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Why black wet weather gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by fishpost19, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Just looked out the window next to my computer, as I always do when I hear a bike coming up the highway, and I see a guy on a sportsbike with fluorescant orange pants on riding past!

    It is overcast, and rainy today here (near Nowra) and these would have been wet weather pants. When I bought my wet weather pants, all they had was black! (I still haven't used them : bought them as forecast was rain for my P-plate test, but didn't rain, and hasn't on a ride since)

    Why would most companies make black wet weather gear when we need to be seen in this dark, wet weather? What I liked is that they stood out from the rest of the bike, as they highly contrasted the black bike and other black gear.

    Where do I get some of this fluoro wet weather gear? Although it may not look as good with my red trail bike, I will consider it when I have my (matte?) black XT550 project finished. I assume motorcyclists buy black gear as it looks cool with their black bike, though these orange pants didn't look half bad... It's good to see riders trying to make themselves more visible, especially in this weather.
  2. Most motorcycle gear has traditionally been black for many many years, going right back to the ubiquitious leather jacket, and the standard, Belstaffs. But a splash of colour, especially if it's reflective, is one of the modern era's great contributions to the way we ride.
  3. A dealer told me that as long as WE buy them black to look cool, they importers will keep on bringing 90% black weather gear... I have yellow ones
  4. Hi Vis Gear

    Yeah, it's a bit of a market force, bike stores buy black because their customers buy black... Then the catch 22, we only buy black because that's all that's available...

    If you can't find any fluorescent or hi-vis gear in bike stores, try looking for work wear stores, and even some bigger hardware stores. Search yellow pages for "work wear retail"
  5. You could dress up in fluoro pink and cover yourself in flashing lights and you'd still be invisible :grin: .

    Seriously, you should always ride as if you can't be seen. Do it properly and the visibility of your clothing will make no difference.

    That said, my own waterproofs are cheapo bright yellow plastic ones that fit over whatever else I'm wearing. I've been using the same type for 20 years and get no wetter or more uncomfortable than mates who've spend hundreds on high tech gear. Mind you, these days I'm a bit more fair weather than I used to be, which combines with the excellence of the fairing on the BM to mean I don't wear waterproofs much anyway.
  6. I had the same problem when looking for wet weather gear, all they had was black at bike shops. If I'm riding in the rain its because I have to (except for that one time I did old pac with Ez just to see what it'd be like when pissing down). Which means when I'm riding, its in heavy traffic commuting to the city.

    I went to a workwear place and got a pants+top fluro yellow combo for about $30. Come to think of it I'll have to patch up the top after the unfortunate slide last week..

    When riding with the fluros on I feel much much safer, improves visibility of other drivers by 200% + Its theres no 'I didn't see you there' excuse bs.
  7. Riding in the wet is when your gear gets the dirtiest, black hides this the best. Can you imagine trying to keep white wet weather gear clean?

    Best to get black wet weather gear and one of those fluro vests.
  8. The thing about rain gear though.. is that its self cleaning :LOL: :LOL:

    Worst case scenario, stick it on the like and hose it down.
  9. I still maintain that black isn't a bad color for visibility in the day time. There isn't a lot of black in the landscape (apart from the road of course) so it doesn't blend in like some other colors can. If you see a black spot in your mirror, it's going to catch your eye.
  10. like the guys said go to a work wear store.
    I have a few wet weather jackets and pants from work ,and Mine are 100% dry ,I'm out in pissing down rain for hours on end.
    Mine has ,wetsuit material inside the wrists ,to keep it water tight and tight on you wrists ,so if your working with you hands above your head the sleeves not fall down or rain get in.

    Also try sailing shops ,they have blue -red- yellow- white- and are top shelf weather gear.
  11. And that is exactly why I don't think fluoros are that great.
  12. From experience, when a giant fluro ball of rider pops into your side/rear window, you notice it. Its not false security. I take alot of care when riding in the rain and am always on brown pants high alert so don't think I put them on and feel invincible..

    And for when its not actually raining, etc. going to work thinking it will rain later, I just dont do up the front of the jacket and let it be a superman cape as I fly along :rofl: (yes its not long enough to get anywhere it shouldn't ;)
  13. My yellow wets pants has reflective strips on it. I had to pay a bit more for the reflective strips but it was worth it. I once had RJays wet weather pants (black of course, nothing else available) and they were useless. My jeans underneath were always wet.

    I got my yellow pants from a Work Wear shop and it keeps my pants very dry.

    I think "bike" wet weather pants are just for a bit of convenience and they look cool in black.....not. Not sure if they were really designed for the rain. At least my RJays ones were not designed for the rain. Where as the work yellow pants are made for work men who have to stay in the rain all day. That's why they are great. They also keep my legs warm on cold rainy days. My black wet weather pants made my legs colder.