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Who's good with building computers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Archaeon, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. I had a mate build the computer I'm using at the moment a good 5 years ago, and its time to upgrade/replace this to meet more modern demands.

    Seeing i've never actually built a computer before, I'd like to ask if any fellow riders here could shed some light on a couple of questions. I mean it looks easy enough, just the techno talk that's throwing me off on some things.

    -- Current system specs --

    -- Possible new Spec --

    Now there are two thing 2 options I am considering.. one is to scrap my current machine, and salvage what I can, namely the heatsink, case and GPU; however this will mean whatever is remaining will be junk - which is a bit of a waste considering they all still work.

    Second option I am considering is converting my current setup into a centralised server/hub for my entire network at home. I can add plenty more HDDs into it still, and the processor should handle this task with ease, and build a new machine from the ground up - Obviously this will cost me more, and will need another case, but I dunno how to tell whether the mobo can fit into the case. (I'd imagine it would, since I am looking at the Silencio 650)

    So I suppose the questions would be, how easy is it to setup my old tower as a centralised hub/server.. are there special crap I need to be made aware of, or can I just treat it like any other shared drive location on the network? and How does the possible specification look? any recommendations on alt parts in terms of performance or reliability?

    Now before every Jane and Joe starts giving their 2 cents, I am quite proficient with computers, just never built one from the ground up. When I was researching the specs, I wasn't looking for best of the best, but rather functionality and potential to last a few years before any upgrades will be required. I will be heavily using it for Excel, Visio and Photoshop. Will probably end up playing Command and Conquer Generals 2 and the rest of the Starcraft 2 saga. I leave the other games for the PS3 :grin:

    Probably not the best forum to ask a computer question, but I like talking to riders more than tech-gurus.
  2. its easy mate all you need is a hammer and nails
  3. Hello,

    From your requirements listed, your current system will suffice.....no heavy gaming, transcoding etc.....your hardware is just fine.

    Storage is cheap and scalable and can be added to your current box no problem.

    IF however you really "need" to upgrade (which I feel you don't) then your build is over-spec.
    You absolutely do not need 16gb physical memory for a desktop machine unless you are running DB or APP servers....

    Having said that....you "old" hardware with a Limux server distro will keep going for a long time as a centralised media and file server no problem....

    Getting the "analyst" mojo going - we need your expected outcome, we need your requirements and end state goal.....then YOU decide and WE advise......

    up to you mate...
  4. lol ... I see this is your jungle.. Noice!

    Yeah I too thought my new specs were overkill.. but at the time I was sussing the prices, they were only marginally more expensive.

    Reason for the upgrade is I'm starting to exp lag when working on several apps at once. My end goal is for a machine that is responsive, fast, can handle min 4 heavy tasks at once (photoshop, 2 instances of excel, probably a movie/episode on the third screen, whilst files are being pulled and joined from the interwebz.

    If I can improve on my current system with minimum fuss, then I'm all ears. I currently only have 2 USB3 ports, that's taken up my last pcie slot, and I want more USB3 ports

    1. Lag.....you have enough physical memory to deal with this - your CPU is also good enough....as is the northbridge on the MOBO.....are you running 64bit OS?
    2. Movies.....you listed a Nvidia card - if this is correctly configure to utilize VDPAU libraries then the southbridge will not need to parse transcoded data.....bottom line - this config will force the embedded cpu on the GPU to do the heavy graphics lifting for you....check this

    As an aside.....you have also listed a USB3.0 requirement....is this for high-speed storage? NAS - HNAS, NTFS etc....? if not, the rated throughput on USB3.0 is overkill for desktop storage.....

    We'll get there (y)
  5. Hmmm

    yep 64bit W7

    number 2 ... elaborate.. need instructions. Chances are this is not configured at all.

