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Who's up for a rave dance club tonight?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Hey dude's, a couple of Netriders and myself are going to a rave dance party at the the old Tunnel lightclub in Little Bourke St (just off King St) tonight.

    We'll probably get there around midnight, German DJ's 'Brooklyn Bounce' are playin, it will 'go off'.

    Who's comin?

  2. a Rave party at the tunnel..... damn it must have changed when it was full of football players about 10 years ago.
  3. Why am I suddenly thinking of Princess Di/Darren Millane jokes?? :LOL:
  4. Aaaaaah the Tunnel...............

    Many a good Sunday had there with the footy guys. :wink:
  5. yes many a good night having a cold hot dog out the front and throwing up in the gutter?
  6. i want to, but someone has to pick me up :(
  7. Who's bringing the E?
  8. Ooh...I'd so go....never been to a rave party before....

    Anyone free to babysit 3 kids tonight?? :grin: :grin: :grin:

    *waits for response*


    *still waiting*


    Anyone? I'll chuck in a free bottle of Phenergan! :grin:


    No? Oh well...next time maybe. :grin:
  9. Yeah sure, just bring 'em over...............



    how bad do you want to go? :p
  10. lol..triway.. twas a joke. :oops: :p
  11. :-# :-w
  12. It's only a 2hr drive! Don't be soft :LOL:

    Then 1hr to get back to the Tunnel

    Then another hour to come and get 'em

    Then another 2hrs to get home..............

    OK, you can stay home then............
  13. Trying to re-live your youth years again Johnny? :LOL:
  14. Yep, every weekend :grin: It keeps me young
  15. so i guess nobody is coming to pick me up from mogo :(
    i have two pockets full :twisted: :LOL:
  16. Kudos for the effort bud. Been there done that for many years. I'm too fat,
    lazy & old to give a shit with all that crap. giggle.

    Before the last baby mrs went on avg once, maybe twice a month &
    I was quite content staying at home with the kids.

    Anyway 2wks ago the mutha-in-law stayed over & I was dragged along.
    Mustve been first time in at least the last 5yrs .

    Lemme tell ya, now I know why I dont miss it.. music was so f*cken loud
    for my ears & the bloody smoke was burning my eyes.. and thats with being
    on the piss. If I was sober I wouldve taken the keys & driven back home. :LOL:

    The girls mocked me because they could see I wasent enjoying myself & Mrs
    called me an old man. cry.

    Bitches. lecture.

    I'd rather be out riding & spending time with my brothers.
  17. just drink more and nothing matters.

    Smoking to be banned now anyways.. YES!!!!
  18. Was a great night, too bad all you losers missed out :cool:
    see you at the next one... telsta dome this saturday
  19. +1 MG

    I spent the night with the woman I love, I win! :p
  20. oh there was plenty of love where i was too ;)