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Who's watching the Le Mans GP tonight?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Loz, May 20, 2007.

  1. Anyone heading to a pub somewhere in Melb? I'm very keen to watch this one, to see if Stoner's got the stones to make the Duke sing on a twisty track.

    Docklands? The Elgin? Glenferrie? Anybody organising anything?
  2. I'm watching it, at home. Notice its not on at 11pm like they said. Its advertised in the TV guide as 11.40pm after Big Brother :mad:
  3. fox $ports, live ;)
  4. :WStupid:
  5. Oh you pay for TV? That's nice.

    Anyone going to the pub?
  6. edit: the pubs have foxtel live you dh :roll:
    It's worth every cent, I love my sleep.

    :p :p :p
  7. Do Fox sports delay their telecasts to pubs?
    I wouldn't mind going to Glenferrie to watch it.... let me know which pub's good for you Loz.
  8. Speaking of MotoGP, I can't find hte results for the MotoGP qualifying. It keeps displaying the 250s from this link.


    They've changed the website layout. It's gone from a crap website to a crappier one, loaded up with flash or whatever and taking years to load and when it does it doesn't load what I want to view.

    So, if anyone has the results or a link that works, I'd appreciate it.

  9. Which means it'll be at least midnight because BB will over-run. :evil:
  10. Thanks.

    Edwards on pole. Wow, I'm impressed. Hope he does OK, but not THAT OK....
  11. Edwards won't be a factor.

    The Glenferrie aren't putting it on tonight. James Squire Brewhouse anybody?
  12. Arr bollix to it all

    I just signed up for the season on MotoGP.com

    If anyone wants to watch the race on me big-arse LCD mac and sink a beer or two in Flemington, you're more than welcome.
  13. how much was it to sign up? and let us know if its any good.
    In that case, I'm just going to be my usual tight arse self and watch the timing sheets whilst playing online backgammon :LOL: :LOL:
  14. 1 race costs about $15, the whole season is $90 Aus.

    The stream is pretty good, pic quality is good and you get the british commentators instead of the penis jockeys Fox and Ch10 seem to go out of their way to hire.
  15. What type of internet connection do you need? I'm thinking my 512/128 broadband would be too small?
  16. I'm on 512/128 atm as well, so I was a bit worried about speed/ picture quality with streaming video.
    Just got on to live radio coverage of it which is not bad for free. Yeah get Randy Mamola and I think Michael Scott giving special comments.


    pretty funny stuff

    edit: BTW what a race, cant wait to watch an hour of big bother crap to actually see it :( :LOL: