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Who's got two bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jawntybull, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. I have a GS500 which is perfect for around town - 400km+ out of a tank and less than 4l per 100km. I'm thinking that it would be better to keep the GS for the city, and get a second bigger bike for country trips, weekends, pillions etc.

    Has anyone got a similar setup - a city bike and a weekender? What two-bike combo works best for you?

  2. I'd love to if the reg & ins wouldnt kill me :oops:
  3. I've got a 900rr and an SV650S for the city. Most big bikes are shit in the city, they get massively hot and more importantly you never get past 3000rpm and thats just an epic waste IMO. Not to mention that big SS have crap slow speed handling (in comparison to naked, smaller bikes).

    The SV is pretty sweet in the city, but I'm selling it in favour of getting an ugly 250cc to commute to and from the city with, leaving the big bike for the weekend.

    Anyone with a gpx250 or similar wanting an SV? :)
  4. i think the gs500 is one of the better ideas. it has torque so you dont need to constantly sit in the high revs for power. 500cc is very reasonable

    as the owner of an across i do find the lack of torque a bit disappointing and its quite loud so i need to wear earplugs. it does make up for it by having the storage compartment

    it depends on the speed you commute at too. at 90 to 100 kmh i wouldnt want to be on anything less powerful than the across. i have to keep the revs at around 10-12k to climb long hills
  5. assuming i can afford insurance etc, and work type allows, i plan on keeping a VTR250 for commuting city riding etc, and buy somethingto enjoy on the weekends, something i can tour on, twisty on, and pass easily with at 100+ haha, not the VTR lol :)
  6. Apparently Whore-Driver has Four :roll:

    (that was for you Deyago :LOL: )
  7. I'd love to add one of the 400 motards to the Bandit, just for something completely different.
  8. Over the last 25 years my number of bikes has varied between 1 and 5.

    I find 1 bike a bit limiting and 5 too many to look after properly, but some people manage fine with lots more than that.
  9. When i upgrade again next year to a Gixxer i plan on keeping my er6. Its not worth it in my eyes to get rid of it for a few thousand. They wont give much trade in, its still new and reliable, esp. for commuting around town. Its also cheap on the pocket, my brother said he'll pay half rego/insurance/services etc if he can ride it now and then.

    Your better off keeping your bike if you can afford it :grin:
  10. Yep, if you can afford to buy something that's 'too-good' for commuting, allowing $1000/yr to rego/insure a bike you already own makes sense.

    That and some bikes are worth more as a bike in the garage than a few $$ in the bank.
  11. Personally I would love to have four bikes

    My fun sports bike

    A cruiser to pillion my boys

    A commuter to travel into the city for work with

    and lastly a track bike.

    I would be a happy girl then :grin:
  12. I have a Spada and a 900 Hornet. Can I include an XR100 in this?
  13. i got gsxr1000 & a gsxr600.
    gonna turn 600 into track bike & keep 1000 for road..
  14. I've got a CB1300 and a C50 Cub, but I don't think that's really what you're talking about! :p But the Cub, when fitted with a ground-pounding 88cc kit, will be my commuter bike. My route into Brisbane's CBD doesn't need anything faster than 70kmh. :cool:
  15. Hi there,

    250cc is perfect for city riding (Commuting).
    But on the weekend you need to have something decent.
    Show your pride and joy to others.

    I have a bandit 250 for my commuting day and aiming to get 600rr soon for weekend ride.

    Leave the 250 on the garage. They are embarrassing to use on the weekend.
  16. I think the main reason you'll keep the er6 for longer is that you'll have the pleasure of actually being LEGALLY allowed to ride it then you big law breaker!!!! : :LOL:

    I cant believe I ride with a criminal :p
  17. I've got a 1400GTR, nice, comfy for big trips, usually zip up to the olds in QLD twice or more a year, GTR makes it a little easy despite the 'occasional' risky cruising speeds.
    Then I have a Nexus500 scooter, the most fun around town and in the local country as well, great in twisties, good to just enjoy the view and occasional commute.
    Then... I recently acquired a Ducati Hypermotard...only got a few hundred KMs up on that one, so I can't really say why I got it... :LOL: :LOL:
    how silly was that comment!!!

    All just for fun....different doses for different occasions :LOL:

    (didn't count the cars... they're for lazy days...) :oops:
  18. I wish I'd been able to hang on to my Spada when I upgraded because the wife wants to learn to ride now and it would have been perfect.
  19. I have a 86 Yamaha XV Virago 750 for zapping arround town and 1 day rides, a XT 250 for trail bike riding and an old 79 (I think) RD350 ummm I guess you could call this my project bike for the last 16 years which has never commenced LOL.

    The kids have two 50cc, two 70 cc, and two 125 cc chinese bikes.

    Also a six bike trailer which me and the neighbour built to cart it all arround.

    I would like to get an adventure bike most likely KLR650 and a touring cruiser not sure yet which one.

    I am glad this thread was opened because now I feel my wants are less excessive :shock: :roll:
  20. My current commute is 50km round trip but we are looking to move where my ride would double, rather than rack up obscene miles on my Z thou (and fill it every other day) i'd be keen for something like a BMW for doing the majority of my commuting on as its low mainteance, holds its value and are pretty comfy, that or a klr 650, always had a soft spot for them.