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Who's the best 2t tuner in vic

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Traviss, May 8, 2009.

  1. So any ideas I have the track bike back together its running fine but the new cans have left it a little flat in the top of the mid range and its a little to good at top end ,I would like to even the power range out a little ..I would like it tuned before I take it to the track as I dont want to be stripping carbs between sessions trying to get it right and road tests are a little hard in race trim.. :roll:
    Any ideas ???

  2. whats 2t
  3. dietmar rgvspares.com.....the best period
  4. what's the bike?

    Deet is good, but he has a massive backlog of work so if you're planning a track day soon I doubt he'll be able to sort things out for you in time. He may offer you advice and sell you the bits to get your bike sorted if you're willing to do the work yourself.
  5. The bikes and RGV with a set of tyga cans and its been rebuilt from the gear box up..I have had no reply from deit for over 2 weeks so im guessing he's busy ,he still seems to be the man to take it to if I could just get an appointment ..Anyone else good with the 2t Ive tryed a few places around melbourne but have had 2t attitude (Means they cant tune 2t so they knock the bike :roll: ) ..
  6. Deet is the one. Unfortunately for you he is also on the other side of Melbourne. He is extremely busy as you have found out.

    Are you on teh RGV forum? There are a few aussies on there running TYGA pipes and I'm sure they would be willing to share what jetting they are running so you can decide what you should do (or even search that forum).

    Most shops don't want to get into two strokes because there is a massive time input required for the bike, and the costs relative to the bike cost itself is rarely justifiable. If you are mechanically competent and confident you are best to try and work on it yourself or with a mate.
  7. Is that the rgv250 UK site ...If so yep Im a member best 2t site in the world Ive had a look and most the guy are running the whole system and the guys with just cans have tuned them for road use ..
    I wouldnt mind deet having a play with it if he had the time ,But I might have to just do the lap and adjust lap and adjust thing ,but you know what its like when your trying to rush at a track day nothing goes right and you miss half the seasons ,still might work out cheaper in the long run 1 day at Broady and the jets etc most likely works out cheaper than a day with deets..