 to 30 kph and more over."

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Cause we can :p:p:p
  14. your more brave than me, saying things like that could get nasty :D :D :D
    And besides, he's only 70. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  15. what if the speed limits are too low?
  16. Good point that. The ony way to allow spped limits to be raised though would be to put an expiry date on the vehicles we use. Our modern cars, truck, buses and bikes are all well engineered with all the possible safety features. See we cant have people in there clapped out pieces of shit going to quick as in emergency situations they dont perform up to the standard of todays vehicles.
  17. True about older cars, but i think you'd find its more to do with people and their skills.
  18. Yes driver ability does have alot do with it. Now i consider myself a fairly skilled driver (and my wife says i am too) :D . But i know what i would much rather be trying to avoid an accident in, and thats not my 15-20 year old holden or ford, its my 2005 XR6!!
  19. There is a reason why everybody speeds, as opposed to why not everybody murders and rapes. Going over the limit is not regarded by the majority of Australians as socially or morally unacceptable. The government should be asked why they do not view the prudent and common actions of the majority of their citizens as reasonable.

    I agree that if you don't want to get booked, don't speed. But most riders (and drivers) I know don't have a problem with the laws being enforced, it's that the laws are a joke. The road rules dreamed up by cyclists and public transport users. Speed limits set on a whim, in response to a tragedy most often not caused by speeding.

    Remember the Berlin Wall? The law was that if you crossed it, you got shot. It would be easy to have said 'well, just don't cross it!', but that would be missing the point - the law in place was futile and was nothing but an attempt to prop up a regime. Over regulating and oppressive law making has seen the birth of many a revolution in the past. I'd best tread carefully, lest I be charged with our new sedition laws. 'If you don't want to go to jail, just keep your mouth shut!'

    So when/if you get booked, you have every right to complain that the government you elected is making untenable laws against you.
  20. doesn't make all the tailgaters go away - 'people in general' are all following one another bumper to bumper even on the freeways here, let alone in the middle if the city where all sorts of things happen to make people stop/change direction suddenly.

    'people in general' don't use their mirrors effectively or even at all

    just because there are not more incidents than we see at present, doesn't mean that the 'people in general' have any clue as to what is safe and what is not.

    The biggest ads and, i'm sure, the most profitable section of the yellow pages in the smash repairers - nrma reckons there are 600 reported incidents per week in nsw - ten times that number go unreported. Think all those rear end shunts have nothing to do with speed? (ie if you want to be less than 2metres behind me, you'd better be doing less than 10km/h)