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why am i using so much fuel?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kyan, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. my mate has a 2000 sv650s. he uses about 4.5 to 5 litres per 100km.

    i have a 2002 sv650 and i use 6 to 6.5 litres per 100km.

    i am not thrashing the bike constantly and we both mainly commute in the city but not in heavy traffic.

    any ideas? any other sv riders that can tell me how much they are using?

  2. hehe could be mechanical but its probably how you are riding it.

    i was getting like 7+ l/100km from my 250

    and quite a fair bit from my current thumper.
  3. Some more questions that someone else will annoy you about :p

    Are both of your bikes identical?

    Any mods done? Any jetting changes for the mods?

    when was the bike last serviced?

    Are you running the correct grade oil?

    How many kilometres have you done?

    What's your chain tension like?

    Are you guys running the same brand and type of tyres? Same tyre pressures?
  4. I can see there isn't going to be an easy answer to this one...but here are some answers.

    Are both of your bikes identical?

    one is a sv650 and the other a sv650s - two years apart. being a sv650s, his bike has some fairing and mine has none. could it be this?

    Any mods done? Any jetting changes for the mods?

    His bike has a yoshi exhaust - mine is standard. other than that i don't know.

    when was the bike last serviced?

    about 7 thousand km ago. i did do the oil and filter though a few thousand ago.

    Are you running the correct grade oil?

    How many kilometres have you done?

    my bike has about 50k and his 60k

    What's your chain tension like?

    tension of the chain is correct and lubed.

    Are you guys running the same brand and type of tyres? Same tyre pressures?

    not the same brand tires. my rear seems to lose pressure. i check it every few weeks and over this period sometimes it loses 5-6psi.... this might be something to look at..
  5. Just for comparison sake, since I've been keeping record for the past few months my 99 ZX-9 gets:

    Heavy traffic and commuting : 8L/100k
    Highway : 5L/100k
    Average : 7.4L/100k

    I probably need to get its carby rejetted but in your case try cleaning your air filter out if it's full of dirt. I bought a new one for mine and it did diddly squat to the economy over the oem. Worth a shot.
  6. The exhaust will be making it run lean if it isn't tuned to suit.
    The fairing does a hell of lot in breaking through the wind. After riding a naked nike and trying my mates faired bike, the difference was amazing.
  7. i find that breaking wind when naked results in less staining.
  8. Your mate is a pansy :grin:

    On my '02 sv650s - I get about 230-250 before the light comes on with my mixed commuting, all 80kmh or below with typically 'medium' traffic.
  9. Ahh, that explains your sig at least. :)
  10. Its in the riding style and weight the bike carrys.

    I get (I4) High 5's commuting and low 5's touring.
    I can crack almost 10 if working hard so agression is the main player.

  11. yeah i told him he needs to harden up. actually maybe you are a pansy aswell as i am only getting about 170-190 before my light comes on :p

    hmm you are getting much better economy than me aswell
  12. I should also point out that my mate is a fat bastard 100kg+ and iam about 80...
  13. I'm 85. I get 200 with moderate fanging, about 180 if only riding my favourite riding road.

    I get about 130 before the light comes at trackdays.
  14. Then the only explanation can be that he's turning his engine off and coasting down hills......
  15. I used to get 170km on the SP1 before the light came on.

    I used to get 150km on the Firestorm before the light came on.

    I used to get 300km on the K before the Leo Vince was fitted, I now get around 270km

    I never bother with trying to get good mileage out of a bike. In fact I couldnt even tell you what fuel costs these days.

    I just went to a Mobil, swiped the card, filled the tank, hung the nozzle up and left.

    No idea how much fuel went in, no idea what I paid for Synergy 8000.

    If it needs fuel, I fill it.

    I worked with a bloke once that would travel 2 suburbs away to get fuel that was 2c a litre cheaper.
    Sensless prick he was.
  16. it isn't really a fuel cost issue although that does matter aswell.

    one of my pet hates is filling vehicles in general with fuel. when iam only getting 180k from a tank filling up comes around much more often than i would like.
  17. Air filter was mentioned earlier and you din't respond. Is it clean?
  18. i'll check it tomorrow. cheers