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Why a cruiser?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grey Gentry, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. I can't understand why people buy something that doesn't handle or brake that well, has limited fuel range, and puts all your weight onto your butt.
    Some sound ok, and some look ok, in an agricultural sort of way.
    Can anyone help me understand?

  2. I cant understand why people buy motorcycles. Bloody dangerous they are. Your asking for trouble if you ride one of those.
  3. And I take it this is a good looking bike....


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Cruisers were covered off a few weks ago, do a search and have a read.

    Be boring if we were all the same :wink:
  4. I've stopped trying to understand. If people want to ride cruisers, let 'em go. They can do what they like.

    What shits me is people insisting that if I just ride THEIR particular cruiser, I'll never ride a sports bike again. What's with that?

    It always ends the same....

    I give in to their incessant nagging, take the thing for a brief punt, don't like it much, then return to the disbelieveing owner who can't grasp why I didn't like it, and follows up with a thorough dressing-down regarding my scraping his pegs/footboards/trailer hitch.

    The last one was a Harley Fat Boy or something (can't be Fat Boy, surely? Is that right?) that the guy assured me was a "sporty cruiser" - I rode around a roundabout very conservatively, but caused a shower of sparks...and the bloke actually wanted to pay for new foot boards!

    So whilst I can respect anyone who rides cruisers (or scooters, or anything at all) I don't have time for the "ride mine and you'll never ride sports bikes again" crowd...no sir.

  5. Why a cruiser?
    To cruise. Its comfortable. Relaxing. Try it, then judge for yourself. And you said it 'puts all the weight on your butt' in a negative way. Where else would you want your bodys weight to rest? Its the most comfortable place. Thats why seats where invented the way they were and thats why seats and our butts are cushioned!
  6. Each to their own, and each bike to it's own purpose. I woudn't want to ride an R1 around the country, but I wouldn't want a cruiser for city riding! Personally I dont like cruisers but I can see some limited appeal (for when I'm over 50!!)
  7. Sorry no, if we have to explain you wouldn’t understand, keep riding your plastic fantastic and don’t worry about why we do what we do.
  8. My goodness, a 20 year old bike design. I think that can go with BMW designs. I personally like the look of the FJR1300 better,

    Damn, missed the cruiser discussion, and agree about the boring.
  9. I don't ride a cruiser, but I have in past and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some people like their steak burnt to carbon, I like mine rare enough that a good vet could resuscitate it.........different strokes for different folks.
  10. I own a cruiser. Du Hast might laugh at my Korean heap of plastic, but i like it.

    Dual disc brake on the front, disc brake on the back. Sure, with the long wheel base I can't do u-turns as easily as some one on a scooter, but meh, it turns when I want it to and usually goes where I point it.

    16l tank gets me about 200-225k depending on riding style. How far does an R6 go on one tank?

    Exactly what your butt is designed for. I have no comfort issues with my cruiser.

    Click the link in my sig. Doesn't look like a bloody tractor to me.

    You ever ridden one? More than just a blat round the block?? Maybe with 100+ other cruisers?? Done 500+k's in one day on one??? Thought not. Do all the above, that'll help.

    Old Blue, I see where you're coming from, it's kinda the same as Sports riders saying things like "Why would own a cruiser?? They're shit, they can't steer, can't brake and they look like tractors..." It cuts both ways. As for me, I own a sports bike too, and I like riding them both (not at the same obviously).
  11. To cruise. It's comfortable relaxing,..so is a bath. I agree that the longer rake of a cruiser increases the straight line stability. Which allows you to look at the scenery on a straight more often, but is that wise?

    Most seats support your thighs as well as butt, and on my ride there is some thigh support.
    I take some my weight on the footpegs, and on my wrists, particularly when going over bumps/speed humps...it saves my back. Can you do that?
  12. Cruisers can be hardcore. Only problem is when tryhards buy them because they think it will make them isntantly hardcore.

    If you've actually killed someone, have given up drinking water for hard liquor, or given yourself a tattoo with a pocket-knife and a biro you're hardcore and would look like a w@/\/|<3R on an R1, so cruiser all the way!
  13. Hey 'Grey', I'll give you the fuel range, but do you seriously think that your GTR can handle or brake as well as one of these?


    I've ridden both, and I know where my money would go.....
  14. When i buy a cruiser it will have to be put in the box with me as i will be DEAD :p
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  16. I ride a supersports bike....

    but I quite like some of the cruisers.... the blackbirds, zx12r's and Hayabusas all like something i might buy in 10 years time...
  17. harleys suck, weekend warriors, accountants, OMG's scumbags, too expensive, yank crap......

    there, thats about everything covered for all you cruiser-knockers i think.

    i have ridden cruisers and found them to handle nice, brake well and get enough range at reasonable speeds.
    the seat position is only ever jeopardized by the silly huge hangers that are sometimes put on them, but that is only my opinion.

    ride it like its a sportsbike and you will be disappointed, just like if you tried to take your datsun 180B up the sand dunes.
  18. Same reason people buy a V8 Holden instead of a Caterham.
  19. I ride mine like it wants it and dont have a problem, except for the scraping.. but otherwise there arent any dissapointments.. :?

    They arent that bad..
  20. i know they arent bad, i like them.
    you wont be riding it like it was a cbr250rrrrrrr though, be honest, it wont do it. what i was saying is, if you expect it to be a sportsbike you WILL be disappointed. ride it like a cruiser (including giving it some) and you will be quite pleased ;)

    not being mean, but your bike generates 24hp which isnt really gonna shake a sports bike of the same size with 40hp+