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whos riding to work 2 save $$$

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Glennb, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Just woundering how many people are riding their bike to work or for general transportation to save on fuel costs, cos of these sky high fuel prices.
    I drive a 4wd which averages 14ltrs per 100ks. So I was thinking if I ride the bike 2-3 days a week which only uses 4-5ltrs per 100ks It could save me a little.
    I know for some this may not work if you like ride a 1000 and drive a barina. :wink:

  2. right here brother !!!!

    Riding to work for me is cheaper than the train or bus.
    Quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

    I hardly use my car these days.
  3. used to drive the 4wd to work as well.
    Since August last year when I got the bike Iv'e been riding to work every day :cool: except once and hated being stuck in the cage :cry:

    It was part of the deal in getting the bike "you buy that and you have to ride it rain, hail, or shine". Geeze I'm so sad . . . NOT :cool: :LOL:
  4. I don't save that much money riding to work, but it certainly is heaps more fun and flexible.

    Per week:
    Ride = 500kms, $40 petrol
    Public Transport = $52

    So over the year, putting 20,000 kms on the bike is probably worth a lot more that $480. So for me Public Transport is cheaper. I still catch it a 1 or 2 days a week (especially when I'm going for a sip after work)
  5. I recently changed jobs where I have to ride to work every day. Do about a 60km round trip daily. So far I am loving it. Dont think I could go back to a car now.
    Oh and work pay for my petrol too so that is a big save.
  6. I only ride my bike to work, and spend a max of $20 on fuel per week in comparison to the 70-100 I was spending on the falcon :shock:
  7. one thing that Im scared of that it may take the fun out of riding.But in saying that my car was off the road for a couple of months and had 2 ride 2 work every day and did find that it did take the fun out of riding a little BUT I was only back in the car for a week and i took the bike for a spin and the fun was back.
  8. ride to work every day and loving it :grin:

    do it to save money, time (car then train took an hour longer), and my job (trains were constantly delayed and cancelled... had my last warning just before I got my bike)...
  9. I ride to work, not so much to save $$$ though, but because i love riding :D
  10. ride to work

    yep i ride every day on the 600 1 tank of fuel per fortnight only time i dont ride is if its raining when its time to go to work
  11. I work 8 km's from home.

    I Leave home at 3.25am and I'm there at 3.30am.

    I can't bringmyself to ride to work.

    All the neighbours would kill me starting the bike up at that hour :grin:
  12. 26k each way trip...

    Bus costs > $100 fortnight, has no schedule that suits me, and no bus stop so you wait in the mud. Not to mention the coughing, weezing flu and germ riddled miseries that inhabit the thing :-& and it takes ~50 minutes :evil:

    Bike is ~$35 fortnight in petrol, plus maintenance, but gawd knows what that'll be as I haven't had it long enough to work it out, but I do my own services to keep costs down. Even doubling the fuel cost to cover maint it's still cheaper than the bus
    Plus free undercover secure parking at work, plus it's quicker at around 15 minutes.
    Plus I can run errands etc during lunch (or just go for a ride if it's good weather)
    Plus I actaully arrive at work/home drier than when I use the bus, courtesy of decent wet weather gear.
    Plus its good for my mood, I get home a HAPPY old fart :grin: , not a GRUMPY old fart :mad: so Mrs Iffracem also thinks it's better than the bus dis-service
  13. Including tyres servicing and fuel my Guzzi is still cheaper to take to work then my car.
    I get free transport but prefer to ride and I do no matter what the weather is like, I love to do it regardless of cost.
  14. I ride to work when it's not wet.

    I got stuck in the wet the other day on the way home and was soaked through by the time I got home. Sort of dreaded getting wet so I stuck to those undercover shopfront footpaths for a couple of blocks, I know it's a small fine but it gets kind of dark early now and I don't have any lights.

    My sneakers were still wet the next morning.
  15. ride to work when im lzy or LATE--otherwise pedal power all the way- !!!! but wsh it was legal to ride my new pocket bike down southbank on way to work :cool:
  16. Only ride if it's not raining, cold, extremely windy, or if I'm tired.

    The bike is cheaper on fuel and I get to work faster, only if I would stop taking the long way there :)
  17. Yah, bike to work is the only way to go for me, I ride to work every day and love it... but sure is scary when it rains :(
  18. I dont even have a car, I ride rain hail or shine, pick up groceries, parts, cartons of beer, and pretty much anything else I need on the bike.

    My girlfriend has a car I pinch when it would be impossible to use the bike.
  19. You'd be making a huge saving there Glennb, when taking into account running costs as well.

    For me, I only have the bike, so yeah, I ride it to work. I think it works out to as much as 30c/km to run, so it's not especially cheap - but cheaper than a medium to large car. I think it actually costs more in tyres than fuel... although that was based on the alleged 6000km life of Pilot Powers. Given I'm already well past that, it might be a bit cheaper. Maybe as low as 25c/km. ;)
  20. stared diven to work since start of winter
    i reaaly cant be fukt with this shitty cold rainy weather SA 's getting
    wish it was summer all over again