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Why are some people just Filthy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. As some of you may know, I test vehicles for RWC. Have been for the last 20 years. Seen a lot of things in that time that would scare you shit-less :eek:hno: The condition of some vehicles I've come across were virtual death-traps for both occupants and other road users.

    The last 5 odd years, I've noticed a much better quality of vehicle on our roads. My guess is that later model vehicles are more affordable today than they were 10-15 years ago. Hense no-one needs to drive a rust-ridden piece of crap anymore. Add to the equation the technology & warranties put into later models, people are having their vehicles regularly serviced & maintained. The result sees safer cars on our roads. ( pity the same could not be said for drivers ) :roll:

    Ok, so what is the excuse for having the inside of your vehicle looking like a bloody pig sty?
    I am frequently seeing more vehicles that are laden with rubbish ( empty cans, bottles, McD wrappers, candy wrappers, diapers, dirty laundry, broken toys, tools, cutlery, magazines, bills, etc.. you name it, it's there in the boot, back seat, floors, parcel shelves etc.

    So why am I whining you may ask? Well someone has to make their way through all that rubbish to inspect rear seat belts ( usually buried in the seat cracks ), boot & cabin floors for signs of rust etc..
    Why should I have to sort through rubbish like an old hobo because some lazy, dirty PIG can't be fawked , clearing out their car knowing the damn thing is in for an inspection :evil:
    On top of that is the threat of having some dirty aids infested needle jab me. All this for 80 bucks ? NO Thanks!
    I'm seriously considering refusing to test such vehicles. I imagine I'd be well within my rights to do so.

    Sorry for the rant, but lately its REALLY been pissing me OFF !

  2. Years and years ago I used to run a shop that sold and installed some high end car audio, this was cool as most people took pride in their cars. When we started to sell and install car phones, my god some of the filthy cars we got in! In the end I told a couple of customers to clean all the crap out and come back or we would charge them a cleaning fee of $100. Health and safety are important
  3. I can understand it, to a degree. My kids can totally trash the inside of a car in, oh... 30 seconds? It can take an hour to clean it all up. With kids, you just may not have that hour to play with.
    Having said that, I have never dropped off a vehicle for work to be done without giving it some kind of cleanup, even if it meant vacuuming at midnight.
  4. Burn the rubbish while it's still in the car and tell them it had to be done for the sake of all human kind. Oh and the extra weight uses more fuel.
  5. isn't there a unsecured load provision in reguards to a state of roadworthiness?
    also I remember years ago that if the inspector had to do anything to check a componant that was over and above the minimum it failed due to the inability to check it.
    there is no excuse to have a pig of a car
    and if the one time you get it cleaned is when the shop does work on it or you trade it in and yes i have revalued a car because of its condition when it was exchanged. then walk
  6. Mates use was full of crap when he got a RWC. Got knocked back for a shockie and all the rubbish.... Serves him right. Shoulda cleaned it.
  7. Now that's an idea :idea:

    Neither would I .. it's just common decency


    There is (unsecured load).. We generally fail insecure speakers and loose objects as they are potentially torpedoes. Perhaps some of these people could do with a torpedo kick to the back of the head :LOL:
    I have failed a few for being unable to check the boot ...

    That'd work :p
  8. Who cares if it is full of crap all the time- but if it is in for work or an inspection then you have the right to knock it back and still charge them for the booking as you can't book in another vehicle for the same time. :wink:
  9. You're just one of the first line witnesses to the steady erosion of basic human pride within society, wrought by rebellious "I don't give a f*ck, No one can tell me what to do!" children from the 80's (seems to be about the time when it really started - incidentally co-inciding with a massive increase in the availability and strength of illicit drugs). These individuals have grown up, and are raising individuals who have an ever lower sense of self-worth and self-esteem and self-pride.

    I don't believe that it's really got anything to do with poverty. Used to be a time years back when even the classic hard-up Aussie battlers still took pride in themselves, respected what they owned, and respected other's property and what people thought of them.

    Nowadays, modern culture espouses the whole "I don't give a f*ck" attitude to pretty much everything, and what you're witnessing is the front-line result of a society that's determined to undermine the basic civilised principles that separates humans from animals.

    Not that I'm a control freak and want the bad old days of the cane back, or any shit like that. Just this entire "gangstas and bitches" influence that is constantly fed to our children through pretty much every media outlet available was always eventually bound to bring about very real societal changes once the kids who grow up and believe in it get out there in the real world and try to live it.

