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Whos interested in a spanner day? [Vic]

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Woodsy, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Ok, just to get numbers at this stage.

    Who'd be intrested if Gippy crew ran a basic maintainance day? (all welcome)

    Venue will be in Drouin, on a saturday or sunday pending on what works for the people atending, we'll have qualified mechanics to help out but YOU will be the one doing the work.

    It will cover BASIC type stuff (BYO parts):
    Oil and filter change
    Checking/replacing air filters
    Chain tension
    Wheres my fuses
    Changing a globe
    Draining a carby
    what ever other 'basic' stuff we can fit in.

    A mate of mine with a HUGE 4 car garage has put his hand up for the venue and a BBQ.

    So hands up if your interested.
  2. The list.
    Rod (venue owner and mechanic)
    Woodsy (helperouterer)
    Mr Crusingal (mechanic)
  3. *double hands up*

    should i bring oil pan & empty bottle for changing oil?

    i'd put entrance fee too (if applicable) :grin:
  4. Would be interested... But Drouin and back is a bugger of a trip with a day of pulling a bike apart in the middle.
  5. count me in !!!!
  6. Oh oh, yeaaaahhhhh!

    You can count me in
  7. If you could bring a pan that would be great

    I'll bring some empty 20l drums for waste oil

    Yeah we prob should kick in for the BBQ
  8. Count me in!!!!

    For me Drouin is a mega trip indeed but I think the sore body at the end of the day will well be worth it!

    Am planning on joining some of the Vic rides coming up (April 22 & Anzac Day [pending]) so hoping these dates won't coincide.

    Yay can't wait to get my hands dirty!!! :LOL:
  9. I'm leaning towards a Saturday at the moment, for those coming from afar i have spare beds at my place (also Drouin) if they want to come down friday night or stay the saturday night and maybe follow up with a sunday ride.
  10. ah actually i can't bring pan on a long trip. last time i tag it on my boot while me sitting half/way to the front :cry:
  11. well i can cook a bbq for an amy :)

    there's faith in getting it all back togeather..... SHIT BREAKS !!!!!!!!

    i'll ride with any one coming from melb
  12. Dont stress, there'll be 4 or 5 there, we'll just have to share :grin:
  13. What do we need to bring, Woodsy??
  14. Oil and oil filter, Good attitude (no probs for you there :grin: ), clothes to get dirty in.
    If bringing oil is a problem for people let me know and i'll pick up a 20L drum or 2 of shell advance and you can fix me up on the day.
  15. Woodsy, yes please re: oil, that'd be a great help!

    Hmm, now for me trying to figure out what filter I need... :oops:
    I think I'll be hassling some poor salesman in a bike shop this weekend
  16. Send a PM to crusingal, she works in a bike shop and will be able to organise a filter for you, this goes for anyone else as well.

    just send her type/model/year of bike etc

    Also if you need an air filter, check your service manual for when it should be changed.
  17. Yep, for any parts send me details and I can get them for you.

    If you want prices first (we'll look after you) that can be arranged too :grin:

    I think it's only fair to Rod (our venue donator) that we contribute to cover costs of BBQ. Probably only be a couple of bucks each.
  18. I'm a starter even though I can't throw spanners at my ride yet it'd be great to participate in a watch and learn session.

    Hope the date doesn't clash with Auskick or sundry other million family things going on!!
  19. Okay, mechanic has given the go-ahead for May 13th. :)

    Woodsy, can you check with Rod and see if this suits him?

    Then if it is okay, edit your thread title with the date? O:)
  20. Yes please...

    Day trip i think.... or an overnighter in Melb to get there..... hmmm

    still yes please and very interested.... will depend on the date and if i can find a bed to crash in Melb or close by on the night before hand.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.