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why arent there cooler looking helmets?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. ahhh my good man if you but knew the cost and design/certification process involved in getting a helmet approved you would not say this
  2. because helmets are not about being cool, they are about keeping the grey stuff intact

    have you ever seen a 'cool' fire extinguisher?
  3. Helmets are/will always be designed with a minimum weight/maximum strength ethos so something like the Spartan helmet and it's "bumpy bits" might compromise this. Remember that the helmet's greatest talent is load distribution irrespective of how it's applied, something zeddicus can attest to in spades.
  4. what you have listed is not cool.

    the only cool helmets we dont get atm are the craft ones

  5. A sphere is strong. As soon as you start having irregularities in the surface you introduce weakness that needs to be reinforced. This adds weight and cost (not just material, but considerable time in design).

    The Halo helmet would weight about 4 times a regular helmet.

    Not only that I think it looks wanky, so just because you like it, it doesn't follow that it will sell well.
  6. What Ibast said.
    Honestly I think you would look like a wanker with a halo helmet when on a bike...
  7. i dunno about not selling... 10m worldwide sales on halo 3 (http://news.vgchartz.com/news.php?id=4787) . even if a small percentage of the people buying are riders...

    as for cost cant they just take an existing helmet and put a soft plastic over the top, so in a crash the non-round plastic bits just break off but the underlying helmet is still spherical?
  8. Obviously hasn't worked for you Paul...
    sorry, you I should have realised that you meant the grey stuff on the inside!!! :)
  9. Maybe you've got a marketing idea there. Rubber Halo replica helmets that stretch fit over most existing helmets.

    Could do others. Storm trooper. Darth Vader. Cylon. Bobber fet.
  10. i like that craft one....
  11. I want a Bert Newton helmet
  12. imagine the drag coefficient on that halo helmet and the strain on your neck and shouldrs
  13. Try a 1970's Bell Helmet they were big and round
  14. Some of the hybrid road/enduro helmets with removable visors and removable sun-visor peaks probably come quite close to your dream of a Halo-style helmet, actually.

    BMW makes one... Arai too I think, Shoei? Check advrider.com forums.

    The idea being that the road visor can be removed (and goggles worn instead) for offroad, and the peak can be removed for road riding. One helmet to rule them all. ;)

    Buy one in Olive Drab, add some clever airbrushing to fake the angular irregularities of the Halo helmet, and off you go.
  15. +1 I was thinking the same thing.
  16. The BMW Enduro helmet has a very Spartan look (both Classical and Halo).

    BMW aren't doing helmets with AS stickers any more though are they?
  17. Not only might strength/weight be compromised, but, when you're sliding through the wreckage of your own crash, you really don't want sticky out bits on your lid catching on stuff and ripping your head off. On that basis, a nice smooth sphere is good.

    Those Craft lids look like the old Simpson Bandit to me. Is there a connection?