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Why buy a ninja if ur gunna sell in 1 year?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sparz, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. This is a question iv been thinking to myself.

    there are sooo many 2008 and 2009 ninjas that are being sold all over the joint. My question is WHY?

    If i was going to spend that kind of money on my first bike, id at least be keeping it for a few years, even if it wasnt all that powerfull.

    And most of these people are selling them for such rediculous prices... trying to get every dollar back from what they paid, even when u can get a NEW bike for an extra 500 bucks.

    So, my question is... why dont these people just buy an old gpx instead and hold onto it for 6 months - 1 year?

    EDIT: This whole thread is offtrack. Im NOT saying 'dont buy brand new'.... im saying 'why buy brand new if you are selling within 6-12 months?'
    I say this cause even since april i saw 2009 ninjas being sold second hand.
  2. I did something similar to this... Bought a brand new vtr250 knowing i was always going to sell it after a year at the most. If I had my time again I would definately have bought an older used one.

    The purpose of the bike was to be my daily and get me to work and back, which is a 100km round trip, and I was worried about an older bike failing me halfway in the middle of nowhere at 4.30am....

    So I went new. It was a fantastic bike though and I had plenty of fun. It just hurt the wallet a little when i sold it for a couple of g's less than I paid.

    Now my second bike is also new....but I plan on keeping this one for at least a few years :)
  3. Um are we talking Ninjas in general or the 250 type ?

    If it is the 250 type, alot of people upgrade when they get off restrictions and we all know you can get more private than as a trade in :)
    But that is also across the board for all 250 brands, not just the Ninjas.

    If it's all sized Ninjas ? Buggered if I know .. maybe there crap or the owners just want to change bikes or have lost their licences or ???? :LOL:

    I think I might spend the next month on the phone asking them all why there selling and get back to you. :? :LOL:
  4. Some people don't like 2nd hand bikes. Some people just have enough money to do it.
    Either way it makes it cheaper to get something that is close to a brand new bike
  5. well thats exactly it.... im looking for bikes that are 3-4 years old...with around 15000km.

    and yes, im talking about 250r ninjas... theres alot of 2009 ninjas being sold, that means people are only keeping them for 6 months or less!
  6. errrrrrrrrrr, because eventually all the old 250's out there have to break or go to bike heaven... :roll:
  7. im not saying 'dont buy a brand new bike'.... im saying 'why buy a brand new bike if ur going to be selling it in 6 months'

    and if circumstances change.... you shouldnt be buying a bike if you are relying on the fact that nothing will ever change in ur life. You should always have backup $$ :p
  8. and the new 250 ninja is slower than a GPX. not that speed is all its about there kids
  9. checkin out an 05 gpx tomorrow.. wish me luck ;)
  10. good luck.
    look for fork seal leaks, good service history on the oil and if there is any dings in the tank on the shoulder area its been dropped. then again even a standing drop can do that.
  11. could be quite a few riders don't really know anything about bikes when they buy there first, don't know what to look for, etc.....also reliability (there are tonnes of threads of people buying only for commuting and then discover how much fun they are to ride, but really there main interest was reliability to commute on
  12. the new ones look alright too.
  13. *hugs awesome, albiet sometimes overheating ZZR250*

    I actually prefer the look of the ZZR250 to the new Ninja's... it just looks like more bike than the Ninja.
  14. Thats just your age speaking. A 18 year old confronted by a crossbreed between a fcuking alien and a transformer vs a pedestrian classical sports tourer...hmmm...
  15. Bottom line is, some people have more money than sense. Or, scarily, more access to easy but expensive credit. Guarantee there are a heap of these out there where the loan is significantly more than the value of the bike.

    You're making the smart choice, sparz.
  16. I'll chime in and just say one thing...it behoves a rider to get as good a machine as is practical for his/her needs...
    Buying a POS just because you will only have it for a year is counter-productive.

    BUT buying a decent 2nd hand bike that is in excellent condition is smart.

    You can't learn to ride properly on a POS..

  17. I would contend that you can learn to ride very well on a POS.

    Nothing hides poor technique better than fantastic suspension, light weight, a slipper clutch, silky smooth torquey engine etc etc.
  18. Why?

    - Trouble free learning period; no breakdowns and even if there were
    - Warranty, and I suppose that also ties in with
    - Knowing the bike hasnt been flogged/dropped/binned
    - Price of other fully faired 250's
    - Modern styling
    - Resale

    I think that about covers it.

    Wow. Just wow.
  19. It's cheaper to recreate all the motorcycle jump scenes from Terminator 2 on a POS! :cool:

    Edit: A good 2nd-hand bike is a great thing - Can do your own servicing (no warranty to lose!), and if it's a relatively recent bike with a service history, the condition ought to be pretty good.

    But having owned a few second-hand vehicles, I do hate that nagging thought in the back of the mind that you'll never know the true service history of the vehicle, modification history, how it was treated... I think a few people buy brand-new for that reason alone. No second-guessing the condition.