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Who's up for a beer tonight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete the pom, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. I'm at a loose end tonight with nothing to do. Who's up for a beer tonight. Thinking of going down Brunswick st in fitzroy.

    Who's up for it?

  2. I got work's xmas party to go to and no date.

    OI Lids, ya listening?????????????

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm LIDS :D:D:D:D:D
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  4. sounds good text me the address
  5. we're having beers here :) (invite copy/pasted). We had a steak from the same crew last week and it was sooooooo nice! Best I've had all year actually :) :) :)

    ~ Dancehall Sat 17th Dec ~

    The Mercat BBQ‘d Xmas!

    7:30 pm onward

    Dancehall Bar & Balcony, Mercat X, 456 Queen St

    Here’s the deal…and what a deal it is…

    $10 per head

    includes your choice of either fresh fish or scotch fillet

    served with salad, mashed potatoes and bread,

    BBq’d and served communal style on the balcony of Dancehall at the Mercat.

    For vegos your $10 gets you eggplant, basil & couscous patties served with tzaziki.

    The $10 also gets you free entry to Dancehall for the evening as well as half price drinks

    …yes I’m serious

    Please RSVP by replying with names or numbers to *ADDRESS* asap

    You can turn up with others on the night who havn’t RSVP’d, that’s fine…

    we’re just trying to get an approx idea of numbers

    > For Vegos: you must give us advance notice for food prep <

    Big up to the Mercat for offering us this golden opportunity to bring

    all our mates under one roof and on one big arse balcony.

    Send this email on to as many people as you like.

    Perhaps organize your own gathering of friends to join us all

    the more the merrier, new people, old people, all people and friendship networks are welcome.

    Lets revel in the cross pollination of our wonderful friendship group

    whilst making our Xmas catch ups super simple.

    Fat tunes, juicy steaks, cheap booze and great company…now that sounds like Christmas.

    Hope to see you there

    Thanx for your support this year.

    Heath, Shayne, Simon, Luke, Jane, Al

    and all the mighty crew at the Mercat/Dancehall/KinetiK/Monotremes

    Then on to the entertainment for your evening 10pm – 7am:

    DJ’s Simon Slieker, Heath Myers, Luke McD,

    Special Guest: Toupee

    Vehicles for Xmas goodness:

    Beef Master 2000 BBQ & Nexo Alpha Series stacks...now that’s serious!

    Dancehall. Normally $10 entry