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VIC Why Aren't VICPOL Cracking Down on Truck Drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Holster, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Just read this today:


    If this is the case why is there not massive truck blitzes?

    Won't anyone think of the children? Literally....

    At least when a bike goes down the person most at risk is the rider - Why does it seem that VICPOL / TAC etc seem to care less about trucks?
  2. They do and so do Vic Rds. Vic Pol have there own truck squad and run numerous operations over the year. I know a lot of truckies that complain that they are being harassed just as some bike riders do. I travel a lot on the Freeways and I see a whole lot more trucks pulled over than bikes.
  3. Nice to see someone else in the world reads The Age. :)

    cheers Michael
  4. Because if the Government pisses of truck drivers enough for them to go on strike, the whole country stops.

    Pissing of riders just generates threads on internet forums.
  5. I have never seen a truck pulled over on the monash in years and years of commuting (i'm sure they do get pulled over from time to time) My ex's father used to drive truck and was never 'harassed'.
  6. Funny, I have seen heaps pulled over by Dept. of Transport vehicles. They operate blitz's all the time. But not seen VicPol equiv.
  7. I worked in transport for a number of years and f**k yes, they crack down.
  8. Probably as there is no emergency lane to pull them up in. (LOL) But the Western and the Hume are monties for seeing it. And you always know when the cops are at the weighbridge near Broadford as all the truckies are in town filling out their logbooks and catching up on their rest time.
  9. Clearly not enough....

    I suppose it's just a greneral outrage statement.

    We all hear about and see the Media and VicPol and TAC get on the Hoon / Motorcycle / Gear bandwagon, yet I hear and see SFA about the Heavy Transport Industry.
  10. Vicroads also have cars that do logbook & load checking etc of trucks, they frequently pull over trucks on Francis/Whitehall st in Yarraville.

    That said, obviously some are slipping through the cracks if the toll is up by 50%...
  11. You are spot on here,the media are very quiet on trucking issues. except for the twice a year blurb on ACA etc
  12. I think i might like to play this game too cos it's fun. But I've never seen a truckdriver reading the age newspaper.....hmmm.

    I'd like to see an enquiry as to why there are so many bits of exploded truck tyres littering our freeways. Nice missiles with bits of wire sticking out of them. How did they get there? Why are they left there? How many accidents can be attributed to them?
  13. a few things about the trucks
    Stay off the freeways during peak times
    DO NOT use retreaded tyres as when they explode they are dangerous missiles
    NO B DOUBLES on the monash.
    NO trucks in the right hand lane much like on the geelong freeway.
    I'm sure the police/Dept of Transpor crack down it's just not publicised due to the lack of the "hoon" factor.
  14. Eastern Fwy right lane from city to Springvale Rd is also No Trucks zone...
  15. Thanks for coming to play. My truckie mates reckon that when driving and a tyre explodes sometimes they don't even notice it gone and if they do by the time they stop they are so far down the road it is unsafe to go back and try get the crocodile (tyre) off the road. Thats why they leave it there and also because Vic Rds don't clean the highways like they used to do so they can save some money. I'd hazard (get it?) a guess and say a few accidents can be attributed to them.
  16. Yep i can see that, can't just pull up on the Mash and run back. Still, the problem of exploding tyres exists in the first place and it begs the question...
    Sometimes for shits n giggles while I'm splitting I like to check out truck tyres to see which pass the visual check and which don't. Some of them are bombs waiting to go off. 

    I've noticed that. It's not just crocodiles that are left to the cars to skittle off to the sides either. The list of crap left on our roads is long, and there's not too many things a bike can run over safely. I mean hell, even if we just end up with a puncture out of it....$$$

    Boom Boom! (get it?)

    ahem, sorry :oops:

    I saw first hand how it could happen. A truck was two lanes over and I was riding off it's bough. The inner tyre on the rear axle exploded and made a surprisingly loud bang. Shredded tyre came out in shards and bits but none of it came close to me cos i was well over to the side. However the lady in the car who was sitting beside it when it went off, managed to jump clean across two lanes in front of me and then swerve back into my lane in the blink of an eye. If I was up beside her I would of been toast. No chance of getting out that one.

    So from that day onwards I refuse to sit anywhere around a truck except in front of it. Add to the situation above that their trailer brakes are notorious for going off unannounced, and i'd rather take my chances with speeding fines than risk being near them. I'd rather be poor than dead.
  18. As jd mentioned without trucks Australia stops.
    They do get pulled over but by vic roads. There are plenty of truck weigh bridge stations where trucks have to pull over to be checked and weighed regularly.
    By the way Holster what sort of trucks are you referring to? MC, HC, HR, MR, LR. Pulling over trucks isn't as easy as other vehicles as most times they are carrying time sensitive/perishable/dangerous cargo. Afaik they are even allowed to run red lights if they are approaching at speed and the light suddenly changes to orange due to needing a far greater distance to come to a halt. Riders are a minority and easy prey for cops to setup road blocks to do random checks. Trucks however are on the other side of that scale.
  19. Hehe, yeah we only make that mistake once.
  20. I managed to do a fair bit of hooning in the trucks I drove.