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Why Black?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. I have been wondering this for a while... Why do a lot of rider want a black bike??

    Yes it may look sexy/cool (to some people) etc but i tend to think of other things first like:

    With Motorcyclist being on the dangre list (so to speak) wouldn't a brighter coloured bike make it easier for drivers to see you. And therefore decrease the chances of bad things happening to you

    Black bikes at night means you are only gonna be seen by your head/tail lights, which means you blend in with every other light on the road

    they get hot when left in the Aussie sun all day.

    So why do people like black bikes so much?
  2. i don't know - I've always liked black bikes. Its purely asthetic. If I was that worried about safety, I'd ride around with my finger on the horn - or wouldn't ride at all. Anyway some drivers aren't going to see me even if I had a flouro pink bike.
  3. yes i know there are some drivers out there who might as well be driving by braile but surely increased visibility is bigger concern that "looks good"?
  4. I prefer red myself but some bikes just look cooler in black, simple as that. No one goes out to buy a bike costing several thousand dollars and says to themselves "hmm better buy a bike Joe D!ck-wad Public will notice more" just doesn't happen.
  5. Dunno to be honest.... Ive got a black zzr250 now and have a deposit on a new black special R6.

    Spose its for the same reason i like brunettes instead of blondes...

    I dont even think about it really, when i saw the black R6 i was just in love.

    Ofcourse all your points are very valid regarding safety, heat and of course blacks shows dirtiness more but hell i just done seem to care :p

    Plus ill have those reflective red stripes on the rims, theyll make me invulnerable :LOL:
  6. Think of all the drivers who don't notice ambulances.

    If they don't see a damn great van painted in fluoro colours, with flashing lights and a siren then I don't think it matters what colour your bike is...
  7. Nup - I used to drive a red/silver chrome bike - makes stuff all difference - you can't defeat stupidity with bright colours.

    If you need bright colours to be safe on the road, your relying too much on other drivers to do the right thing by you. You need to take control of your own safety out there, and never assume anyone has or can see you.
  8. Dont be silly, how can car drivers drive by braile. Surly their hands would be much to busy with other activities like SMSing or installing a new CD in to the CD player or holding a stubbie (or in some cases hanging on to there cocks because their such fcuking wankers)
  9. Why Black?

    Because is is tough?

    Because it is sexy?

    Because chicks dig big black bikes and scars?

    I think I will buy a flouro yellow bike just to be safe. :p
  10. "Oh sorry I didn't see you..."

    "But I just had it sprayed 'Lycra Shorts Green'? How could you not see me?"

  11. "It looked so ghastly I must have closed my eyes involuntarily..." :LOL:
  12. And to be honest after riding a round for a year ive still never had anyone not see me and turn into me or the like. As Dan said its more important to be takin care of yourself and puttin yourself in a possy where the driver cant miss ya.

    Ive actually had more people on bikes not see me whilst im drivin my commodore.... Hmmmm maybe i should buy i can of bright yellow spray paint... Being a commodore most of the original paint has flaked off anyways :p
  13. never thought about it, i just like black :?:

    i'm in the process of blacking my 1100 at the moment and the ZXR will be going black too :? is black really that hard to see? farkit, who cares, i like black 8)
  14. My bike is black (with some yellow).

    To be honest, I was a bit concerned about that as well. I decided to by a plain yellow lid becuase I really like the yellow, it matches the bike & it provides good visability above the cars.

    At night, especially in the wet, I wear one of those reflective vests that the council guys wear.
  15. Because black goes with everything. :D
  16. ive been told black is actually the most recognisable colour on a bike.
    pretty for that sinister factor, people tend to look out for you more

    or they havent seen ghostrider on a 2fiddy yet.......

    black looks cool. simple as that. and it scares people to think whats under all that black protective clothing, and only when i raise my tinted black visor that theyre not intimidated anymore...

    or maybe its my powerpuff girls hot pink backpack :LOL: :LOL:
  17. It's simple; as Victorians we wear black. We like black.

    And frankly, you could ride down the freeway on top of a large, yellow rubber duck on wheels and people would still attempt to merge into you.
  18. nah go yellow, BRIGHT yellow. sticks out like dogs balls and it looks sweet 8)
  19. Haven't you heard? Black is the new pink. :p

    I think if you had a bright pink bike people would swerve into you, and crossover the lines through the twisties cos they'd be too busy pissing themselves laughing. :D