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Who's NOT going to PI for the Supers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Who else isn't going to the Superbikes this weekend?

    I'm not, a few reasons; as a racer, it is too painful for me to watch, can't afford to race there; Phillip Island circuit charge racers an arm and a leg for the priviledge of racing at the meeting plus they charge heaps for people to go in and watch!
  2. 1,000 kms of distance and a bike in repair from an accident........... :cry:
    {Plus I just started a new job and asking for a couple of days off either side of a weekend would be laying it on a bit thick :LOL: }
  3. At least you can view it on TV. I am forced to work. :evil:
  4. Most unfortunatly I have to work as well, was looking forward to it being new the motorbike scene, Well guess Ill just have to watch everyone coming back after wards.
  5. I'm not going (wouldn't mind but things like this are far down on preference list of weekend activities) and *hopefully* want to get access to somewhere with foxtel for it. Looked at the cost, can't justify paying $50/month just to watch it. heh. Too bad no delayed replays on free air to tv
  6. Yeah thanks for reminding me Johnny.

    I've got 4 gigs over the weekend, not real flash ones either, and I'm going to miss the lot.

    I may be able to get to a pub with foxtel for the races on Sunday if anyone knows where there's one of those?
  7. I no go to superbike

    But I hope to watch the race on telly.
  8. I'll be at home nursing my growing bump! I'd be stufed if I tried to walk around the track all day and sit on the ground at the moment :(

    All for a good reason though :grin:

  9. Hey Paul how's the bike repairs coming along?
    What was the final outcome?
  10. I'm going away on my first holiday in 2 years, so I certainly won't be there!

    Have a good time all and safe riding.

  11. I wanted to go but my wife has booked herself in advance for surfing lessons. :roll:

    We may be able to get back home in time for the 2nd race (hopefully) and watch it on telly.
  12. Me. Got the kids, and 5 won't fit on the pillion seat.

    Sunday, I am going to wander up to Cunninghams Hotel in Yarra Junction, as they have a blues band (The Hornets) and a vintage car and bike show on, starting at the civilised time of 12:00. The roads will be empty, too.
  13. Only if you've got Pay TV.

    It's not on Ch10 at all this weekend.

    Saturday, March 4 3.45pm LIVE
    Superbikes, Rnd 2, Philip Is Qualifying Fox Sport 1

    Also repeated at 8.30pm on FS1 & midnight on FS2.

    Sunday, March 5 11.30am LIVE
    Superbikes, Round 2, Philip Island Fox Sport 1

    Also repeated at 10:30am Monday on FS1, 7:00am & 6:00pm Wednesday on FS2

    and that's as far as the Fox Sport On-Line guide goes.
  14. My regular accomodation (WSBs and MotoGP) was cancelled at the last minute. So, I'm going fishing down Port Welshpool instead for two days. Hope to get home Sunday arvo to watch the races, as I'll have recorded them. Then Sunday night watch the mighty Pies give Freo a flogging...
  15. My girl is very keen to go as she's never seen anything like that. I'm not so keen once I realised Sunday tickets are $67! I don't remember paying that much in previous years. Last time I went to the MotoGP I'm sure I only paid $50.
  16. not going at all
    i cant justify spending soo much money just to glimps at bike zoom past me lol
    not to mention all the cops, booze bus and all the wanna be troy corsa out there
    i think its safer at home watching and drinking beer on my sofa...
    also is it going to be on free tv?? or foxtel
  17. It's not on free to air so I guess it's mow the lawns time for me.
  18. previously arranged get together with mates - none ride bikes either so bike type discussions will be absent this weekend,

  19. $70 last year for sunday at the motogp
  20. Were not goin either. We will be at Cleos saturday night! Try and make it this week Troy!