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Why are only a select group harrassed?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Pebas, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. hi guys :)
    In the past and present ive read quite a lot of posts about car drivers harrassing you guys. It may be tail-gating or trying to drag you off at the lights or what ever else.
    This has NEVER happened to me and im wondering why?

    Is it because I dont have a L or P plate?

    My bike is louder than the average bike and that may intimidate fellow road users?

    People dont bother as they can see its a sports bike?

    The only times i have seen a learner getting tail-gated has been when i, on the bike. I have managed to position myself between the learner and car and slowly slow down to give the learner a break.
    It may seem a silly idea but atleast the learner gets to breath freely again and perhaps the car driver will think twice next time.
  2. incases its the way the rider rides aswell. i know i get it alot as im an aggressive rider. but i cant answer for the stupid (cages) as to why they do it, :LOL:
  3. I get tail-gated occasionally, but I'm sure that just because they just want to go faster than I do. My response is usually to slowdown until they overtake - to risky letting them stay there.

    But no, since I've got onto a bigger bike, drags are very rare, and I reckon I'm treated as well as I can expect. Obviously most drivers still don't see you and fail to giveway, but that just motorcycling. :p
  4. what sort of bike do you ride? where do you live?

    i have never had any real problems being harrased by any particular car in my 2 years of riding, but you always have dickheads happy to try it on. you may just be lucky if you never get bothered. an L plate is sure to be a red flag to many, i know if i see a car with an L im going to want to steer clear of it and get past rather than get stuck behind them. but giving them a hard time is just stupid.

    sounds like you did that L plater a favour by getting them some breathing space. when you are still nervous about only having 2 wheels under you not four, its not fun having a very intimidating car trying a take your road space from you!!
  5. I'd say that most cagers unintentionally tailgate because they visualise the gap between themselves and the next car in front of them and look straight thru the rider.

    The gap most drivers make does not cater for the biker so sometimes it's best to ride on the RHS of the lane directly in front of them for a while or zig zag in your lane. If they still real close do what I did a few weeks ago when a lady came way too close when merging in heavy traffic. I stopped in the middle of traffic turned to the car behind and gave her a brief demonstration of Tourette's Syndrome. :evil:

    She kept her distance from then on. :LOL:

  6. It is more difficult, esp at night, to gauge the distance between a car and bike when you (as a car driver) only have a small single tail light to work from as opposed to two tail light, reflectors etc.
  7. Happens all the time. Pedestrians are very good at this too. I had a dumb broad leap out into the traffic on me last night, just as I was entering Sydney rd, from Royal parade, she saw the car in front of me, but didn't see me, as soon as the car had passed, she was in the middle of the road.
    Lucky I had seen her and was waiting with my horn ready to blast.
  8. I get the odd car trying to ride pillion with me every now and again. I generally make a few obvious glimses in the mirrors, or spin round and give them a look if I can and conditions permit. They generally get the idea. Pointing at the speed limit signs on the way past also helps.

    I honestly think that most people aren't out to "pick on" the motorcyclists.
    It's just comes down to a genuine lack of education/knowledge/commonsense.

    Personally, I don't mind the odd spirited dash from the lights. Doesn't happen all that much anymore since I moved up to a 1 litre tho...

    My bad..... i know.... :p
  9. Have had the odd idiot try it on. But when i change lanes and they get next to me and i insist they pull over they just seem to get out of there any way possible.. :LOL: One day someone is going to have a really bad day, and isnt going to be me.. :twisted:
  10. When I'm riding the Suzuki outfit cars give me a wide berth but...

    I've noticed that if I'm riding the loud, anti-social sounding LeMans V-Twin then cars only give me a moderated clearence.

    But if I'm riding the quiet, unobtrusive Diversion 900 then they sit closer and sometimes don't notice me.

    And if I borrow the other halfs GPX250 then they crowd me quite often.

    I suspect it comes down to what people have sometimes called 'road presense'.

  11. Yeah, actually that makes sense. I wear ear plugs, my current ride is that loud. Don't have too many probs of late come to think of it.
  12. I want a better horn on the Spada - kind of a little newborn chicken peep at the moment. I'm thinking Kenworth airhorn!
  13. Tail gating= you're going too slow :p :grin:

    put the hazard lights on (if you have them) or just start riding slalom, or if you're able, pop the front wheel up :wink:

    Drag race
    = it's not a race if the other participant has absolutely NO CHANCE :LOL: so by that rule I have never had anyone drag race me in a car.

  14. Get one of them GINO types, like I used to have on my Valiant Charger :p
  15. You smell that??? *big sniff* FEAR :twisted: :LOL: :grin: :wink: .
  16. I've seen your bike Pebas. People avoid you because they're either concerned that it's a police bike with those blue lights, or the muffler is about to fall off and fly through their windscreen. :grin: :twisted: :wink: