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N/A | National Why are the best MotoGP riders from Spain?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Justin Stacks, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. On any given weekend on any circuit...the future is training NOW!




    And you know the rest...


    Even the great Stoner went to train and race in Spain...


    One of your best options as a young racer is to participate in the CEV (Spanish Championship) and if you win, you almost guarantee your passport assured to MotoGP, or SBK.

    Currently on the MotoGP grid there are 12 riders that have been in CEV: Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedroda, Marc Marquez, Andrew Dovizioso, Stefan Bradi, Hector Barbera, Alvero Bautista, Aleix Espargaro, Yonny Hernandez, Andrea Iannone, Bradley Smith & Michele Pirro.

    Pretty impressive stuff.
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  2. Been to Barcelona? The way they ride their scooters around is insane. Some real passion in motorcycling over there! Although Barcelona is in Catalunya...which to the local residents is not part of Spain...they prefer to be Catalan and that's where most "Spanish" riders come from.
  3. with the amount of spanish riders in all motogp classes i wonder if the spanish really are better riders than all other nationalities (ie deserve their place on merit), or is it just easier for them to get into gp for some reason or another?
  4. Sponsorship and culture. Bikes are obviously big there... Their domestic companies sponsor top level world teams. Anywhere that has their whole culture follow a sport is going to end up disproportionately good at it.... Look at NZ and rugby.
  5. bye the bye i can't stand all the sponsorship bullshit, carrying the helmet and the hat and the drinkbottle and the robotic behaviour etc etc.

    heres the good old days
  6. "Hunt the Shunt", how the Brit press loved him...
  7. Why?
    DORNA, that's why.
  8. bit before my time but was looking through some barry sheene stuff and they both hung out together having the usual orgies with stewardesses etc. as you do in that position.

    there is a new movie out about him i wouldn't mind seeing
  9. Well right now Spain have a very good junior rider system. Remember back to the 80's and the yanks ruled the world. Australians/Kiwi's have been dominant for periods as well.

    I can remember a time when the Japanese ruled the 125cc and 250cc classes.

    It's cyclic.
  10. hahaha love those little peewee bikes! Reckon it would be mad fun getting one and bashing it on a go kart track! They are surprisingly expensive though!