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Whos riding today from Nthern subs

Discussion in 'VIC' started by R1_lover, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. I know its short notice, but does anyone want to go for a ride somewhere today, seeing lm to late for the other rides that are happening.

    Not fussed where!! ..l need to get a ride in before l go back to work tomorrow :twisted:

    So who wants to join me??

    Im in Heidelberg by the way :wink:

  2. julz ,
    would have been up for a quick ride , but flat broke till pay day .
    so stuck at home , have to save petrol for work wednesday night :( :wink:
  3. Yeah thats me most weeks glenn...lol.
  4. There must be someone out there who wants to ride today :(
  5. I'd love to ride today Julie, but about the best I could hope for would be a half hour stint up to Arthurs creek and back.

    Let me know if you're up for a short ride.

    Bit busy looking after young Ben ;)
  6. Hey Luke :) ...wish l seen this before....l just arranged to meet glips...at Reynolds Rd servo at 12.45 in Templestowe.

    But thanks for the offer :) .

    Hopefully we can catch up next week for a ride.

    I will send an private message with my number in case you ever want to go for a short ride ok.

    Give that little one an extra kiss from Aunty Julz :)
  7. OK - cool...next time.


    Have a great ride.


  8. Got to this a bit late, spent the day cleaning and sevicing the bike. Now she's real purdy 8) .

    I might head to St Kilda for a look, maybe bump into someone there.

    Hop you guys had a good ride.

  9. [MELB]- MT DANDENONG-14/3/05

    There was no way on this earth that l was going to sit around today on my day off, so l met up with Greg-Glipschitz at the servo on Reynolds Rd Templestowe.

    We then headed up Mountain Hwy for a nice cruisey ride to the sky High Lookout, boy has that place changed.

    Cost $2.00 for bikes to enter, $4.00 for cars, but if thats wrong Greg will tell your the gate charge, but we thought stuff it and parked our bikes just outside the gate and walked in.

    Quite a few people there, but we didnt care...we hooked into our pies and sauce and a cool drink to wash it down and talked over our experiences of riding.

    After heading back to our bikes the guy on the gate told me that this arseface backed his car into my bike as he was reversing. The nice guy pulled him up to tell him what he did but he just shrugged his shoulders and drove off . He took his number plate details down for me, but luckily there was no damage at all, but he did say the bike rocked as if it was going to fall over.
    I can tell you if it did l would have chased his arse all the way home...the prick...sorry bout that...l seemed to of snapped for a split second...taking deep breathes ...in....out...in...out!!

    We then headed down the other side and back onto Mt Dandy Rd for our ride back home.

    Thanks for the ride Greg, it was a nice arvo out and we will have to do it again soo.

    Sorry guys no pics this time...which would be a first for me

    Julie :)
  10. Thanks for the ride Julz :)

    Was a good ride, 1st time up the mountain on the bike. Only had the L's since Tuesday :)

    Note to anyone going up to Sky High, they charge $2 for bikes, but as long as you purchase something at the cafe, you get your dosh back.

    They have done a stunning job up there with the cafe/lookout area.

    Look forward to many more rides up the hill :)

  11. Re: [MELB]- MT DANDENONG-14/3/05

    If you spot any damage at all, go to the police and report it. It's an offence to leave the scene of an accident without providing details. They will thump him through the courts. Hopefully make the bugger more careful in future.
  12. Sorry to hear about the dufus in the car Julie. Be sure to check your bike carefully, and nail him if there's any damage!

    Glad to hear you had a nice ride though ;)

    I went out for a nice quick squirt on Hayley's Across :D

    Mucho Funno!

  13. Well there was no damage thank god!!...l went right over the bike and not a mark anywhere, but not the point really. He still should have got out to check.

    But besides all that it was a nice arfternoons ride, and l came home and past out on the couch. :roll:

    So much for coffee nite :oops:
  14. Hey, actually if you think you will go to have a coffee at Sky High, then just pay $2 to park inside, the guy at the gate will tell you to park at the "No Parking" (white lined on the ground) area, those able for bike parking. It's more safe than park outside.

    You can redeem that $2 you paid as a credit at Sky High, so if you go to have a coffee, better just park inside!