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why car drivers dont look for us

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bigwids, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I saw everything

  2. It got me

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  1. please look at this video and it make's you realise more why they dont see us


    Thank you

  2. Lol I spotted the sly bastard. It was a "WTF is that thing doing on my screen" type reaction :)
  3. Geeze, does that mean I have already killed a biker?
    Sorry mate didnt see you, should have been doing a moonwalk.

  4. the average retard with a driver's licence wouldnt have been able to count to 13.

    but the thing is this:you were instructed by the video to concentrate on one specific thing.
    when driving a car,this is not the case.so if drivers arent told to look out for motorcycles,what exactly are they looking for when they drive?
  5. true but how many driver's really look for motor bike riders
  6. 2 cases here.

    1. The car driver that looks for where cars might be. (Your responsibility to be where they would look).

    2. People who don't give a **** and just move anywhere. (Nothing we can do about that, just be ready)
  7. +1

    This happens regardless of being on bikes or in cars. I guess at least when youre in a car you have more chances of being spotted and also have a tonne of metal around you protecting you if the other drivers just clips you. Even if they "just clip you" on the bike, that can be the end of that.
  8. yeah i totally agree.if everybody operated vehicles correctly there would be no accidents.but this particular video doesnt address the issue for riders in the correct context.
  9. Sure, a fair point but you're missing the main point of the add campaign. That add is soley designed to address the issue of what to look for, it is indeed doing what you're asking drivers to do. Shit driver sees that add, misses seeing bear, now thinks twice when next out driving ........ we hope.
  10. Dont say car driver... say shit drivers.

    Not only to bike mate, to cars as well... they just turn like its an empty football fields. but with bikes you just exposed to greater injuries.
  11. my theory (and it's only a theory) is that drivers subconsciously look for other road users who are a threat - i.e other vehicles of equal or larger size which is why they often claim not to have seen a biker in the event of an accident.

    either that or the biker was doing 200km/hr on the back wheel and slammed straight into the side of the driver..
  12. This has been posted before.
  13. That's not a bad theory jnr46, it ties in with evolutionary theory. In a Hunter Gatherer society it's a case of "Can I eat it or will it eat me". Our brains are probably wired that way.
  14. Nah, I think it just shows that moonwalking bears are difficult to see.

    Show me an in-depth study on the visibility of motorcyclist cheetahs! :LOL:
  15. like i said,this video demonstrates nothing that has to do with drivers looking for riders...
    cjvfr,thats not a bad of looking at it however,bears will eat us before we eat them so with that being the case everybody would have seen it :p
  16. I thought maybe I'd drunk too much wine tonight, I started seeing moon walking bears :eek:

    gotta stop spiking my drinks with metho...
  17. It was a lousy staggered download and I was really thinking there was going to be a trick and focused entirely on the ball and was surprised how painfully obvious the bear was on the repeat..

    I think it makes a great point about how our focus can cause some people to filter out other stuff.

    Going to have to share this one.
  18. It IS hard to see motorcyclists when you're concentrating on things not related to driving.

    DUH. Stop putting your makeup on, talking on the phone, lighting ciggies, etc. etc. whilst driving and you'll have some thinking power left for actual fkn driving.
  19. I think that when learner's are being taught they are not made aware of bike user's and I personally think that the ride safe help's train us to be ready for the worst case situation and keeping that awareness is important but why is it that the driver's of car's have an awareness course as well
  20. people should be taught to look for objects on the road, not just cars, then they would be more aware of everyone on the road