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Who's Got The Best Insurance for a 20 Year Old Rider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by T2, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Okay all you young bucks [and that is spelt like I said it !]

    Where is the best insurance company or broker that can supply a reasonable policy for a 20 yaer old on a Honda VTR250, with a clean slate? :? He needs comprehensive and is not under any form of finance.

    And no it's not for me....Trend setters.... 8)

  2. So ya liked the question that much ya posted it twice :shock: :p :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)

    I can feel a delete coming on :shock:
  3. There's nothing like a bit of enthusiasm. But I guess i over did it....

    Yes the delete button is about to strike down on me..ha,ha,ha....
  4. If you haven't left it for too long, you can delete your own thread. There's an X next to the blue button.
  5. For me it was RACV. Quote was still $1300 for compo on a new VTR 250 for someone fresh on their Ls, at Rating 2 though :\

    If he does better please post as that's a LOT of money.

    It's actually one of the things stopping me buying a bike right now. Can't afford not to have the insurance, can't afford it either if that makes any sense.
  6. All of the above applies to me. I got AAMI Motorcycle insurance, full comp for my ZZR-250 for $468 for Rating 5.

    They (and the assessors) don't do alot of motorcycle (which can be a good thing Twisted Evil). They also replace my helmet up to its value (take away inflation or whatever) plus $200 for repairs/replacements on any other riding gear.

    Excesses are $400 plus $400 under 25.
  7. Thanks for that .It's greatly appreciated!
    I spent half the day getting quotes and they were all subject to this and subject to that!

    I have a car insured with AAMI and will give them a call on Monday.
  8. Oh yeah...$800 excess for me as well.
  9. AAMI are great as long as you don't have a grey market import. Then they won't touch you with a barge pole. I've got my car insurance with AAMI and am now Rating 1, but as soon as i said it was an FZR... they asked if it was a grey; to which i responded that i believed so.

    They recommended i go 'elsewhere' with no decent suggestions as to where to go. I ended up getting 3rd P from RACV for $120/a.
  10. Taa Daaa :D :p