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Why are new suzukis cheaper than new hondas?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bogus69, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Is there a noticeable difference in quality between suzuki and honda?

    I have started my search for a replacement to the 250 and while I like the idea of another honda, I can't see why they are so expensive.

    has anyone ridden a new GSR600?
    whats it like?
  2. Be prepared for LOTS of response to this one, mate :LOL:

    Honda cars are dearer than their comparative competition models too, my guess is that it's about market-place positioning, rather than intrinsic superiority.....
  3. because honda is good. you get what you pay for. i see a lot more old hondas on the road than old suzukis.
  4. No they appear to be of the similar quality, compare an empty coke bottle and an empty pepsi bottle, its the same thing, the plastic bottles are the same even though the companies market thier drinks differently, same with the Honda/Suzuki dilemma you face, they are both just plastic, and stripped of brand they are the same thing, the difference is in the marketing.
    Its all just tupperware :LOL:
  5. When you say 'So expensive' in relation to what? The CBR600RR is $300 more than the GSX600, the 1000RR is about the same as the GSX1000, they don't really compete with the GSR, the Firestorm is on discount at the moment and sort of the same as the SV1000 and so on...

    As regards quality, I don't think any of the Japanese companies make bad bikes anymore. You just buy what you like, it's almost guaranteed to be good (I'm sure there are horror stories out there).
  6. I agree, Honda has a very good reputation when it comes to their machines..........but nowadays so does Toyota, Ford, Suzuki etc.

    I would buy whatever you like the most, whatever is the most comfortable and performs how YOU want it to perform.....all new bikes come with at least a 12 month warranty.
  7. It's also because HONDA have a massive following. Thats basically a captive market. Eg: How many people get there lisence and run out to but a CBRRR instead of something cheaper/easier to insure/cheaper to reapair like a 'Zuk Bandit? DuHast is on the oney, its all 'bout marketing.
  8. Suzuki are definitely cheaper. The GSX1400 is around 13K as compared with the CB1300 which is around the 15K mark. I must admit, I dont get why Honda is more expensive either considering the 2 bikes I mentioned are so similar in performance and quality.
  9. I am salivating in anticipation of vic's response to this !!!
  10. Well I was toying with the idea of a new VFR800. That's what made me think "so expensive"

    a 12month warrantee doesn't mean that much to me as I would expect differences in quality to show over a longer period than that.

    I guess my question is "if I go for cheaper suzuki, will I be dissapointed with the build quality in 5 years time?" and it seems the answer is -no more than any other brand.

    It's a pity their non-racer type bikes look ugly.... LOL
  11. if you like a nekkid bike, and you like suzuki - try the GSX1400. I believe they are a decent machine

  12. Tupperware is well known for its usefulness, as are the majority of japanese bikes bar those that are sold on styling alonne. Arse jewellery simply makes its wearer look pathetically ostentatious, like a lonely little man all alone in the back of a stretch limo... :grin:
  13. nice analogy.... but what the hell is arse jewellery???
  14. the bike
  15. Because Honda have a great reputation and a great following, I don't believe these days there is much of a difference in build quality.

    These one eyed honda riders might tell u different ;) :popcorn:
  16. oh. right. thanks. :)
  17. Because Suzuki don't waste millions and millions and millions of dollars on F1!!!!

    Honda has to pay for that hobby some how.
  18. You mean WE have to pay for their hobby somehow...
  19. because who in their right mind would pay good money for a Suzuki? :p

    As for a Honda...well you pay for quality engineering, oustanding relaibility and fantastic resale value...if you want none of those buy a Suzuki :bolt:

    :grin: j/k peoples
  20. Anyone claiming that the difference has to do with reliability and quality rather than marketing really should get some prices for Harleys and rethink their position. :p :cool: :LOL: