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Why can't I book my MOST test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by taymaishu, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Quite strange, I'm up for eligibility for my most test on 29 September, scarily not that far away (about halfway through my L's now).

    I tried to book my MOST test in a number of locations but every day and time is 'unavailable'.

    Is there a time limit on how far out you can book or any other reason why i'm unable to find times and days?

    Thanks heaps

  2. I've read before that there is a maximum time ahead you can book and AFAIK its only a few months, the places fill up quickly s o you need to check often.
  3. Hmm I'm only 1.5 months out - i'll keep checking different places :)
  4. I think they open up 1 month in advance. Have a look at earlier times. You won't be able to book them but you should be able to see if they are available or not.
  5. It's a frustrating system. Keep trying!
  6. Tried numerous different dates (after my first eligible date) and different locations to no avail. Maybe just wait until one month out?
  7. try the central coast, much easier to get an opening. only a short trip north, nice road to go along too.

    most of my tests were either booked within a week of the date, or walk ins
  8. From what I remember you can only book up to 3 weeks out Alex,
    I should probably start looking at booking mine too.
    See you this Sat if you're heading along

  9. Thanks mate! When are you eligible? Could do a joint booking :p

  10. Yea for sure!
    In about a month I think, plenty of time for a few more practices :)
  11. Haha great!
    I'm due 29 Sept, so maybe that Friday or the weekend?
  12. Loftus has weekend availability end of Sept.
    How's that suit you @taymaishu?
  13. Thanks for the heads up!

    Will see if I can book tomorrow :)
  14. 29th is a Sunday and probably pretty popular due to being on a weekend.

  15. Sweet! I can book in Loftus on the 28th. Thanks so much :)

    My licence says 29 June (got my L's), but I can book in the 27th which is strange. Oh well, sweet!
  16. Be careful with that one. The conditions that you accept during the application stipulate 3 months.
    I know it's only a day or 2 but this is a government department... might not have any built in common sense or flexibility.
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  17. I just got off the phone with RMS after also not getting anywhere with the online system. Got my booking sorted in 5 minutes.
    My suggestion, give them a call and ditch the web portal.
  18. i was running out of time for my MOST test...I called at 9am told the lady I was running out of time ,and she said they have cancellations all day everyday ..so I would call every hour ,to see if a spot opened up ...she knew me by the seventh call and held a spot for me ,till I called again at 9am the next day.
    Keep calling ....you can book at date say on a Tuesday ,and hour from your house ..but it might not suit you , still book it and ring back and get a cancellation and move the date and location forward or back and to place that suits you better like a Saterday near your house..
    I changed my booking 3 times ,to a better date and closer to home ,by the time I had to do the test.
  19. Ouch, sounds intense! I rang Allstar for my Vic licence test a week before I wanted it, just because I happened to have spare cash on hand that fortnight and had a day off work. No dramas, just rock up and do the test. Sounds like NSW could use a few new testers.
  20. I'm booked in for 4th October (Friday) 7am at St Ives. :)

    @Stringles - have you booked yet? There's 5 more slots available for that session :D