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Why can't I keep up with my friends? [ANSWER] (Please keep these posts in Multimedia)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dima, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. This is very worthwhile to keep in mind at all times.

    I thought I would share this here (would be good to add transcript for those who can't watch it).

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  2. Re: Why can't I keep up with my friends? [ANSWER]

    I can't see it at work, what is the general drift of it.
  3. Re: Why can't I keep up with my friends? [ANSWER]

    Just a bloke riding along commentating about someone emailing him complaining that he couldn't keep up with his mates.

    The most I got out of it was that awesome rearview mirror he has mounted on his screen - what a great idea! Anyone got one?
  4. Re: Why can't I keep up with my friends? [ANSWER]

    Some guy on a harley complaining he can't keep up with guys on fireblades. Cool story!
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  5. Re: Why can't I keep up with my friends? [ANSWER]

    That bloke is pretty sensible and shares a lot of good riding tips. He also owns and operates Roardcraft School of Motorcycling in the UK. His videos are informative and a very good source of advice which he shares for free on YouTube. :)

    That mirror is called "RiderScan".
  6. Re: Why can't I keep up with my friends? [ANSWER]

    His videos helped me heaps - watch em all! (also check out Learn2Ride)(y)

    I was wondering what the name of that mirror was - ta...
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  7. The guy on the vide is very respected and I also learned a lot from his videos.

    The few things I remembered from the video the most are:

    - you aren't going faster because you don't want to.
    - on the road you are going faster by taking much greater risks, not necessarily because of better skills
    - to go fast, go to the track and show the real skills, road isn't for that.

    And I think that makes a whole lot of sense.