    Children rebelling is a natural process. The "problem" we're at now is that all children and teenagers really have left to rebel against in today's fairly open-minded society are the basic things like cleanliness and self-respect. In a nutshell, the bar has been allowed to be set too low for too long.
  10. yes hornet :LOL:
  11. You poor bugger. I guess it takes all kinds.
  12. Stew, I really think that you and I are long lost brothers or some such :LOL:

    I agree with what you've just said 100%. The "I don't give a fcuk!" attitude is so prevalent these days, but I think the "if they don't like it they can get stuffed!" attitude is even more so :cry: .

    People really don't seem to care about anyone except themselves nowadays and you're especially right when you say it's being passed on to the next generation. Just look at how many kids answer back to their parents next time you're out shopping :roll:

    I really hope I do a better job with my little one than the majority of 'tards these days.
  13. When, methinks, a democratic city thirsty for freedom happens to fall under the leadership of bad cupbearers and becomes intoxicated for having drunk far more of it unmixed than is reasonable, if its rulers are not wholly mild and don't grant it a lot of freedom, it chastises those deemed responsible, as stained and oligarchic.
    They indeed behave, said he, this way.
    And those, I replied, obedient to the leaders it bespatters with mud as willing slaves and nil beings, while it praises and honors leaders who are led and led who lead all the same in private as well as public matters. Isn't it necessary in such a city that to all come the thirst for freeedom ?
    How not ?
    And that it pervades, said I, my dear, the privacy of homes and that in the end anarchy get implanted even into beasts ?
    How, said he, do you mean that ?
    In that, I said, the father accustoms himself to become like his child and fears his sons, while the son likens himself to his father, and feels neither shame nor fear in front of his parents, so he may be free ; the metic becomes the equal of a citizen and the citizen of a metic, and similarly with the foreigner.
    It indeed so happens, he said.
    To these, said I, such trifles do add up: the teacher, in such a case, fears his pupils and fawns upon them, while pupils have in low esteem their teachers as well as their overseers; and, overall, the young copy the elders and contend hotly with them in words and in deeds, while the elders, lowering themselves to the level of the young, sate themselves with pleasantries and wit, mimicking the young in order not to look unpleasant and despotic.
    Most certainly, he said.
    But indeed, said I, the ultimate, my dear, in the excess of freedom as it develops in such a city is reached when the men and women who have been purchased are no less free than those who have bought them... And regarding the relations of women with men and of men with women, how far equal rights and freedom have gone, we came close to almost saying nothing about that !
  14. Take a dump in the car before they collect it and see if they notice!![​IMG]

    Nah, just chuck all their junk in the front seat and tell 'em you had to move it all for the test.

    Then charge them extra anyway!
  15. $20 rubbish fee.

    Don't like it, Mr Customer? We fail your car for dangerous loose objects in the cabin.
    Clean your friggin' car before we have to work in it, next time.
  16. :LOL:
    Thanks Mark, I've always wanted red wine splattered over my screen, keyboard and Draggins
  17. My gf kids totally trashed her car. I rarely let them sit in my car. I get so p!ssed off when they do. Even their shoes are filthly. My gf tells me not to be so an@l but the kids really have no respect for property. When I tell them that they are too dirty, they just don't get it and get all upset cos they can't sit in my clean car.

    I show them my clean car, my clean office and tell them this is what normal is being about. Not clean, normal. I find it hard to breathe when I sit in her car.

    She did too much for them when the kids were much younger, I wonder if it is too late to teach them to clean up after themselves now. What age is the age of no return?

    No wonder I ride my bike to her place. No wonder I get so angry when I am asked to drive the car, so that the kids can have a treat in my clean car.
  18. Some people are filthy, and some are anally clean, with a whole lot more of us somewhere in between.
    We are not sheep, luckily.
  19. My sister's and brother's cars are always littered with empty McDonald's paper bags, bills, coins, paper towels, etc, whilst my partner and I both leave nothing in sight within the car when we leave.

    It's not a generational thing, it's not (entirely) an upbringing issue, I believe it's just an apathetic, sloth-ish attitude to looking after property. Some people just don't care about cars and bikes like the rest of us. They have other priorities in life.
  20. incidentally though my post looks like spam (because my quotes and text somehow went missing 8-[ ) it is in fact Plato's whinge about the youth of his time. Every generation whinges about its youth, and as Plato has it, the people to blame are the generation that teach the youth.