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why aren't i on a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomek, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. So i was driving down the motorway in the beautiful warm weather, sun shining and no clouds in the sky. Ever so often a sports bike passes and jealousy sets in.. Then i asked myself "Why don't i have one?" Im on a decent salary, i have no debt and i've been wanting one for a while.

    :twisted: I am part of the defence force and soon will be going for my initial employment training so in 2 months time il be on a 40k+ wage, so money isn't a problem, parent's aren't a problem no more, as im living out of home and have no dependants. Come monday morning im going down to paramatta road and buying myself a blue helmet :p this way i know i WILL get a bike..

    The plan i have worked out so far is if i get posted to queensland i can get a 00 R6 through Q-ride. Since im a noob to buying items over 7k i have no experience at all in this field.

    I've worked out 2 options and saving isn't one :p I've gotten my ass kicked over the last few years, basic training, losing 40kg of fat and family issues so i don't really give a shit about saving a handful of greens by saving, i deserve it.

    1. Loan and get a bike through a private sale

    2. Finance or an agreement at a bike store and get a package deal with protective apparel.

    Can someone please shed some light on which of these options is the better. Anyone who has dealt with this? Interest rates? PAyment periods etc. Any advice at all greatly apreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I just got a car loan for a brand new GSX600 and equipment. Pick it up on Saturday. Has taken 1 week to get. :grin:
  3. Private sales are ok if you don't get a lemon. Otherwise I would shop around for a new one or ex demo just into winter when no one really wants to ride (????) or at end of year when they bring out new models. Bikes are cheaper and sales staff want to get the bikes off the floor. :)
  4. go looking at the bike shops and ask the vital question how much for cash? these are often magic words, try not get finannce from the dealer, as they will no you dont have cash lay a deposit down and telll them you will be back in a week or so with the rest of the funds so when you get ur loan approved ask for cash and go see the dealer, can save a bit by doing this
  5. what state are you in?
  6. Buying from a reputable dealer may be the better option if in your state you are covered by some form of warranty. Possibly three months on a second hand bike.
  7. If you want to finace it, avoid getting a car loan or something like that.
    The interest rate is usually quite high (depending on who you are etc)

    When I got my car, I got myself a personal loan which had an interest rate of less than 12% at the time compared to a 16%quote for car loan.

    theres more good reasons why doing that is good but I just finished work and now I'm too tired to think.
  8. I wonder if you will get access to a financial planner and/or finance in the armed forces. It would be something to compare with a motorcycle dealers and banks interests rates. Shopping for better interest terms and deal.
  9. Well done getting through rookies(or whatever version you did). What Service are you in? Where are you posted? Im in the RAAF at Garden Island in Sydney doing liaison/staff work with Navy. There is a healthy ADF rider community and it is growing all the time. The ADF Motorcycling Association(ADFMA) is also growing thanks to the injection of funds for rider training by the Defence Minister. Check out their website on the DRN. It is actually on the Armyweb as it was formerly the Army Motorcycle Association. It is about $50 for three years membership with an additional joining fee and that gets you access to the free rider training courses. Because it is a sanctioned course, attendance is considered duty so while your boss has to approve your attendance, you get to spend a day doing rider training as "WORK". Might be a little difficult if you are on specialist training courses but maybe after that. Good luck with the next step of training. Specialist employment training is often the hardest, but usually a hell of a lot more rewarding.
  10. There isn't any ADF provided/sanctioned financial planning. However, we have two ADF credit unions that are usually very competitive with loans. Still have to shop around though. There is a Defence home owners scheme but you have to be buying a house for that. There is also a Welfare Loan that the Chaplains manage. Not sure how much it is now but it might be a couple of grand. It was designed to help people out in times of financial hardship to feed/cloth their kids - which is why the chaplains run it. But now anyone can apply for it for pretty much any reason as long as you aren't putting it all on black at the Casino. Not sure, but I think you can have the loan once every two years or something. There is no interest on the loan, but you make one extra repayment at the end which goes back into the fund. Again, you will need to check up on the details as it has been 10 years since I used it.
  11. The best way to get a deal is to pre approve a loan with your bank. This means you are essentially walking into to a dealer with cash and you can shop arround and get the best deal possible with competative quotes. If you get instore financing then you are essentailly going to get the worst deal possible, this I learned first hand.
  12. Ok digger ...from one to another ...talk to Yamaha finance......good rates and if you are posted overseas on deployment you can have the payment taken out of your bank account in either weekly, fortnightly or monthly parts....the more you pay off, the quicker it's fully yours.

    That's what I did.

    but the final choice is yours mate
  13. Army here...
    Yeah the ADF rider community are a great bunch of folks....hell even Brendon Nelson rides....I like the man more and more

  14. Hey mate, part of the army doing driver transport as said yet to do my initial employment training. Will look into AMA sounds really good, awesome to see that the army actually has a work activity for motorcycle enthusisasts.
  15. Will have to look into this :)
  16. Hey Tomek,

    I got my loan through Esanda, they do a lot of vehicle finance so might be worth a shot. :grin:
  17. i`m sick of stuffing around so I went and bought a helmet this week n applied for a loan to get a bike from a dealer ...thought it`d be much simpler buying from a dealer as i figured he can`t shut the door on you if u go knocking with a dispute or whatever