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Featured Why aren't hazard lights on all bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Minority153, May 21, 2015.

  1. Just a general question.

    So as most of you know, I'm still a newbie to riding. But when I had a stationary fall the other week and I couldn't pick it up myself, I realised I didn't have any hazard lights on my bike.

    Which I personally found a bit more odd, because wouldn't motorcycles have even more reason to need hazard lights for when they've fall, they can't figure out why they can't start the bike, stalling at the lights, indicating to other vehicles to overtake you, stopping to pull a bug off your visor, etc.

    So why aren't hazard lights standard?

    I know that some bikes have hazard lights, but they only seem to be the massive engine tourers that cost a ridiculous amount of $$$$

    Anyway, just curious. Thanks for the replies in advance. :)

  2. Hi Minority153Minority153, I ride Honda CBR500RA and it has hazard lights, on the right binnacle just under the kill switch, same as CB125 I rode at Stay Upright. I'm not sure about other bikes, but was under impression that it was a standard feature on all road bikes. But being very new to riding myself, I might be wrong...
  3. Fallen - put your indicators on
    No start - why are you on the road?
    Stalled - don't faff about and start the damn thing
    Indicate for others to overtake - use hand signals
    Stopped to clean visor- don't stop where someone can hit you

    Bikes can be moved off the road when broken down with relative ease, cars/trucks can't. And the rider can perform hand signals.
  4. I don't know... But I don't use the (quite rubbish)horn much either, cost cutting on semi-redundant features?
  5. My little Honda CB has hazards. Cant think of anytime is ever have to use them though.
  6. If your bike is lying on its side I don't think hazards would be very visible
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  7. My 2006 GSXR has hazard lights.

    Also, reading from http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2007L01429, I'm lead to think they are mandatory?

  8. Maybe something to do with which markets manufacturers sell their bikes in? In some European countries where filtering is accepted by everyone and cars actually move to one side of their lane to create a nice space for bikes to filter, riders turn on their hazards for (i guess) safety/been seen reasons
  9. ADR 19/02 containing the requirements for the installation of lighting and light signalling devices on L category vehicles. Hazard and fog lights are not mandatory, so are not included during the manufacture of your vehicle.

    5.15. It may, in addition, be equipped with the following lighting and lightsignalling devices;
    5.15.1. vehicle-hazard warning signal (paragraph 6.9.);
    5.15.2. fog lamps; front (paragraph 6.10.); rear (paragraph 6.11.);

    Link: Australian Design Rule 19/02

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  10. Cheers. Forgot the "IANAL" prefix to my post.
  11. Some don't have them because it saves $0.00001 per unit manufactured.
    Same reason we don't have fog lights or louder horns.
  12. My 2009 GS500 doesn't. Don't think I'd use them anyway.
  13. I'd like to see indicators changed to constant on as DRLs, when you indicate the one on the direction you're indicating to flashes and the other goes out, and when you cancel the indicator they all go to constant on again. Would certainly help us stand out a bit more, since they're bright enough and they're already fitted and approved items on all motorcycles.
  14. No hazard lights on the '14 Street Triple (660), unless I'm missing a button. I'm not sure I'd see them as necessary on a bike.
    I mean there's the odd scenario they might be handy.. say you roll up to a set of lights, try to take off, stall and the bike wont start because of gremlins. You could put hazard lights on until you've moved it to the side (although a single indicator in the direction you're moving the bike would probably do the trick).
  15. My Sons R1 does that (flashing DRL) not sure if the other one goes out though, will have to check
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  16. I'm 93.4756% sure you've guessed that figure
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  17. Melbourne in winter. I need a windscreen wiper.
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  18. Was pondering this myself the other night. An example would be parking on a mountain rd to help a downed rider, while filtering, to show you've having engine problems and need to pull over to the left...
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  19. No hazard lights button on my CB250. Having one might've come in handy couple of times but turning the indicator on did the trick.
  20. Of my three current bikes, only the BMW has hazard flashers.

    For all it would cost, I really wish they were standard on all bikes.

    It's not so much if I have a problem, but, if I am first/early on the scene of a problem, I can park my bikes in the road, flashers on, and reasonably expect other drivers and riders to slow down a bit.

    Having said that, I suppose that too many folk on bikes would mis-use the flashers, just like car and truck drivers....... where the hazard flashers can often translate to ...
    "I am, or have been, illegally parked."
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