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Why are rego plates blurred out in media?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Marx, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Why are rego plates blurred out in the media (TV, Newspapers, internet etc)?

    Seeing how the rego plates need to be prominently displayed on any vehicle in real life, I can't understand why you would blur them out when taking a photo or vid of one?

  2. Three reasons that immediately come to mind:
    If it can be implied the vehicle or owner may have been involved in a crime steps should be taken to protect identity.

    After a fatal incident, you don't want relatives to find out by identifying the vehicle on TV, the web etc.

    In a criminal case where identity is an issue or minors are involved, anything that can identify the perpetrator or victim needs to be censored.

    Also, most people don't like their rego being shown on pics or videos from track days or spirited road rides. Track days for possible insurance reasons, road rides for potential legal reasons.
  3. Can be used to easily find a similar vehicle so that you can clone those plates for illegal activities.
  4. But couldn't you sit on the side of a busy road & just wait until a car passes by matching the description you need & then write it's rego number down?

    Perhaps, but that wouldn't also cover people selling their bikes, people posting vids on YouTube with a static bike (or legal riding), commercials, Google map Street Views & studio shots.
  5. How long, unless it was a commodore ,would that take for the right colour to come down. Then you have to get it right
  6. May as well ask why peoples faces are blurred out in media. Faces are usually prominently displayed on any person in real life too, why blur them out in photos or videos?
  7. Liability. The media don't want to leave themselves open to any more liability than necessary.
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  8. Privacy is a big reason also. People may not want to tell the world they were at a particular location at a particular time.
  9. RTA website (NSW) will give you year, make, model, colour on the web if you enter a plate anyway. If its someone up to no good they'll be driving a dunnydoor so the guessing is made easier.
  10. Wandering only very slightly off topic, here in NSW with all the wanky coloured plates available, the RTA seems to have taken the attitude that so long as the plates can be read by a camera, it doesn't matter if they are not readable by a normal passing human.
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  11. Seen on the street, they are usually forgotten. In media, including social media, it's potentially there forever.

    Also, most cameras and phones imprint geo-data on the photos, it might be easy to determine where a desirable bike / car lives if that photo is published on the net, then downloaded. Most forums for example, don't strip that data off uploaded photos, and anyone can right-click, download and view the properties of that photo, thereby knowing the exact location of the bike/car/whatever. match that with the plate, and you got a lot of potential personal info.It's called social engineering.

    Take home message? If you upload a photo of your bike to any forum, strip off the geo-data, and hide your rego plate number if you value your privacy.
  12. Only the government is allowed to track you.
  13. WAT?