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Whupped by a scooter at the lights......dayum!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Now folks, I'm used to kicking ass on my lil old 250 scooter at the lights up to 60kph. Cars and even sports bikes just can't stay with a CVT gearbox up to the magic 60, I even beat a 01' R1 until he went past me at mach III when I got to about 60, but this morning I got my tail whupped, bigtime! I don't know exactly what it was, but it was a red/black/silver 2-stroke scoot, I'm guessing a 125, with a seriously businesslike expandy chamber, and a rider in Kushitani leathers and a Shoei helmet. It sounded like a milo tin full of hornets, and bugger me, it just took of like sh!t off a chrome plated shovel!!....anybody else in Perth been buried by this little ripper?

  2. nup, never seen that particular guy...but i challenge you to a dual when i get my Dragster. :grin:
  3. Too many m's there Hornet. It is Madness Monday after all :LOL:
  4. and they laughed when i said my cooter woudl stopp better than a sports bike from 60km an hr...

    good to see u holding the scooter flag high!

    i loved my lil 50cc, but enjoying the 250 bike even more!

    tho some days i still wish i had the scooter!

    AND the bike :D
  5. I rode the VTR250 to work today !

    Riding home, I got whipped big time by a maxi-scoot !! . . . he gave me a head start also at the lights!!

    It was a Burgman650 !!
    I thought I was the king of lane-spliting, this dude carved up Sydney traffic like a slalom skier !!!

    To add insult to the wound . . . he had a Ullyses sticker on the side !! :LOL:
  6. Man, for someone who's been here six weeks, you sure have an axe to grind....or is this not your first alias here?

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. If you're going to try and insult me, you'll have to do a whole lot better than mis-spelt swipes at my posts. Even if only 10% of my posts are worth reading, by the same proportion, you're not even on the board yet :LOL:
  8. The other day, I got whipped by a... er.. oh, it's not that kind of thread...

    Must be off now...

  9. old work mate had a worked Yamaha scooter... it was 2 stroke and had just about every thing that you could throw at it including braided lines and brabo brakes... this thing would beat any thing up to 0-100km/h pity the top speed on it was only 120km/h!!
  10. I see alot of scoots on Hoddle St coming home, and some of the riders really wind em up at the lights, they take off pretty quick.
  11. I think this is an unneccesary argument. I thank those who are 'defending' me, but in all honesty I don't believe I was attacked in the first place. That said, I have noticed an increase in the Ad Hominem approach to debate recently, and I think it seriously detracts from what most netriders have to offer, which I believe is a great deal.

    Ad Hominem An ad hominem argument is any that attempts to counter anothers claims or conclusions by attacking the person, rather than addressing the argument itself.
  12. Absolutely right, well said Inci.

    Since this thread has been well and truely hijacked I'll throw in my 2c.

    If someone posts a comment that is out of keeping with the rest of the spirit of the discussion most reasonable people will realise it should be ignored and move on. It's not necessary to add pages of counter-argument to what was probably a stupid comment in the first place anyway (or simply taken out of context).

    If you've got a problem with a person, send them a bitchin P.M. or post it somewhere else but it can really spoil a thread (as we've seen here) when people go on and on about 1 comment.

    So.... how about those silly scooters, ey??? :grin:
  13. Here, Here! Well said mate.

    For the record, I'm not going to give 250 scoots any respect at the lights until I get smoked! hehe.

    Dang it would be impressive seeing one do 0-60 like a sport bike though! armchairs with attitude!

  14. This retort left blank intentionally !


  15. Well said Inci. Play the ball, not the man.

    Back on topic...

    You're original post got me thinking. Most of the time, I accellerate away from the lights at a rate well within the bikes capability. I'm sure a suitably keyed up scooter would initially out accelerate me in "get ahead of the pack" mode.

    Sometimes I decide I want to feel the mega acceleration "rush" and absolutely cane it off the lights. When I'm in "feel the rush" mode, 0 - 100km seems to be flash past in no time at all. Hard to imagine a scooter whipping my butt in "feel the rush" mode??... which was MG's point, but put more tactfully... ;)

    Dunno??? Could be fun testing it out at the "not a stunt day"...

  16. I didn't realise that scooters were so fast at low speed! I've always just put them in a little basket where all slow vehicles go. :wink:

    I'm only on my L's and am doing everything I can to ride safely so haven't been "Dragging if off" at the lights yet, but if I was at the front and a scooters kanned me I would definately have been surprised. :shock:

    I guess I'll soon enough get the bug and be going as fast as I can... up to and not over the speed limit of course :wink:
  17. I know it sound unlikely, but I have beaten a mates R6, and he is a Grade 'A' racer! It's purely the efficiency of the CVT gearbox, and what happens is this;

    The scooter throttle is opened wide, the revs instantly go to max rpm and the scooter starts to move with all the available power in play. It's weird to see the speed come up with the revs nailed at max and not changing at all!

    The scooter simply starts moving instantly, and accelerates with all its available power from a dead stop with zero clutch/change time. The bike does not get away from a dead stop as efficiently, but hits its stride pretty quickly and then accelerates faster than the scooter, but by the time the bike catches up, the scoot is at about 60 and the bike arrives at the same point traveling faster than the scoot.
  18. Yes, this is the key to the conundrum here (I think, although there's a niggle at the back of my mind... anyway, onward). The scoot doesn't necessarily have to do 0-60 faster than the bike, since we're not measuring their speeds independently. Inci is actually saying 'I can get the scooter to 60 before the bike passes me'. The bike will likely be doing well over 60 when it overtakes... so the claim is not necessarily 'the scoot has a faster 0-60 time than the bike'. But having said all that, assuming they start at exactly the same time... ack, physics! ;)
  19. Hey Inci, what's the largest size engine, or power delivery rating that a CVT gearbox can handle??

    Imagine stuffing the full quantity of power from a modern sportsbike engine(150+ bhp???) into a gearbox at standstill... :shock:
  20. Is it max revs or max torque?

    anyway, to answer Rob's question.

    Aprilia have just announced the 850cc Mana, which has a 7 speed gearbox or a semi automatic, CVT mode. As reported by AMCN Vol 56 No 11. The Mana has a 55kw engine. The Mana is still a show bike, but might be production capable.

    To 60 or so, a maxi scooter will blast a sportsbike, purely for the CVT. No clutch to engage, no 'feeling' the max torque required and not enough power to flip. That's why they're such awesome traffic weapons.