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Who's seen this on the road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by maduncle, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. I work for the wrong fire service if Melbourne are now using bikes to go lights and sirens to jobs! :shock:

    I saw this on Wednesday arvo on Springvale Road near Reynolds Road (VIC), so I did a quick scan of the web and found a pic.

    Seems like the old bill isn't the only service with rapid response capacity on two wheels.

    I just want to know - wheres the hose carried :?

  2. almost a Fortuna paint job :)

    would it be more of a scout-ahead bike?
    or like those tits-on-a-bull Police Minis that are so great for the publicity shots in the paper.
  3. I'm pretty sure i saw an ambulance one in Pakenham a few weeks back, i think it's part of the new MICA responce set up where they despatch all 3 services to some calls.
  4. We've got a few Ambulance bikes up here in Sydney. I laugh everytime I see one... Boots, ambo uniform trousers, ambo uniform short sleeve shirt, gloves and helmet. Setting a great example for all the little squids out there... :shock:
  5. didn't you know? Firey's are already "fully equipped" in that regard :wink:
  6. The bike is ridden by Adam Smibert who also races superstock(number 00 CBR 600 RR) He is also employed by MFB and with support from Honda Australia is doing a school program for fire and motorcycling safety. If you see him around say hello, he will be happy to tell you about it
  7. Yeah i would think thats if for checking smoke detectors or something
  8. Yeah I've met Adam through work and seen his bike on display. Didn't realise they had gone as far as a 'flash and dash' for road use though.

    I've seen the US Fire Chief Harleys but never seen a fire service using a bike here.

    Wouldn't quite work for us in the CFA, we would be better off with a Beema or similar that can go anywhere so we can get to the bushfires. Only problem is carrying the 3000 litres of water. :roll:

    Reckon next thing will be a bright orange one with sandbags and shovels for the SES. :p

    Word of warning - truck fire on the Hume northbound - just south of Seymour. Freeway closed Northbound as of 3:45pm and may be closed for another hour or so.

    Just to add to the woes of being on the road already today (not a good day for trucks or cars)!

    Just to add to the list of new uses for tourers - here's an old one from Europe - one way to get a towie on scene :grin:

  9. there was a write up about in AMCN last issue, in one of the news pages, it said the bike was pretty much just a PR device, a bit like that copper black bird which they take to the drag strip

  10. NRMA have a few bikes with VERY robust batteries that are used as road-service vehicles in the inner-city areas too.
  11. yeah the nsw police are the same in that they have to wear certain gear while riding their bikes for work, but its nowhere near what they wear when they even go home, its stupid, if anyone has a chance of being deliberately hit, its them and they arent allowed alot of protective devices
  12. Yup, the MFB racing team display - and Adam - are regulars at bike events. This bikes was donated by Honda late last year.
  13. Hey guys i live near the fire station on springvale rd and i have seen and heard them a few times as someone else said i think they are used when all 3 service anre req for legal reasons
  14. Both the boys in blue blackbird and the MFB ST are pictured in May issue of TwoWheels - now all the SES have to do is buy a KTM (save painting costs then) and the CFA can get me a Ducati 1098 :grin:
  15. I'd say exactly the opposite, every time I've seen a police bike in traffic, it's as if Moses is riding it!
    Agree that they should be able to wear decent gear though, I've seen a police bike oficer here in Canberra with very stout leather pants and jacket.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. i saw a red marked police sedan today ,
  17. Plagarism!!

    It was done back in '47, and at least the original could actually fight a fire :wink:


  18. Hahah :)
  19. So is this a functional bike for medical purposes?
    Cause the fire brigade are dispatched to all heart attack cases as well and are equipped with defibs and obviosly medically trained to provide help till an ambulance arrives.
    They bought this in a few years back - when they happened to cut ambulance funding at the same time!
  20. The old bike pic is fantastic - I will be forwarding that on around the work gang!

    As for EMR - maybe the bike ambo's are carrying them on their bikes in Sydney- otherwise we could all carry jumper leads. :roll: