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Why buy a house in Sydney when you can buy a whole town?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/offbeat/7461501/tiny-nz-village-up-for-sale/

  2. Southern Alps - any skiing or adventure type areas accessible in the park to the public ?

    hmmm tick tick $$$$ tick tick $$$$$
  3. It's on the road from Christchurch to the west coast...

    Fun! :)

    The Otira viaduct at Arthurs Pass

  4. had shares in property, i think with the market expected to be flatted out for the next few months due to euro crisis, i would not put my cash into property, however there are reports of a housing shortage within NZ, the market is very volatile, there are a few safe havens to put your cash into, NZ property isnt one. however it seems like a nice place to retire, go skiing though out the day, and spend the night getting legless in the pub, sounds like an idlyic place to retire, however, having grown up in the bush, you get bored of it pretty fast

    BTW nice find lowercase.....
  5. It's about 160k of (mostly) nice winding road from Christchurch...

  6. if i was retired and had cash, i'd do so. but i'm not and i don't :p
  7. I purchased my property 5 years ago and am half way through reno's/extensions which I just started last year. A similar house with less land across the street and un-renovated sold for 1.3 one month ago. (Put a massive smile on my face)

    Property isn't for everyone, but if done correctly you "can" get some good results. Just do some solid homework and ensure the fundamentals of purchasing a property are considered and ticked off before signing.
  8. Minus the shops school and pub, $1mill would nearly buy every house in my home town, that's here in Australia....
  9. woodridge?
  10. Who cares whether it's a good investment. Owning a whole town would be fing cool FFS.
  11. hell yeah pat! :D

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  12. Whats the rates on a whole town cost, That might be the fine print, Or a bad catch for beginners,
  13. My town, My laws, all roads replaced by autobahn, no limit
  14. Never been a property owner, so really wondering:
    Who do you pay rates to? If you own the town, assuming that means you are the local government, or at least control the council. Just change the local laws so that property rates are 0% of market value.

    You'd still have to pay taxes on the alcohol license, but roads would be the NZRTA (or whatever) the train station would be a NZRail responsibility to maintain... even the school you'd think would be Dept of Education territory.

    (Please excuse my complete ignorance of NZ government authorities!)

    Either way, owning a town would be cool. The first thought I had was "bet the ridings good!"
  15. Shit that thing would have made Lord of the Rings faster.