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who's good at servicing carbs?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sebatron, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. yeah. who's good for tuning/servicing carbs on bikes, and hopefully, affordably?

    bike runs like a pig. new coolant, plugs, oil, oil filter, cleaned air filter, valves will be adjusted come saturday... i'm fine with doing maintenance things on my bike, but carbs have me baffled.
    there's definitely something up with fueling. it feels like it's running way rich ALL of the time, but yeah. i wouldn't know a carb float from a jet from a dogs arse.

    it's not an mv agusta, so budget is a concern. if someone's especially well recommended, i don't mind travelling.

    help? how much should i expect to pay?

  2. oh, another thing.. it tends to go through about 5.3l/100km's

    that's pretty ridiculous. i don't thrash the bike, i weigh 80 and carry about 10kg of schoolbooks when i ride.
    the tyre pressures are fine.

    i added a fuel filter for peace of mind, but the fuel lines arent restricted at all (obviously, given how much it's chewing up)
  3. if you are willing to travel, mike at OCD racing in oakleigh knows his stuff

    give him a ring on 0408 491 668
  4. Yup as Slugers said go and see Dr mike !

    oh unless your in Kensington NSW ?

    just a quick one to check b4 you go parting with your cash , the choke isn't stuck on is it ?

  5. nope. the bike needs a fair bit of choke for a fair while to stay running in the mornings, so i'd know if it was stuck on
  6. ring pete 9the bloke mpearson went too)
    he is in fitzroy (close to you) and evn will pick up
    specilises in carbs ad efi
    tell him i sen tyou , he will do you a good deal
  7. Those fuel figures dont sound that off to me, 15 litres gets me about 250ks on the highway at 110-120.
  8. hrm. i was told by a few guys i know who've had gpx250's that they tended to get 3.8-4.5l per hundred.
    are you sure yours is tuned right?

    anyway thanks for your replies fellas. i'm gonna give pete a call in the next few days, see what he can do.

  9. Pete really knows his stuff. He sorted my across out for me. All I have to do now is get out there and ride it. Bloody mother in law is coming this weekend so no chance of that this weekend!!
  10. that would suggest you're not running rich at idle.

    if you wanna know the basics on carbs, search for a document called carbs101. they're actually really easy to pull apart/clean/put back together. PM me if you want any info.
  11. cheers. will do.

    i checked the plugs, seems it's running pretty close to stoichiometric. the valve's were waaaay out of whack, i adjusted them yesterday (but i didn't do a terribly good job on the exhaust valves, and i've got a bit of valvetrain noise now)
  12. I'd be a bit wary about reading the plugs - mine look the same no matter what my tuning is.