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Who's Using Headlight Modulators?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DeeCubed, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. There was some great discussion last year on the legality of headlight modulators in OZ, and on suggested suppliers:

    ...but is anyone actually using 'em? If you are using 'em, what are you thoughts? If you're not using 'em...why not?

    Ps. I thought of doing this as a poll but thought y'ouse might be burnt out after the horn useage poll :)
  2. From some online reports I've seen, other road users do take notice.
    Seriously considering it.
  3. I thought they are very expensive, so I made one. About $20 in bits from DSE.
    But I also carry a page from the relevent vehicle standards regulations under the seat. So if some Uber Enthusiastic member of the Constabulary wants to argue about the legality of it, I can offer some free tutoring. :roll:

    Basically a good idea but.
  4. I had one.

    The people who helped scrape me of the road after the young bloke ran up my backside all said how visible I was. Pity I didn't have one facing backwards !
  5. I also have one facing backwards, it's on the brake light circuit.

    The forward facing one is on the hi-beam circuit.
  6. Does it give your headlight a "strobe" effect?

    Sorry but I don't know what they are.... :(
  7. It dims the headlight to ~30% and back to 100% ~200 times a second, the change in brightness makes it catch peoples eyes.
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Now I know the headlamp modulator is legal but can the taillight/brake light legally be modulated? I think the ARD is silent on it. :-k.
    I'm looking at the Path Blazer http://safetysolutions.com.au/joomla/
    or the DiamondStar http://www.signaldynamics.com/products/DiamondStar/dshm.asp
  9. Well I couldn't find any rules about it either, but I've seen it on a number of new B double trailers, and I spose that if its not actually illegal its not a problem.

    .....Anyhow it's my arse and I'm happy to protect it from cagers by whatever means are to hand. :)
  10. The rear ones better be legal - some BMW cars come with them standard. I've also seen plenty of trucks with LED versions of them also.

    I think they're a good idea, but I haven't got around to actually getting some.
  11. So the ones on the rear of the BMW's...are they modulators on the tail lights or flashing brakelights? I ask 'cos the one I've looked at works on the brake light and flashes say 3 times a second when initially pressed then remains steady until you stop braking.
  12. I've ordered the headlight modulator and brake light flasher from www.comagination.com in the US. They should arrive next week. I will let you know how they go.
  13. Thanks Zoo, any reason why you went for Comagination over company x or company y? :?:

  14. The short answer - they were at the right price and performed the function I wanted.

    The long answer...

    The Comagination headlight modulator and brake light flasher cost me AU $100 (including shipping) from the US. A Kisan headlight modulator and brake light flasher for my bike would have cost me about $215-$230 (including shipping) from an Australian distributor.

    The Comagination headlight modulator is a 'plug and play' module that appears to be on par with the equivalent 'plug and play' Kisan headlight modulator (based on info available on the web) but is much cheaper.

    Regarding the tail light flashers - Kisan offer some 'plug and play' flashers and some flashers that require wiring in. The Comagination brake light flasher also requires wiring in (current users state it is very straight forward).

    The Kisan brake light flasher, over a period of about 4 sec has a fast flashing sequence which then slows to a constant red if the brake is kept depressed. The Comagination brake light flasher is slightly different in that it flashes about 9 times over a period of about 3-4 sec at a constant rate and then goes constant. I decided that they would both perform well but chose the Comagination product because it was much cheaper. There is also a Comagination brake light flasher that will only flash about 4 times before going constant.

    There were other brake light flashers available from the US and local Oz distributors. Some sell LED lights (http://www.ledshoponline.com/automotive_leds.htm) that flash constantly when the brake is depressed and only stop when the brake is released. They also appear to 'spin' when not depressed. I did not like this style as I think it may draw unwanted attention from the men in blue (although Scorpious31 has not found any problems with this).

    From reading reviews on the web, one problem I found with the brake light flashers that replace the entire brake globe is when the globe fails you need to replace the whole brake flasher unit. If the brake light flasher is wired into the circut before the brake globe, then it is much cheaper to replace a normal globe.
  16. is what your talking about here, those lights that i see on bmw's or really new cars, that appear to change between hues of blue, violet and white? or are these just really bright lights?
  17. Nope.

    They are HID's
    High Intensity Discharge

    They are a pure white light, but the higher intensity you have (4000k, 8000k, 12000k) The light colour changes due to the change on the light spectrum.

    So, the 8000 looks blueish, the 12,000 looks purple, and so on.

    Or something like that anyways.....
  18. Ineresting... I think these would be very good onbikes, i always double check my rear view mirror when i see those lights, they are VERY noticable, sometimes distracting as i think they are police sirens....
  19. Zoolander keep us posted on these please - been looking at brake light mods also . :)