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Why are Hornets Cheap?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Aarleks, May 20, 2013.

  1. Long story short; because of a cash shortage I don't have a bike. Never had, and I am now on my Ps after passing the MOST on a hire bike. I've now started saving for a machine again, but it looks like I won't get there (barring a lotto win) until next year when my Ps will have finished.
    Sooooo, this means I could shop for a non-LAMS bike, and the Hornet 600 keeps coming up. What I can't get passed, however, is how cheap they usually are. Why? They seem like great bikes from what many say, and if they are a step up from the CB400 (which I have ridden a number of times) they seem perfect for me; naked, reasonably powerful, reliable.
    Can anyone explain why Hornets appear to be so undervalued?

  2. Maybe the 480,000 of them made is keeping the price down.
  3. They were never expensive to begin with. Add depreciation and km to that and you can only go down. Price wise, anyway. Great choice.
  4. Because Honda :p

    It's there is so many of them... But some people seem to want unrealistic prices for what they have... shop around! I had a cb600 for all of 3 weeks and it was a great bike (I have a Honda curse, I think), there are great deals to be had!
  5. They're common, simple, humble, under-the-radar, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none hondas. Low price is part of the package, I suppose.

    They're impeccably reliable commuters, are a bucket of fun to tear through the bends, and are comfy for hours on end. So they're a great buy if you want all those things in one bike. But-
    A sporty will corner better and a commuter will commute better and a tourer will tour better.
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  6. Good for nuthin then.
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  7. I got my 600 with 54,900 Kms on it and rode it in all conditions and for all sorts of reasons for over 7 years and sold it with over 176,000 Kms on it. I paid $5490 for it and I reckon I got $54,900 worth of fun out of it....
  8. They are a basic UJM. Some would say boring, others would say functional.

    By all accounts they are a good sensible bike. They are however, built down to the price. You don't get top notch suspension or brakes on these things.
  9. Yes, I've noticed a few people talking about the suspension in the two Hornet forums. Probably worth keeping in mind.
    In any case, I am a good year off being able to afford any bike at all. Until then I will keep my eyes open for other possibilities in addition to the Hornet. Thanks all.
  10. Because they're nothing flash, they're just a dependable commuter with relatively budget bits, its the same reason Toyota Corollas are cheap.

    They're not a bad bike, but they're certainly nothing special, and they dont have the sporting capabilites of other stuff such as the Street Triple R etc
  11. It's a 600cc naked bike that was first released in 1998. When it was it was up there with the expected standard of the day. You can't hold a 15 year-old-bike to ransom for being out of date in 2013.....
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  12. Typical CB quality :)
  13. Old Hondas are always cheap. Once you've owned a few you'll understand why that is :D.
  14. i think its mostly because of LAMS, look at any non lams 600cc bike from the nineties, all of them are dirt cheap because they are too powerful for lams, but not really all that powerful to be appealing to a majority of newly graduated riders.

    if they are anything like my old hornet 250, which they are in many many ways (just faster) then its a great bike, also the statement that you couldnt ride one as hard as a street triple r is pretty dumb, not just because its 15 years old, but mostly because they can definitely be ridden just as hard as an street triple, i know because i used to round up street triples on the 250cc version. monoblock this and big piston that is no replacement for rider skill.
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  15. Speaking of cheap Hornets my mates selling his Hornet 600cc (99 model), 30,000k's, $3800. He's only had it a few months and he's decided he wants a cheap car instead... (he's soft :bag: ). Or if your after a 900 you can buy mine, but its an 05 so it'll set you back $6300. Seriously though for under $4k with only 30,000k's, could you get anything as good for the money?
  16. Yep,hookers and blow.
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  17. theres nothing wrong with them. perfectly engineered package for what they are supposed to be and do.
    throttle runs out of twist a $1.60 though.... so perhaps not the ideal commuter. can't beat the next light change if you can't double the speed limmit.
    still a great bike for 50-70 zones though eh

    thing is though, they really are just so batshit boring to ride. inline 4 drone
    soul-less machines that are too perfect and forgiving.
    just not fun.
    risk falling asleep at the handlebars.
  18. thing is though, they really are just so batshit boring to ride. inline 4 drone

    soul-less machines that are too perfect and forgiving.

    just not fun.

    risk falling asleep at the handlebars.[/quote]

    The acronym for that paragraph is H.O.N.D.A.
  19. Yes and we've all read from your posts about how your the fastest rider with a keyboard ever!

    My point was its cheap because its a budget commuter not a sports naked bike with the nice bits. It's does not make it a bad bike it makes it a run of the mill commuter, which of course can punt along quite well with a skilled pilot.

    I guarantee you would not get near a decent rider on a Street Triple with your 250 hornet or that thing you currently ride, which if we're to believe your posts is the best bike ever produced on planet earth.

    And yes you can spot the sarcasm because you brought riding into it when it was purely about the price of bikes, which as common sense would suggest with better gear you also pay a higher price
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  20. Runs out of twist at 160??? You were obviously stuck in fourth. I saw a very easy 187 on mine, and there was a bit more to go.......