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Why are some riders wankers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Old Fart from WA, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. I know that most riders are (semi) normal - sort of like myself, but unfortunately there are some wankers in our midst. I got home from work last night and someone on a dirt bike had decided to ride across my front lawn. Not content with just being your garden variety wanker and not using the road, this one decided to be a destructive wanker. Grabbed a handful of throttle and dug a bloody great furrow from one side to the other. I just hope I'm out the front digging something the next time he tries it.

  2. ahh memories,
    nice lawn + dirt bike + young rider = great furrows lol
    sorry but that kid was me in the mid 80's
    we'd run the gauntlet around the streets around the back of Bondi on old unrego'd bikes and always love the thrill of escape when owners came out running.
    we stopped cutting through private property out Goulburn way though...got stopped by a farmer on a quad holding a shotgun.
  3. There's wankers everywhere, in cars, on bikes, in office buildings and on hang gliders. F#ck, there goes one now!
  4. the posties around my area do that all the time, luckily with this postie bike, the furrows are not too deep
  5. There are wankers in all walks of life.
  6. You need some of these...

  7. Dig a hole and cover it with leaves, Jackass-the-movie style :D
  8. There everywhere ! :roll:
  9. Arrgghhh!

    They are = They're not There.
  10. where everywhere???????
  11. Thats like asking why are some drivers wankers.

    They just are. No reason, just because they can be.
  12. +1
  13. (posted this earlier, but either it got deleted or I forgot to hit 'Submit' - more likely the latter)

    Some people call unlicensed, unregistered inconsiderate idiots on trail bikes 'unriders', since they haven't earned the right to be called 'riders'. Sounds like your lawn might have encountered an unrider.
  14. Of course, that label does not apply to unlicensed, unregistered considerate riders of trailbikes... the inconsiderate idiot bit is the key
  15. I agree with Campag, get onto the MOD and place afew claymores around your front yard
  16. It's due to lead deficiency. Various treatments are available.
    S&W .500 Mag is guaranteed to work.

  17. I found the best people are the ones who ride naked or japanese cruiser bikes.

    even though my bike has a full fairing
  18. I found the best people are the ones who ride naked or japanese cruiser bikes.

    even though my bike has a full fairing
  19. Yeah Bravus, I like unrider. Doesn't even deserve to be capitalised - not like a proper noun.

    Tomcatalex, I ride a Jap cruiser myself, but naked? Man that's gotta be an egobuster in winter!