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Who's up for a cruise? [ADL]

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by negatron, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Who's up for a scooter cruise tonight?

    I can't join up to that other adelaide based scooter forum so i figured I'd ask here instead.

    A nice cruise to glenelg might be nice.

  2. why can't you???
  3. I seem to be caught in their anti spam soft where when i try register.

    something about my email being banned, i figured its coz i'm using gmail.


    ride anyone?
  4. i think so...
  5. I go, but where is that joint located? Dont sound like its near Sydney :cry:
  6. Hey Adelaide scooter riders,

    I'm still keen for a Friday night cruise around the place.

    i'm thinking from the city, to west beach then down to glen elg for an evening coffee.

    Who's up for it?
  7. I can't join that forum due to my gmail account being stuck in their anti spam filters.

    And their mods haven't fixed it yet...
  8. i've asked if they can fix it.... do you have another email????