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Why can't we be friends?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NinjaKid, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, new to motorcycling been holding my license for almost 4 weeks now, having fun riding, hoping to meet new friends here :)
    I ride the 250 ninja,
    if ever you guys happen have meetup group or just chillin out, ridin together, here in Penrith count me in!!

  2. Because Ninja..... just kidding ;)

    make your way to the Homebush Saturday learner sessions with rides afterwards (often your direction)
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  3. Welcome Ninjakid, When you feel ready a trip to the Saturday session at Homebush will introduce you to a bunch of the regulars.
  4. thanks for your reply man, hey ive heard about that homebush session problem is..... its too far for me, but if you say its going my direction well then thats great! maybe i can come meet up somewhere closer lol, usually here in Penrith bunch of good ol biker here they hang out at harris de wheels up at panthers, im not sure when though
  5. there may be people nearby that can escort you to homebush, once you have enough confidence to tackle Saturday traffic :)
  6. If you post up in the Homebush thread you may be able to get an escort in.
  7. I think best route to get there is the A44? trynna stay away from the highway lol, but all good then, but I cant make it this Sat, I have to go all the way to campbelltown:chicken:, anyways its nice to hear from ya guys, i guess we r now friends then:LOL::notworthy::D:ROFLMAO:
    If anyone else lives in Penrith and fancy for a ride together~
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  8. Welcome.You will need to get OUT of Penrith to go for a ride. Most people want out of there, not into there.
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  9. welcome aboard :]
  10. yeah?, I'd reckon there are more motorcyclist here in Penrith lol, but if ya say so hahaha, anyways, I just went to the Regatta Motorcycle Training Centre asked about taking MOST they told me that the MGP exhaust is not supposed to be fitted on my ninja says its illegal, well that sucks..., they told me to get a different bike or chuck that exhaust is this true guys?
  11. is it obnoxiously loud?
  12. Hire a bike from them to do the most...
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  13. well cant say really, because for me thats fine lol... I bought the bike from this kid see.., its an MGP growler personally i dont like it myself, messes up the whole performance of the bike but at the same time i think theres no harm leaving it on like that
  14. you can put in a baffle so it is less annoying :D
    that doesn7t make the exhaust any more legal, but.. you'd probably have to piss off a cop for them to defect you.. YMMV
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  15. yeap, asked how much for renting a bike from them, charge at 160 for them cbe, + that course fee
  16. I think the guy whom i was talking to didnt like the whole idea of them aftermarket exhaust, he told me that its illegal anddd gotta throw it away and told me to piss off really cuz me bringing the bike there and everythin, well yeah... :p if thats illegal then heck i have to get rid of it, but at the same time if its legal then why bother? lol
  17. I have an annoyingly loud yoshii on my whinja...and I put it on it :D
    You can here me coming from miles away...no one has ever questioned it. But many have hated it!
    I rented a cb125 heap of shit bike for my MOST...got through by the skin of scrot
    Any mates got a bike you can use if you don't want to hire one?
  18. NSW had a brief period when particular pipes were banned now in line with the rest of Australia they just need to comply with Noise levels specified in Australian Design Rules 83/00
  19. lol, what i did was i dragged my bike all the way to the gate then start her off, i dont wanna piss these guys off if ever imma take my MOST there if ya know what i mean:hungry::rolleyes:, but yeah noise complain from neighbours too i got em, but its not like im doing it for fun ya know:chicken:, but gotta respect these instructor theyre the real biker out there
  20. Welcome to NR