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Why car drivers stop and stare at the scene of a crash?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evader, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I drove to work today. I've ridden all week - usually every day no matter what the weather but as I'm getting over a flu, I thought it best to stay warm. This morning traffic on the Tullamarine Freeway southbound, just near Bell St was terrible. I thought it was just me noticing the difference to how quick I get to work on the bike, or the fact that traffic always slows down when it's a bit wet.

    Then I see police lights.

    As the traffic creeps up, ever so slowly, there's a motorbike on it's side and some poor bloke laying in the recovery position but looking unconscious. Another bike was parked next to him, an off duty or undercover police man trying to keep the traffic moving while the Ambulance came. A couple cars had pulled over, maybe to help, maybe they hit him. Who knows. The point is that, it's DISGUSTING that every car goes at snails pace, and some even completely stopped, to just look at this bloke laying there in need of an Ambulance. For god's sake YOU IDIOTS might be the difference between the Ambulance getting there in time and the guy not making it because the Ambo's can't get through the traffic.

    Here's hoping he's Ok. We deal with enough useless road users every day that the odds can be against us... But actually hindering someone getting help... for your own sick curiosity. WTF.
  2. It has always boiled my blood when people slow down to gawp at an accident. I was driving to St Arnauds last Friday afternoon when I had to slam the brakes on because traffic just stopped in front of me. Immeadiately I thought that there must have just been an accident. I was right, just not in the way I thought I was. The accident was actually on the other side of the road (this is just out of Deer Park where the road is divided by about 20 meters of grass). People were coming to a complete stop just to have a look at some poor bastard who had been in a prang.
  3. It can be a bit of a joke, but it seems to be human curiosity kicking in.

    It happens sometimes even when someone is pulled over changing a tire...

    Sometimes its better to slow down a bit; due to changed road circumstances. You dont want people on the road treating someone while cars are flying past doing 100-110k's an hour. But traffic grinding to a snailpace is a joke, and I agree, it cant be good for emergency vehicles who plan on arriving quickly to a scene.
  4. Let's those without sin cast the first stone.
  5. Can you elaborate 2up?
  6. Simple human curiosity. See something out of the ordinary and the first thing you want to know is "what happened?". Pretty common and understandable I would have thought.

  7. He means that we all do it, it's human nature and morbid curiosity, you can't help but look, it's annoying and I wish some people wouldn't take so long to gawk whereas others will have a cursory glance but I defy anyone to say they haven't even had a sidewards glance at any accident scene.
  8. Totally understand curiosity... doesn't mean you have to all but stop your car, possibly hindering help, at the very least stopping anyone on the freeway that doesn't want to gawk getting past.
  9. It's annoying with the amount they slow down. But as mentioned before, people see something out of the ordinary and want to try to work it out.

    Slowing down when near a crash is also a little bit of a safety thing. You have no idea what fluids have leaked from the crash. Don't want slide on oil.
  10. If you think that's bad, then try it in the UK/Europe - I've been doing 70mph (honest officer...) across the motorway network of the old country only for traffic to come to a grinding halt for the best part of 3-4miles while the good folk take time to rubberneck yet another accident - on the other side of the motorway (these are 3-4 lane motorways as well) :roll: . People should slow down when there's an accident/roadworks etc up front, but not when it's on the opposite carriageway just to get a gawk... :mad:

    As said elsewhere, we all do it to some extent, with some of us thinking "poor bugger, hope he/she's alright" and some being simply selfish and cursing them for delaying their journey... (my thoughts usually about the "victim" and then the drivers on my side of the road :p ) but of perspective when it's on your side of the road, after all one day it could be you they're slowing down for :( - and if filtering in Oddelaide is anything to go by, then I'm not surprised they had to stop as nobody would probably let them merge :p !!
  11. I was riding the sexy white FZ6 that you saw parked next to the accident.
    I saw the whole thing, I am a bit disturbed by it all actually, it all happened so fast. I ride to work with this guy every morning, we are not mates, just traffic buddies, we have a bit of banter at lights occasionaly.
    He lives just down the road from me.

    The rider will be OK, I am going to visit him in hospital this afternoon.

    MOD: please leave this as the last talk of the actual incident or it will be treated as a rider down thread
  12. Hope you're both OK.
  13. I look, but only because I have plenty of time as every microbrained f***wit in front of me has decided we are going to do 20km/hr past the thing.

    Now I'm on the bike full-time, I just split past everyone in these instances.

    When I was driving, I lay on the horn a few times. People are idiots... curious idiots.
  14. I wish i could help when i see them, thats why i look or slow down, but most of the time help has already arrived so i drive/ride on.
  15. Hope you're both okay Caz V1.

    I have gotten use to these idiots when driving/riding to and from work basically the whole length of the Ring Road 4 times a week (Thomastown to Altona). It is understandable if the road is already filled with cars at a pace of 90 - 100km/hr and an accident happens, people closest to the accident will slow down/stop to avoid the accident and thus the chain reaction happens. Since it is already a packed road, everyone will bank up in an instance. That's if the accident occurs in the direction of travel with all other road users.

    What I find annoying is that people on the opposite side of the freeway going in the opposite direction, slowing down to have a squizz causing more traffic jam un-necessarily for those going the other way...understandable if the car on the opposite side flipped the car or something and flew over the barriers to cause havoc on both sides (hopefully that'll never happen).

    Anyways, hope recovery goes well for the downed rider, and Caz V1...hope the slow motion replays in your mind will go away ASAP, I know the feeling.

    phong =P~
  16. Hmm, I know what you mean but it is just human nature, after all you managed to look at the scene long enough to get a lot of details!! ...

    While doing that you are not watching the road ahead and will not be moving off as quickly as the car in front, as everyone does this it ripples back until there is a point where everyone stops.
  17. yeah rode past that this morning just after they where cleaning up, yes people are curious(reason i came here to find out if the rider was ok.), idiots, they slow/stopped traffic all the way to the western ring road. (went past at about 9)
    I'm with you bonk, as soon as the freeway is open in front of me i gun it i HATE people who slow down JUST to look.
    but in the slow drivers defense, it seemed as though two lanes where closed, mergers are bad enough, so something like this is going to stop traffic.

    if get a glimps as i drive past so be it if not no big, i don't slow.

    not sure if im allowed to ask what happened. who's fault? rider or car?
    MOD: no you are not
  18. I'm not going to elaborate on what happened, just that the bike did not make contact with any other vehicle, and thank god the traffic was going slow enough that he never got ran over. The Buell is a write off, it flipped multiple times from end to end.

    The rider was out to it for a while, he has no memory of what happened, so I don't know what was going through his mind at the time, I will fill him in on my version when I visit him.
  19. Guys stop nesting.
    Anyone just quoting ad nausuem will have their posts deleted as has been done to one already.
    Also please don't discuss about the accident unless you were directly involved with the rider and NO SPECULATION
  20. When I was younger, I nearly had a major accident because of people slowing down on the freeway, to gawp at a crash ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DIVIDING BARRIER. Had two cars run up each others ass, and narrowly miss me.