    I have 4 TBs worth of external storage at the moment.. mainly HD movies, media, family backups etc. I'm moving onto USB3 storage now, for the speed. esata isn't enough

    At the moment, my machine acts as the hub for the other 3 laptops and pc to grab their media off. my machine is also the only one that grabs nbz files, and hooked up to three monitors.
  6. as an example, when I am moving files between the drives, computer slows, and normal tasks like opening a new browser or watching a vid starts to suffer, picture becomes glitchy, and OS tells me to wait (ie processing mouse icon). Would this be more a processor issue or ram? Never quite grasped the key differences between the two.
  7. Okay.....now we're getting somewhere.....

    The added I/O of your machine serving content and acting as a network bridge is what's killing you.....

    How are you sharing the files? I suspect you are using the inbuilt windows HOMEGROUP arrangement?

    The usenet .nbz workload is trivial - although the network throughput may be creating problems....

    Ideally you would have a low power, low spec machine hooked into a NAS for .nbz, torrent etc...

    Then the main "server" as a media presenter and library for all other devices....This "HUB" would be in a local DMZ network or VLAN which is not interacting with the torrent network - thereby all local streaming and internet traffic are independent.
  8. A 120g SSD for the OS and main programs will definitely help if you want to multitask. Ditch the Blu-ray writer and just get a Blu-ray reader. I cant honestly say I know anyone that burns files to blu-ray. Not when portable HDDs and flash drives give better performance.

    You say you want to run 3 monitors? What video card do you intend on running? The older Nvidia cards from memory dont support 3 monitor setups.
  9. fresh install windows would help, how long has it A) Been running and 8) been installed for?
  10. CPU is the brain....it does the calculation - it PROCESSES the data.

    RAM is the data "banK" it is a cache of data taken from disk for fast access to CPU...

    If you are suffering from RAM deficiency you will see "thrashing" which is constant read/write operations to disk.
  11. Over my head now ....
    Yeah just the normal windows homegroup setup. Last paragraph makes as much sense to me as full race gear on a scooter traveling up and down a deserted street.. :-s
  12. There are very important digital crap that I simply cannot afford to lose, and HDD have been known to fail. I'm thinking that at least if a copy of it is on disk, there's always a last-resort backup somewhere. Having spindles of dvd for this purpose is not something I want, but agreed. Bluray writer serves little purpose besides this task.

    I have two GPUs, four pins avail .. I've just plugged them in .. shrugs ..
  13. Cool - no problem.

    It sounds like your current setup will be fine.
    It also sounds like you are asking quite a lot from your current machine.

    All things being equal what is letting you down in CPU and northbridge on MOBO.
    However! What is actually letting you down is the architecture of how you are doing things (another story for another time)

    Quick win?

    Get NAS device ~$200 and use this to govern your file sharing....all this load is now off the current system.....

    AND - check the VDPAU config of your Nvidia card (y)
  14. Yeah a daunting task.. everytime I do this (only ever done it 3 times) i've had to re-update everything and I tend to lose access to programs I leeched (old keygens don't work)

    My computer rarely sleeps, it powers down probably 3 times a week at most. There are times where my computer has been running for weeks without powering down - related to the everything else being channeled through it.

    Which is why I am thinking of using this solely for networking, or as an alternative setup a NAS to take the load off.
  15. Yeaaaah.... but what am I actually doing to the GPU, give me a link or instructions, haven't touched the configs of these cards since my mate set it all up (who's in Japan now)

    Yeah was actually just thinking about a NAS when I was reading through the thread responses.. Do you have any in particular that are recommended?
  16. no please? beer offer? reckon his hourly rate would be significant.
  17. So the speed of which tasks are completed comes down to the processor right? Why is my computer struggling now on things it could do with ease before?
  18. :rofl: ! .. you're right, where are my manners...

    I can offer insurance tips.. ??
    I'll just google it.. can't be that hard.. right.. ? :grin:
  19. Virus? Virus scanner (almost as bad as the viruses these days).. Too much crap loading at startup? You mentioned you were using keygens etc. if you're not careful, those sort of things can come loaded with unwanted surprises.. Could be lots of reasons really.. :/