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Why are my hands so small?!?!?!??!?!?!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by speedysnaill, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Just bought two pairs of gloves today - winter pair & summer pair, but dear lord it's hard to find REALLY small gloves for chicks! (I had to order them in) They are still just a tiny bit big, but nothing that will hinder me riding (i hope!) I also sweet-talked the guy into giving me discount! :wink: Such a floozy!

    Anyone else have trouble finding gloves to fit? Does anyone know what brands make REALLy small sizes for future reference?

  2. I tried on dozens and dozens and had to settle on summer gloves with silk gloves underneath for freezing cold mornings (I don't ride a whole lot in the rain and certainly not in winter if I can help it - flame me all you want ;)).
  3. small hands ehh........sorry nothing usefull :-s
  4. (insert joke about making your boyfriend's willy look bigger)
  5. I am lucky I spose, an XXS glove fits me :grin:
  6. beat me to it...
  7. Soak em in water for an hour or so, let them air dry and they'll get a little smaller too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. There are some companies out there that make specific motorcycle gloves for women. One of those companies that comes to mind is the French manufacturer IXON. Also other companies such as Dririder, SHIFT, TEKNIC, COLLINS and ALPINESTAR also make gloves specifically designed for females. I also have small hands for a male and my glove size is Small.
  9. *shakes head* :p
  10. Bought a pair of small ladies gloves for my partner yesterday at Bill's at Prospect. They fit her really well.
    I have the other problem. Big palms and short fingers, have to wear XXL gloves to fit my palms but they're always a half inch too long in the finger. :(
  11. Why do women complain about their small, petite, lovely works of art hands?!
    Better than having two big meaty, ugly, calloused, scarred chunks of flesh at the ends of your arms!
    Regards, Andrew.
  12. :grin: I guess maybe because when we want to play 'boys games' it's always difficult finding stuff that fits! :p

    PS thanks for the compliment about the petite, lovely hands, although you haven't actually SEEN my hands :eek:
  13. ok go and grab youself a set of thinsulate tipless gloves... not the woolen ones the thinsulate ones they will pad out larger gloves nicely. Plus you will still maintain finger tip sensitivity. you should be able to get them from most bush walking and camping stores.
  14. Stop flirting you two!

    Summer gloves with winter liner should do the trick ?

    Blame your parents - if they'd laid off the smokes during pregnancy maybe ur hands wouldn't be so midgetty :D.
  15. and she'd be a lesbian :p
  16. I know what you mean, and we're not complaining about our petite and dainty hands, the retailers just don't seem to stock our size (and not just gloves - the whole kit) and when we have to buy something, there is nothing for us to try on in our size and we have to ask them to order in for us. If took a month to get boots in, but when they came in they didn't fit, so they had to get a smaller size for me and another 2 month wait.

    Now I want to get leather pants - not much to pick from - don't know what will fit nice - still want to look like a chick - and the bike shops don't have my size, so need to look at a picture and decide if I want them to order them in for me - how am I suppose to know if they will fit and look good on by looking at a picture???

    Anyway, I've got rivet gloves for winter (but got them about 10 years or so ago - looking for new pair but all are too big that I've tried so far), ixon summer gloves (a little big, but ok), shift dirt bike gloves (kid size M - perfect fit), shift leather ladies jacket, hornee jeans and gaerne boots.

    So if anyone can recommend a retailer in NSW that stock a variety of ladies smaller sizes - let us know.
  17. You really need some human growth hormone.
  18. what brand are you settled for ?
  19. Lazarus thread!!!!!

    Regards, Andrew.